Chapter 40 – The Child
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The proposal is this; I'll buy a plot of land in the Commons' District and create a store where I'll be selling magical items and basically anything magic related, while also providing medicinal and healing services; i.e like a magical equivalent of a clinic on Earth. 

That was originally the main business that I'll be pitching h by, it still is the core of my soon-to-be store but seeing the demand of religious iconography I'll also have a side of my business dedicated to sculpting statues for the gods. As it's kinda obvious that I'm the most qualified of making statues of my friends that became deities, I literally have first hand experience with them. 

Also I did not told the Prince this but I can enchant the statues to give them special effects as well. 

Let's see what His Highness thinks of my little business proposal. 


After explaining to the prince my pitch, he's currently in deep thought right now. 

"Mmm..." He thought about it for a while before making an divulging the result of his contemplation. 

[I hope he likes it.] Although I may be speaking to him in a lower tongue compared to what he actually his, but that actuality is that he's a prince, and having him refuse my offer would really set me back. [In that case I'll use my more force—] Just as I was thinking of nefarious things.

"That is a really interesting prospect." He finally made his answer. "So you're basically asking that you want to become a sort of temple for the Three Dragons?" Is what he concluded. 

[A temple?] I guess it makes sense, most medical services in this world are probably provided by the clergy or by individual mages. [But more important than that...]

"Three Dragons?" I ask of him. 

"Yeah the Three Dragons, the religion of this kingdom." He says to me in a tone like it's the most obvious thing. "Though for now at least..." He whispered. But I'll ignore it for now. 

But for me, "I thought Arin and the other gods was your religion?" that essentially.

[How weird...] But gladly he answered it immediately. 

"Yes that's right, Arin-sama is the Kingdom of Santhos's patron deity. But the supreme gods are the Three Dragons, and our deities were protectors of the three Supreme Gods. Our deities fighting off the various evils of this world trying to attack the Supreme Gods as they were maintaining law, order, and good of the world during The Great Collapse." The Prince explained.

Now a new word has been added to my vocabulary. [The Great Collapse.] I guess that's what they call the event during the events between my era of Endless and this future Endless. [I need to make note of this.] I took note.

[But we need to investigate this further...] The Three Dragons, although I heard of it somewhere back then I don't really know what it is. [But I know for a fact that it's an event that happened after my death.] Otherwise I would have known more about it. 

"Morus?" It seems I've gotten into deep thought again and the Prince snapped me back into reality. 

"Oh sorry." I scratch my head in embarrassment and look around me to see the concerned faces of my family. 

I need to address this quickly. "Kumo, Itia?" I call their names. "Be sure to investigate about the Three Dragon Gods as much as you can okay?" I order them new task. 

"Of course Morus-sama." Kumo quickly bowed. 

"It is our mistakes to fail to mention this to you Mori-sama but we did heard a human mention the Three Dragons. So we'll investigate this very thoroughly." Itia explained and look at me with determination.

"What about me~" Gabril pouts as she didn't get to do anything. 

"Your my servant Gabril, stay by my side." I say, to which she responds ecstatically. 

Of course, "The three of us will have fun at a later date okay?" I need to reward these two to not show favoritism. They seem to be happy with that. 

I giggle a little bit but not as much as the Prince in front of me. "Aside from your close relationship with your subordinates it seems to really be that your a foreigner here huh?" He wonders that thought. "Really, where are you really from Lady Morus?" He asks me more formally this time. 

[...Oh what to do~] I can't say I'm from the past so I guess I'll say the truth. "I'm from the land beyond the sea." I tell him the truth in a certain angle. 

"I see..." The Prince makes a pun. 

I was about to scold him for that but—creak... 

"I apologize for the inconvenience but we will now be closing the Mages' Guild library as it is time for the daily maintenance." A staff of this guild has informed us that our time is finally up. 

And what do you know. [Seems the sun's going down now as well.] A red and orange light was hitting our eyeballs, indicating that we should probably leave before nightfall. 

