Chapter 44 – Goodnight Not Good Night
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In front of a lot of unrelated bar people and people that I do know about,

With Marina leading the charge. "Cheers to Morus!"

"""For Morus!"""

As Marina was the one holding up her pint of ale first, everybody in the bar followed suit.


They all cheered in celebration while they chant my name.

While I, the one who was being cheered, "...Cheers?" Hold my pint up, albeit to join the flow rather than me wanting to myself. 

[Oh dear...] I look at Marina with flushed cheeks. Not because I'm lusting after her but rather of embarrassment.

After our little talk with my family, it seems that after we finally entered the bar proper;

"Here she is!"

"It's the Black Witch!"

"Haha finally the guest of honor has arrived!"

"Hahaha I knew from the beginning!"

The whole bar threw a celebration for me. With many of the customers I knew like Torta and Borta, most of them people though I do not recall. And they all look like the stereotypical belly bulging bar men I saw in the cheap ones. So seeing them celebrating me for who knows reason why is just baffling. 

[I'll just drink this away...] I took a sip and try to fade in...

But it seems, "What are you doing shrinking yourself Morus?" Marina has caught me trying blend in with the background. 

"...Uhm why does everyone in town even celebrating me...?" I ask Marina. As I keep hearing these strangers are praising my name. 

"Hmm is that so?" Marina cheekily replied. "It seems you don't know the magnitude of your feats yet Morus." And sat back down next to me again. 

Looking at me closer. "Fuu~" She giggled at me. "Before I say anything look at yourself for a moment Morus." Marina made a coy grin while saying that. 

I look at her totally with a question mark on my face, before— "Oh my~" She pointed her finger towards me and slowly slide her touch across above my lips. "I don't know if you want me to do this or not." And in her hand is the foamy white liquid of the beer. 

"Hmm I dunno Marina you tell me." I don't want to admit that I didn't so I'll try to act cool for now. [It is a bit erotic to look at me like that though.] Especially with the white liquid dripping on her fingertips.

So I drank once more, "Geez you really love this do—" Before Marina could do the same stunt again. "Hmm~? Marina dear aren't you too old to be flinging outside your husband?" It's Polnyya, two seats away from me and the one beside Marina. 

Marina furrows her brows at the snarky comment of her fellow milf. "I don't wanna hear that specifically from you, Polnyya." And looks at her with a vein sign on her head. "And I think this is the first time you've ever called me old, you hag." It's obvious but, 

"You two knew each other?" I still need to ask, even if it's obvious. 

Polnyya looks at her friend. "Hmm~? You didn't told our Morus here about our little relationship?" She asked in a lighthearted tone. 

"...Is there really a need to ask about that?" Marina asks while shaking her head. 

[...I'd like to know.] The relationship between an inn-keeper and a top prostitute would be interesting. 

"See? Even Morus is interested." Polnyya declared with a cheeky face. 

[I guess my face is obvious.] I thought since after many decades of looking at faces she's pretty good at guessing people by now. 

While Doing so she leaned herself towards me. "You see I was a teacher of sorts when—" Polnyya explains before, "I became friends with her during an embarrassing part of my life!" Marina interjected. 

"Hmmm~pretty close." Polnyya mused for a moment. "But not quite." Before overleaning towards me, pushing through across Marina and stationed at my ear and said to me. 

"We met by wanting me to teach her how to please her man—owie!!" Polnyya felt a strike atop her forehead. 

Marina tried to stop her by bonking her in the head, "What are you doing?!" Needless to say it didn't work. 

"I ain't judging you for it Marina." Since I already got the gist of it.

"Uuggghh...!!!" Marina then fell her face on the table top. After a bit. "...Fine." She recovered surprisingly quickly and looked at the mischievous Polnyya that orchestrated all of this. "Pay me some pints for this you hear me?" She grumbled to her. "In my own fucking bar no less..." She added at the end in a low voice. 

Shockingly, "Sure dear~" Polnyya was quite compliant this time. "Polovina, honey!" She called out her own daughter, "We want that entire tray please!" To send her some drinks. 

"Coming!" Polovina immediately rushes at the counter where Leonon is to get the beverages. 