"Oh, we should leave about now since my residence would worry about me if I can't get back by now." He says as he grabs his stuff. 

[Perfect cue.] Just one look from my three companions and they nod and ready their stuff immediately. [How reliable.] I thought. 

But one thing's I'm regretting now, "...We haven't even discussed my business yet." I accidentally said while sighing. 

"Oh, it should be fine talking about it while we walk." It seems the Prince has given me a good idea for once. 

"Yeah." In pretty dumb sometimes. 

I look behind and the three of them already grabbed what they needed and are ready to move out

I smile, seeing my three families and one new magic otaku friend, "Let's go." It seems that I'd become fully integrated in this world. 


We discussed many things about my business to Prince Gérmann, elaborating on my plan and detailing what products I'll be selling, with of course some banter coming from Kumo and Itia but especially Gabril. After all that we finally reached the entrance of the Mages' Guild and are now just waiting for Prince Gérmann's entourage to arrive. 

But now we are finally reaching the climax of our deal. I tried to have them give their opinions along the way but it seems to be rather vague responses.

"—There are various things I'll have to do to get your shop up and running, but for that you'll need to buy a plot of land first okay?" The Prince said to me. 

"Of course, of course." Nothing more to say. 

"Good. With Norkin at my calling it's pretty easy to push your name at the registry and get your permit in a day, so immediately find your plot." He pauses. "That's the easy part, the harder one is that you'll need permission from The Three Dragons' representative to allow you to use religious iconography and make yourself a de-facto healing temple." He burrows his brows at that. 

But looks at me sternly with a slight smile. "But I know that your depictions of our gods would make the representative kneel himself before you."

"That's some expectations you got from me." I say to him, slouching at that trust.

"Of course! Otherwise there'll be no business for you Morus." He warns me. 

Hearing that makes my back straight again. "Of course!" He says some scary stuff sometimes.

"That's right you should—" Before he could finish his sentence. 

"Your Highness!" It seems his entourage has arrived. 

A golden carriage with security surrounding it, it most definitely is a ride befitting of royalty. 

"Guys! I told you don't stand out to much!" It seems he's heading towards it with heavy steps.

[Jeez act like a Prince for once.] Is what I thought as I'm waving him goodbye. 

"Now then, what shall I do next..." Obviously return home, but after that. [Let me remember if I have some tasks I need to do.] I remember the start of today. 

First off waking up in a room with a literal pussy staring at me, then talking to two bald twins and flirting Marina, then I went to the Adventurers' Guild to do the exam, then I immediately went to the Mages' Guild and after studying at the library, I'm here. 

[Jeez... What the fuck.] I deserve to take a break for once.

Then the people I met; Mary of course, the Prince Gérmann, The Margrave Norkin, The knight Carmine, the female adventurer Krissa, Juno, and Mary... 

"Wait!" I remember now! [We left those three behind because they want apologize to Marina!] Specifically because of Krissa's family. 

I walk rapidly towards the Prince who's already sitting on his carriage. "What is it Morus? I don't have much—" He's about to tell me off but I need to say this to him. "Please, do you know someone by the name of Jshovenne of House Tranchant?" I ask.

The look of his face when I said that name is pure disgust. "What relation do you have with that person?" He asks of me. 

I see that I don't have much time, so I need to make this quick. "He's been giving me some trouble lately." And with that, he nodded and said. "I see, I'll look into it." Before waving bye as well and finally closed the door on the carriage. 

I wave back as the carriage goes farther and farther away from me and until I stopped waving and turn around to see the silent three just looking at me. 

"Let's go you guys." I say to them. 

And of course,

"Finally, I can talk to Mori-sama peacefully." Itia loosened her posture and breathe a sigh of relief. 

"Of course Morus-sama." Kumo looks at me confidently as usual. 

And... "Hehe yay time to have Mori-sama all to myself~" Gabril is wriggling around as usual. 

[Oh what do I do with you three?] I wonder about in that sometimes. 

"Well let's go back home now" To the Starting Point Inn. 


Right now walking to the streets of El Niño. 

"I apologize if you three didn't get to talk much." I preemptively apologized to the three of them for their role—or rather should I say lack of role in my conversation earlier. 

"Nothing to worry about Morus-sama, it is only natural that we shouldn't interfere in your discussions and would only speak if needed." Kumo explained it to me perfectly. 

But... [That just makes you like you were back in Endless.] A speechless NPC that doesn't have any will of its own. [And I don't like that at all.] Endless now is a living, breathing world now so you shouldn't act unnatural as well. 

[But how do I convey this to you three.] I look at them and sigh, [I'll try my best.

"Look—" Just as I was about to speak. "Uhm... Mori-sama?" Itia unexpectedly spoke up. 

"Yes?" I was a bit surprised she spoke up to me. 

"Uhm... Mori-sama is very kind, like very very kind. A benevolent person that I'll happily give my entire being upon to serve." Itia is trying to explain to me about something. "So that's why knowing that, the three of us are all very happy to just serve you as is Mori-sama." She explained. 

"And...?" I don't get what she's pointing at. [I'm feeling stupid.] I could not get what Itia is trying to say right now. "Of course, so that's why I should let you three—"

So Itia continued, "That's why Mori-sama—" 

"Itia...!" Kumo interjected. "Why are you interrupting Morus-sama!" And is enraged at Itia. 

"I know I am Kumo! Please, I need to say this..." Itia's strained words caused Kumo's anger to flare down. 

While Gabril is just beside me looking at this situation. 

Itia continued. "...Because you are so kind Mori-sama you of course extend that kindness towards us three..." Her words gradually become more and more shaky. "I am so happy that you are this kind to us Morus-sama, I really am, back then I always have fantasies of Morus-sama pampering me and such. But now that it happened....." Until she broke down...

Crying. "I feel that it's too much!" She said with all her being. "Everytime that you showed kindness to me I try my best to return back. But earlier when you were talking to the Prince you keep glancing at us and wanted me to speak up... The truth is Morus-sama is that I couldn't say anything! You keep giving me leeway to speak and I was trampling down the kindness your giving me!..." She keeps crying and crying and crying. 

Kumo's face is conflicted, on one hand she is speaking insolently towards his master. But on the other just seeing the raw figure of his friend and partner crying for me is giving him emotions he never felt before. 

Gabril is going back and forth of trying to comfort her or not. She's confused. 

And as for me, [Why did I not notice this?] A mess obviously. 

[I can't believe it... I thought I was helping them break out of their shells.] It's not because their in game personalities and such, I was just forcing my will onto them without their consent. Essentially making them speak when they don't want to. [I'm such an idiot!] Why did I ever think that what I was doing is any good for them?! [I'm so selfish!] I was just living out my fantasies and not thinking of the other person beside me. 

I'm a horrible, despicable person.

[I already made them cry you guys...] Arin, bOb, Kurumi, everybody... [I think I should just—] Before my thoughts get any darker.

"Morus-sama." It's Kumo, wearing a complicated expression, grabbing my shoulders and whispering to me. "I believe in you Morus-sama." Before backing away. 

I return to the surface and saw reality. "I'm...I'm.. Why am I such a fool!" It's Itia, still crying. "I have everything that everyone back is envious of! Why... Why..." She's blaming herself.

[No, don't, it's my...] Then I saw something. 

"Itia-chan, please, don't beat yourself~" It's Gabril, still cloudy as ever, but more ethereal as she's patting Itia's back and comforting her. 

That's right, comforting her. [What am I doing!] Blaming myself?! Not doing anything?! What kind of master am I?! 

I look at Kumo and he has a stern expression. [That's right. I'm her master. I should be the one helping her out.] I can now understand what to do. 