That's right, [Hookers for waitresses, what a life.] Polovina and several of the girls have volunteered to be a one time waitress for tonight, trying to not be a sex worker for a bit but. [...Well barely though.] As you can see,

"Ha! This is great, the whores from the Nest working in my favorite bar!"

"Same here, I'm a regular at The Nest and seeing my favorite girls in here is nothing but a blessing!"

"Fufu thank you sir, how could I not remember the face of the man that I eloped in bed with~"

...Considering that I casted a spell to clean their dresses after showering I guess it's my fault that they're wearing their 'work clothes' as opposed to the inn's more mundane uniforms. [Though Marina may not even have enough for them all.] I thought in defeat. 

And right now although the girls have regained enough of their stamina to walk, they still do need to be careful and some of the girls that can't walk yet volunteered to do "visual work' by sitting besides the customers and entertaining them every way they could. And when I said every way, I mean it. 

"Alright boys the one who drinks the most ale will be able to touch me in any spot~"

"Throw the Dracha in the air and if it lands on that cup you'll get a deep kiss."

"The one who tips the most will have to go with me to the bathroom~"

[Honestly some of these tactics are just cruel.] I feel sorry for them...not. 

"Haha, thank you Morus for gracing us with these wonderful girls!"

"Bless you!"

In the several passages of flirting with the girls my name keeps getting popped up because the rumour of the girls being sent here because of me and how I cured them of a disease has also begun circulating. [Thank god that the matter about that creature is not being omitted.] Even snitches won't say anything if they have a barrel pointed at them. 

Marina noticed that I was rather annoyed by this. "See? I told you that you should value your actions more." I dunno if that's encouraging me or not. But I nodded nonetheless. 

And now, "Here it is! One tray of ale coming right up!" It's Polovina! The cleavage on her dress is magnificent as she bends down and places down the drinks. 

She noticed that, "And one special order of my breast as well." And proceeds to open up the dress to let me see the bosoms inside. 

Then another devilish smile has also shown its face. "Dear, I wanna order something for Morus as well." It's Polnyya. 

"Yes mother~?"

"Our very special drink for our guest of honor please." She said. 

Polovina glances at me with a wide smirk when she said that. "My pleasure." And returns to the counter. 

"..." I didn't even say anything yet and she already said, "It's a secret~" From me. 

[Well her plans tend to be good thus far so I won't go any further then that...] What is more important note is what's in front of me. 

I look at the two milfs and they all agreed that I should be the one to toast. "Let's feast!" We dig in and listen to Marina's embarrassing past. 


"Woooow..." I finished listening after the two women are too wasted to go on. 

"And then he...! And this hag...! They keep doing it cuz I was not gud enough for them!" Marina half-brazenly shouted.

"Hey! You were with us as well! You were just the first one to be exhausted from it!" Polnyya was flabbergasted at her accusation. 

Judging from the two's conversation they seem and are close friends as you can see, but when listening to their story... [How the hell did these two became friends!] It all started because of one man. 

It was back when Marina was in her teens and just begun being an adventurer and Polnyya already thirty years in the business and an established star within the prostitutes. These two should have never crossed each other, that was until Marina's childhood sweetheart Leonon. 

Although the two of them have been together since childhood; it was still platonic however, especially for Leonon. Marina got a head start and knew what love is earlier than him, but that meant that their view of each other is now strained, with Leonon still considering Marina as a friend and Marina seeing Leonon as her lover.

It went ahead when Marina confessed to Leonon. Leonon, who's still not mature at the time accepted it without any thought and just thought of it as a new way to call his friend Marina. 

The relationship went smoothly but not really moving, as it was the status quo as before, but now with them in a relationship attached to it...until Leonon was old enough to be part of the guards. 

There Leonon, still immature, was surrounded by people that were still immature but knew about sex, and so as a welcome party for the new recruits Leonon and the guards went in to the Succubus Nest. 

"...Aaaahh he was so young and energetic back then~" Needless to say the one that Leonon gave his virginity to was the one right next to his wife. "He's so bad and so fast but just his raw strength and sheer girth was enough to compensate for it." And that person is openly boasting about their sex in front of that person's wife. 

[Really, how the heck did these two became friends?] I'm really wondering right now. 