I stretched myself up and walk towards her. 

"Sniff... Sniff...!" Itia notices me, "N-no Morus.." She was stepping back but. "No Itia." It's Gabril to the rescue, grabbing her back. 

"..." I sat down to see her face to face. [She's a mess.] Red eyes with newly dried tears, messy hair, and a look of distress. [This is not how my Itia should supposed to look.] I took a glance at Gabril and gave her a nod. 

She understands immediately and pulls out. [Thank you Gabril.] Back to the matter at hand. 

"No, Morus-sama I don't deserve to—!" She was still saying something, but I quickly shut her up. 

"Don't run away from me Itia." I hug her tightly. 

"No! Morus-sama! Please... Your kindness is...!" She's struggling but not quite, I keep hugging her though, I have no intention to let her go. 

"Pleaseee...." And now, she doesn't have any strength left anymore and also no more water in her eyes as she emptied it all out. 

I finally let go of her while still holding her shoulder as I take a good look at her again. "Jeez..." She's even more of a mess this time. 

"Such a beautiful child shouldn't be throwing her beauty out like this." I lightly scolded her while wiping her tears using my hand. 

"M-M-Morus...sama..." She's looking down, feebly holding my hand in an attempt to pull it off her face, but she has a red face this time. 

[Embarrassment. Certainly a better emotion than before.]  I am not that dense to not see that's the emotion she's wearing right now. 

"Done." I finished cleaning up the last tears on her face. "Although you still have a red nose you're back to being your beautiful self again Itia." I also teased her this time. 

[Now she's really embarrassed.] I cheekily thought as I see what Itia's response is. 

"Sniff... Morus-sama.." She pauses. "I-I don't deserve to be... Pampered like this..." She sniffles her nose. "After what I said about you... I am just a very greedy... sniff." Although she isn't crying anymore Itia still is having a hard time speaking to me. 

But that is enough. "Of course you are greedy Itia." If before I would have put this under the rug. But now. "You want to be the most pampered out of everyone here, and is jealous of Mary because of it." I told her the inconvenient truth. 

She looks down, "That's why—" But I'm not done speaking yet. 

"Kumo thinks he's the most loyal and so has pride and arrogance with that. But in truth that arrogance is just a shell because he doesn't want to break the cool butler image he's been cultivating this entire time. But at the same time is jealous of you two for being so comfortable around me." I also told Kumo his inconvenient truth. 

And for Gabril, "She's the most bold, but she does it because she knows she doesn't have as long of a time she spent with me as you two and hoping that her boldness would make me notice her more." No exception. 

I told the three of them their inconvenient truths. Before I wouldn't have said it, because I think I might hurt their feelings, but now. [I'm their master.] And as their master. 

"I accept all those flaws about you all." That is obvious. "I helped create all you three, so those flaws of yours are because of me. So please, don't be ashamed of them." I told all three of them.

Bow back to the matter at hand. "Itia." I look at her. 

"...Yes—hyah?! " She's still nervous but not like before, maybe from the shock of me telling all their secrets. 

But more importantly. "Mori-sama?!" I grab and carried her up in a princess carry. 

Now, me carrying her like a princess, our faces are really close, and while my face is a little bit red hers is full blown tomato. So I have the upper hand. "Itia." I called her out. 

"Yes?!" Her meek demeanor is now totally gone in exchange of shock and blush. I like that. And she closed her eyes in anticipation.

But, "Thank you." I told her, "Thank you, for what you did Itia." a simple thank you. 

"...Eh?" Her expression is priceless. "B-But w-w-why a-are..." Her head is a mess right now. 

So I explained. "Without you I wouldn't have said to you all your flaws until now. You Itia, have brought me to reality." 

And explained. "I was very naive to think that I could change your behaviors or that said behavior is a bad thing. No no no, I thought you'll accept it because you can be more happy because you're more free now. But I guess that's just me self-projecting my ideals to you all. Yeah that's it." 