Anyways, after that Leonon became addicted to her and would frequently go to Polnyya every chance he could; leaving Marina with less time with him. 

Eventually though she found out by Leonon's companions telling her and of course chaos exude. 

"...Yeah, I gave him a big red slap on the face! I can still feel that the sound of it to this day." Marina acted it out in a drunken matter. 

"That's normal." Polnyya said, "But what happened afterwards is still incredibly ballsy of you." And that ballsy move was the one that made the mistress and the wife friends to this day. 

"Please, teach me!" 

Marina said on that faithful day, in front of the Succubus Nest's door, is her bowing her head to the one that Leonon, her boyfriend was cheating her for. 

And for the first time. "Yeah, it's still quite surprising how you did that instead of grabbing her hair." I chimed in for her answer. 

The answer is, "I don't even know myself." She said, but explained further. "Of course I went to my house and cried afterwards when he cheated on me, like a regular girl would..." She stops and looks up the ceiling. "Then after I've cried a river I then looked into Polnyya." She pauses. "I've looked more and more until I realized..." She glances at the woman in the story. "It's embarrassing to say now but back then really, in all accounts Polnyya was a way better woman than that time of course! But yes she had me beat in every aspect." Then she looks at her husband on the counter, making drinks for everyone. 

Marina resumes the story, "Then at that point I just had to admit it, I couldn't really blame him for what he did when someone of her caliber was the one doing it." And looked at the woman in question once more, in a melancholic face. 

This time though Polnyya didn't make fun of her, "Oh dear, it's the past you know~" In fact she holds Marina's hand and lean in on her, almost touching their heads together. "And what you did back then is something I assure you is something that I could never be able to do, so remember that." Polnyya finishes, looking melancholic as well. 

"I-I know you've been doing it with my sweetheart everyday! So please, even if you have sex with my Leonon still. As two women that love him please, teach me how to become a girlfriend worthy for him!" 

Remember, this is about a teenage guardsmen that cheated on her childhood friend and girlfriend and gave his first time to a prostitute. No wonder she cringes at it now.

Afterwards was pretty straight forward. Polnyya thought Marina how to please a man; of course without any man as practice, many times until... 

"Polnyya-san I'm—eh...Marina?!" Young Leonon was quite shocked seeing Marina wearing a sexy thin nightgown in a exposing manner along with his usual partner Polnyya behind her. 

"Idiot! Do you know how long I've kept this posture for while waiting for you?!" Leonon was quite shocked about the snarky remark made about him from Marina. I think that Polnyya influenced her to speak more frankly like that. 

But the effort paid off obviously. Leonon broke Marina's innocence that day and the two of them become adults and finally took responsibility and became official lovers. Leonon has stopped visiting Polnyya since then and later on both apologized to her for his own foolishness and thanked her for the fact that she was the one that cemented their relationship and eventual marriage together, they didn't really talked to each other after that though. 

Marina is still friends with her husband's former mistress, always thankful for teaching her into being a woman and helping her finally grabbed Leonon's heart. But the two friends haven't really talked much outside chance encounters after that. And those chance encounters can be counted in one hand. 

Until now of course. 

[It seems I've rekindled their friendship.] I look at the two, after drinking the whole tray they are totally and utterly wasted, and are now leaning on each other as support as they are practically sleeping. 

[...I've rekindled such a bizarre friendship.] They are wife and mistress, the one who got cheated and the cheater's  women. They should be enemies. But due to Marina's unique way of doing things, she managed to turn that enemy into a dear friend that despite just reunited, manage to bond all over again. [I guess even the morals are in another world.] Personally I've never seen this type of thing before. So guess I really should adjust my morals now. 

[Man, I don't know why I'm so happy right now.] It's not a happy that is expressed much from the face. It's more like how your heart is fluttering high right now after you've done a good deed. [And I think I've done a good deed.] So I stood up from the chair I'm sitting on now that these two are done. 

Just before I left the table, "...Thank you Morus." It's Polnyya, "For everything you've done..." She told me before she noticed the sleeping Marina waking up and patting her head back down to sleep. 

I've caused that, I've caused so much happiness between two reunited friends. I hold my heart tight. 

[This is the best feeling in the world.] Is my final thought before leaving the two friends alone for a while.


Now that I'm done with the two best of friends. I wanted to look around the bar and see what everyone's been doing.

And the first on that lookout is... "Mori-san!" It's the kids table! 

"Mary! Itia!" The obvious of course, and... "Rudas?" It's one of the girls, the loli prostitute Rudas. 

"Yo Morus." She has the body of a kid but I definitely know she's not. I think. I dunno.

Well... [It's nice to have new friends.] Especially for someone like Itia. "How are you doing?" So I don't mind it at all. 

"Oh we are just—"

"We're doing magic!" 

Itia was interrupted by Mary once again. 

"Nice you two." I always cheer for new magicians. 

"Yup! Trying my best so that you'll praise me when I'm officially your apprentice!" Mary energetically said. 

"That's good Mary, ambition is always great to have when learning." I teach her common sense as I pay her head. "Hehe~" She's happy. 

I look at the other kid with me, [Yup, she's envious alright.] I know how to fix that.

"...!" She was silent for a moment before also putting my hand atop her head. "Itia, wanna teach Mary as well? All three of us." I proposed o her.

[This is the best way since if the two were apprentices then it'd be too unfair.] It's like teaching someone in elementary vs. someone in college.

"Really? Thank you Mori-nee!" Itia shined and nestled in my hand. 

[Ah two balls of cuteness in my hand! I feel like I'm radiating with magic.] It looks like I did. 

Normally that's not a problem but it seems someone reacted to that, "...Rudas?" It's Rudas, staring at me perfectly even though she's blind. [I need to also talk to her.] I haven't done that much so I've only been focusing on these two for now. 

"Oh that's right!" Itia went out of my grip and explained, "Mori-nee, Rudas seems to have an ability to see magic." 

"I-I told you it's nothing that special..." She denies it but I know it's true value. 

"Really..." I look at her with wonder. [She's a human but can see magic...

In Endless the elves and other spiritual races can all see magic, but you need to train them or level them up to be useful. Meanwhile, she's a human with already an innate talent for magic detection. [It means she'll be a great magical fighter in the future...] Magic detection is one of the most important skills to have, but is normally locked for those that are not spiritual races like elves and pixies. Because if somehow you manage to get the skill you'll have the potential to become overpowered monster back in Endless.

So now... "Itia, please convince her to join me and Rudas." I cast a spell. 


I write down a spell on the table. It is written using thin but dense mana so I'm sure she'll be able to read it. 

"H-how—eh?!" She looks shocked at the written text that she can see. 

[Alrighty...] I look back down and pat the two heads. "Well I'll be seeing the others now." I told the two of them [I'd love to be here but I wanna see everyone.] I pull back and look at Rudas. 

She's fervently reading the text that normal people couldn't read so, "Rudas!" I called her name and, {Magic Pen!}

I write in the following words, 'GOOD LUCK!' before I left. 

When I look back, she nodded at the words, not noticing that I've already left. 

Next is... "You two are quite busy alright." it's two thirds of my family.

"Good evening Morus-sama."


It's Kumo and Gabril; who right now are also working as waiters and waitress in the bar, albeit with more reluctance from Marina. 

But different from everyone I've talked to thus far, "How is your mission going?" Our conversation is something more serious. 

"Do not fret Morus-sama. We have been able to take the three samples of the DNA of the rats. There is only two left to procure." Kumo said in a completely serious tone. 

[I don't even want to know where you got them from...] Let's just say it'll take charisma to obtain it.

Oh nevermind, "The girls, let's just say, trusts me enough to get the remaining samples in no time." Gabril completely revealed their plan of getting that sample. 

Though that is not even as important as this. "Remember what I said earlier?" I remind them of that like I'm their mother or something. 

"Yes, that is etched in my heart Morus-sama."

"I wanna follow your code of honor Mori-sama!" 

It seems they thought of it as a model to follow, I like it. 

I smile at the two of them, ["I'm proud of you two."] I thought it's in my head at first but I actually said it out loud. [ I'm totally like a mom now.] I'm embarrassed.

"Well—" I look at the two. 

"Hyiiah~! Kumo darling!"