And explained. "So now, without you Itia being brave enough to tell me my mistakes, I would have continued forcing my will onto y'all like that."

And thanked her once again.  "So Itia Geist Sibylissa, my little sister, once again I thank you for telling me my inconvenient truth." And I got down and put her on the ground again. 

"..." She can't say anything. 

I look towards the other two. [I hope they aren't—yup they aren't.] Seeing their smiling faces I knew that they didn't hate me for dragging their names along.

"Morus-sama. I apologize if my flaws were that obvious. I shall improve myself from now on." Kumo said while bowing. 

"You hit the jackpot Mori-sama~ I'm really insecure about not being with you for as long~" Gabril said with a blushing face. 

[It's a half truth though.] You've been with me for thousands of years probably. 

"But still you guys, I'm also not perfect as just you saw earlier. So please don't be afraid to say your problems like what Itia here did." The first part of what I said was supposed to be the thing I was supposed to say before Itia interrupted me. [But I guess with Itia's revelation it took on a new meaning now.] I thought. 

But back to Itia. "Oh what's this?" She's holding my hand.

More so than that she jumped towards me and this time she's the one hugging me tight, rubbing her beautiful face on my shoulders. 

Itia whispered to my ear something interesting. "...Pamper me..." Very interesting 

"Pamper me Mori-sama..." She demanded. 

I couldn't help but grin at this selfish request. "Why??" I ask with a dumb face. 

"...I don't want you to just keep looking at Mary..." It's becomes even more red. "I...I..."

Until finally, "I'm your sister after all..." Tomato. 

[My sister is way too cute.] That is a fact. "Of course." I grabbed her again in a princess carry but this time placed her again atop my shoulders. 

"Whoa~!" She holds on tight to my face. 

"Itia..." Kumo just gave up at this point and facepalmed.

"I'm so jelly right now!" While Gabril is jealous obviously.

"You're too heavy pervert!" And pulled out her tongue.

"Wha—! You!" She puffs out as her breast jiggles midair. 

"Hmmn~Haa..." I couldn't help but giggle at this scene. [What irony, by letting out all your feelings, both good and bad, you end up with true happiness afterwards.] I feel my heart as light as its ever been as I'm more happy than ever before. "...All thanks to you." I whisper to myself as I take a look at the selfish Itia riding on my shoulder. 

But, "Everyone, wanna enjoy the night?" I look out beyond me and see this shortcut connecting to the main street with the hustle and bustle. And realized its still festival season. 

So of course. 

"""Of course!""" 

I make a cheeky grin. "My treat." As I turn around with Itia on shoulder. 

All three of them agreed and moved forth. 

But as we move towards the fun, "Uhm... Mori-sama? I'm your sister right?" She made one last selfish mistake. [Thanks to bOb.] I thought, "Of course, what is it?" I ask. Then... 

"...Could I call you Mori-nee...?"

"..." It's silent for a moment. "What a greedy little girl." I said to her. 

But somehow. "...Of course." She seems very happy with that one. 

"My little sister can't be this cute!"

It seems she's not as happy with that one lol.


It was this night that the city of El Niño saw something that has enraptured their hearts. 

A beautiful black haired lady carrying a silvered hair girl on her shoulders. They are total opposites physical but their contrast just makes the pair that much more entrancing. 

The two were an attraction everywhere they go, and have captured the hearts of the people in this festival. 

Especially one bard who immediately got inspired and started singing about the two beauties in a song. 

That song, "The Child" in the future became El Niño's city anthem.

Heya guys and girls. Wow, I think this is the most substantial chapter I made since my return. This chapter was supposed to have zero character development in it, more more about the business and magic and stuff. Then I saw that this chapter may be too short so I thought how about I add in a little conflict between Itia and Morus? Lo and behold unit took over the whole chapter. I was supposed to add in the next plot point but yeah xD I like this better lololol anyways arigatou and goodbye!! :D :) :D