"Haha hey cupid! Where's our drinks!"

"I guess I should be moving now." Noticing the cue I left quickly.

Because of the noises they could only bow briefly before briskly continuing their job. [How popular you two.] They are the most energetic out of the waiters so it's obvious. I walk forward. 

Though I did look at them one last time and whisper to myself. "You say you're gathering evidence but you just want to help out huh?" Of course I didn't tell them this since I didn't want to ruin the image of cool they were projecting for me. 

I look around to see the other people in this inn that I know of, first it's the twins Borta and Torta having the most pints out of anyone's table. [I need to talk to them about business.] That's one the to-do list. 

And when I looked on my right a particularly interesting scene happened. 

"I apologize but we don't offer our night service at the moment." One of the five girls that got cured said in an apologetic tone. 

"Come on! Your pussy must have recovered already, I've tipped you this much!" And a incredibly rude customers holds her in place. 

"I'm sorry but I can't!" She repeatedly apologized but, 

"You dare go against me bitch—" Just as he was to force her and I to grant him divine justice for the prostitutes. 

"Argh!!!" His head got grabbed like a basketball by, "Visoko!" The girl shouted her name. 

"Please understand sir, we can offer our services at a later date but you see..." She holds his head tight, 

"Our services," Tighter.

"Are not," Tighter. 

"Available.." And tighter. 

"Right now!" And tighter!

Visoko lets go and the guy fell on the ground. 

"Do you understand?" She asks him but he gets no response. 

Visoko reassures the girl that she's alright before saying one final word to him. "And also we are not in a red-light business so even the guards would arrest you." She said at the guy foaming at the mouth.

She also winks at me and saying something to me like, "I'll handle this." Before looking out and making sure the girls are safe. 

I scratch my head on the back [Now what am I gonna do~] Oh right the counter, yes. 


I finally reach the counter, and with it; the last important person in this bar. 

"Soumis?" With his head on the counter, I didn't notice him at all since only his pinkish white hair can be seen, since his face is flat on the counter table. 

"Why do you look so wasted?" I tried to ask since there's quite a lot of pints around him, way more than someone at his age could healthily drink. 

[Of course there's no drinking age.] Another culture shock for me as I sat down next to him. 

"...Mn...ah, Morus...?" Finally, he looked up at what's going on and finally noticed me. "Oh, sorry by my sloven appearance." He wobbly straightens up while looking at me with a hazy stare. 

[Man, even like that he looks cute.] Maybe its the first time I saw him up close again but his pink hair being messy and crossing across his face; not to mention his plump, pink, lips, his hazy eyes and those flushed red cheeks I still can't believe that this is a man at all. 

But it's not time to be distracted! "Why are you—" But before I could even ask him. "Eh, that's not the mood to have a chat." It's the guy on the counter and bartender Leonon. 

Since he can't really give out waiting orders he was task to be the here in the counter instead. 

Though, "Yeah, your right." I can't really say I haven't changed my opinion of him when I learned of hisbackstory. [No, Leonon is still Leonon.] But that is not my business so I merely shrug that aside. "One fresh juice for me and something that could sober this guy up." I tell my orders. [I'm tired of drinking ale.] I didn't really got drunk from it and I wanted a more tasty drink so a fruit cocktail it is like the ones from the kids table.

"Comin' right up!" Leonon happily replied with as smile as he turns around with his cane.

I look at the guy beside me swinging his head around. 

Though this may not register to him in his current state I still gotta ask. "Why you out here drinking alone in the counter?" I mean he could easily join with the girls, I mean they like him, he could even join up with me. Instead he's out here drinking all by himself without anyone in company. [It leaves a bad memory in my mouth.] There's no need to talk about the past.

Surprisingly enough, "Well you see..." He could still answer. 

"...I feel so pathetic." Soumis grabs a pint. "While Polovina and Polnyya were working their asses off trying to save everyone..." He takes a sip. "...Hiccup!...and here I was running around and couldn't even get one of those bastards!" And after he finished the pint he violently put the pint down. 

"..." I couldn't even say anything because what he said was true. 

Soumis continues. "...I said I'll do anything for my girls, my family right?" He holds his face down. "How come I couldn't even protect them, let alone get the ones that hurt them..." I can't see it cause of his hands but I feel like he's tearing up.

[Should I tell him?] How is that even a question at this point.

"I feel so—" Before he could give himself any further, "Soumis, I have something to tell." I tell him of the mission.


After listening to my plan. "...You're really gonna do it?" Soumis, who's attentively listening now that I told him my plan, asks me in reassurance. 

"Of course." There's no going back. "I am as outraged as you are about this Soumis." I also look at him. "They are my girls too; family if you will." And brought my face close to him. "And there's no one that'll stop me Soumis." I told him my determination. 

After seeing my face, Soumis—smooch! Kissed me, right on the lips. "No Morus, I have no intention of stopping you." He reassures. In fact, "Please give no mercy." His eyes sharpened there for a second before being meek once more. 

"Of course." There's no need for you to tell me that. He's so serious right now that I didn't even speak of that kiss he gave me. 

"Also," And now Soumis's face has changed to that of of a child thinking of mischief now. "I want to change your plan a bit." He looks straight at me with a childish smile. "You said you'll be bringing some of them back to the garrison roght?" He holds his chest. "I'd like to change that, please." He bows. "Bring it to the brothel instead." He gives his request. 

[I'll need to change the plans for this.] I thought before nodding. "Of course." There's no need to say no to it. 

"Thank you Morus!" Soumis stands up from his chair. "I promise you." He whispers to me. "After all you've done—I am yours now Morus, everything you'd like you can do with me. My body is yours." He whispers some very sweet stuff to my ear. 

I can't help but smile, he's satisfied with that and jumps of his chair. 

"Oh hey, I'm allowed to tell my girls this right?" He asks me nervously. 

I nodded. [This might be bad but—] He's willing to give himself to me. [Though that's probably just him wanting to submit himself to a woman.] He is like that after all. 

Anyways, "Just make sure they don't tell anyone else." I told him a warning just in case. [Though this may be unnecessary.] I trust them enough for it not to spread.

"Okay!" He bows and leaves quickly to tell the other girls the news. 

[Man did he really get wasted?] I wonder as his energetic self is anathema to the drunken stupor I've seen earlier. 

And now."I'm alone once again." I said to myself for a moment before—"Here you go guy—hm...? Did that Soumis left early?" Perfect timing. 

"Yeah Leonon, he got something to do so he left." It's Leonon carrying two drinks, but the other one doesn't have anyone to drink it with, sad.

"Really..." He gives me my fruit cocktail, as he looks at the other drink with confusion. 

"Gimme that as well." I said to him. 

He smiles, "Here ya go." And gives me the drink, happy that he doesn't have to throw it away. 

While I sip the two drinks I thought to myself, [Really, I haven't talked to him about much.] It might be that I like talking to women more but I never really had the chance to have a proper man to former-man conversation with him. [This taste good though.] I noticed, Leonon has a talent for the drinks. 

[Why don't we change that? Our status not his drinks lol.] I look towards him. 

"Hey Leonon, why don't you take a drink as well?" I say to him, trying to start up this conversation. 

"Hmm..." He looks around the bar. "Sure, everyone's pretty wasted about now." Grabbing a chair, he loosens his shirt and sat down and grabbed a bottle of expensive alcohol in a hidden shelf.

Leonon looks at me and immediately, "Oh, Marina's asleep right now see?" Knew the thoughts I would be having. "And I got this as a present, so I didn't buy it." He also added that for some reason. 

"Is that so..." I took another sip as I lean towards him. 

"Cheers." leanon lifts up his bottle. "Of course." I lift up my pint and we both shared a toast and gulp down our barrier between each other and finally began the real talk. 

"So, is the bar always this—" I try to ask him a easy question for now but he, "I know this is what you've been thinking about right? You wanna talk about Marina." He just cuts straight into the bone. Without any lubricant he just went inside.

"...Yeah." Leonon completely saw through me. [I wanted to talk anything else about that.] But deep inside, that's what I to talk about. [And with the flow this is going—] And yup, sure enough, "I already know Morus, you want a taste of my wife's body." We're already here, a man to man conversation with Leonon. 

I can't deny it. "Sigh..., you got me." And resigned myself to admit it. [I don't even know what's wrong with me back then.] I thought as I remember the times that I hit on her. Maybe it's because I have no outlet to let out my lust, but the only woman at the time I desired is Marina. [Now that I have the brothel, it's embarrassing to think about it now.] Maybe it's because I am being part succubus after all. 

"Yeah it was pretty obvious." Leonon said in a joking manner. 

I was fully prepared to face his wrath but, "Her body is irresistible right? Can't help it can you." Contrary to my own morals he just laughed it off. 

But, "Honestly Morus, you've brought so much joy to the people you've interacted with. Like this bar right now." I knew he can't laugh this off as he looks out the entire bar, and when I saw everyone as well, I can agree. 

All laughing, cheerful, and overall smile was everywhere in this room. They were singing, drinking, and chatting with each other, from Kumo to Polnyya they were all smiling. [I am proud of this.] Without me this could never would have happened. 

Then when I looked at Leonon's smile, it's faint. Not the same as everyone else, and I think I knew why. "I guess I'm the only one that didn't receive your blessing." He told me. "I'm course, I'm forever grateful for what you did, but I never felt any gratitude towards you  unlike everyone here, especially my wife." He looked at her. 

"I'm guessing you already heard of this from earlier but, I cheated on my wife with that woman next to her." Leonon then explained while cleaning the pints. "Of course I never blamed Polnyya for what I did, she was there at the right time and probably would have done it with someone else when she wasn't there. In fact I'm grateful to her for getting us to where we are today." He places down the pints and looks straight at me again. 

"This is incredibly childish of me since I guarantee you'll say that I should move on and past is the past but, I never really got over that time. Especially now that I've seen Polnyya today. So for my own ego I need to do this." And then, "Morus, go ahead, do my wife." Leonon said to me as he looks at her one more time,

And continued. "Of course I was not okay with you hitting on her and all that but...I have never seen her this happy before, of course my relationship with her is healthy but seeing her with such energy, and thinking that it's all brought on by you..." Leonon looks down at himself making a wry smile. "Now that it has come to this, for all what you did to us and to her, at this point I think I need to just admit it to you Morus, I couldn't really blame anybody, you and her, for what you want to do." He looks at me again, this time with a relieve face. "You got my approval Morus. Show her pleasure." And now our man to former-man talk is over. 

"..." The atmosphere is awkward. Especially somewhere in the middle of what he said is this"I couldn't really blame anybody, you and her, for what you want to do." Is similar to Marina's "I couldn't really blame him for what he did when someone of her caliber was the one doing it." No wonder they are husband and wife. [I don't know how to process this.]

And so, "Are you really sure?" I ask the only thing on my mind right now. 

"Of course idiot, I gave the approval. Besides," Leonon makes an old man smile. "Of course at first I didn't want anyone touching my Marina but I think having her do it with you as a woman makes it rather enticing. Specifically because you're a woman, otherwise I would never agree to it if you were a man." He also added. "Though you are quite manly for a woman though." And wondered about that. 

The more he speaks the more my head hurts. [What should I do!] I never expected the actions he was about to do. I didn't prepare at all. [Alright let's take this seriously Morus. We don't want him dissapointed.] I don't want him to think lower of me as he is now. 

I take a deep breath and, "Leonon, then what are you going to do in the meantime?" While I theoretically do your wife. I'm sure he understands that. 

"Well, sleep I guess." He answered. "I'll probably sleep next to my Mary when you do it with her." And I think that's the final straw for me. 

Imagining Leonon sleeping alone with Mary asking where her mother is. I can't accept that. [Even if he accepts that I won't!] I'm sure he'll resent me for it when that happens. 

And so, "Leonon please, come to my room later." I need to make sure I solve this mess I've created and not cause that theoretical situation to happen. 

"Wait I'm not a cuckhold I won't watch you two—" He's misunderstanding! 

"I..uhm, I have something to give you!" I need to fix this! 

[Yeah, in the future I probably don't want to mess with these relationships anymore.] It's a fucking mess and I cringe every time now that I remember myself flirting with Marina. 

"It's a gift, so please I beg you, come to my room okay!" I practically hold him in place. 

"Uhm...sure." He's confused but at least he agreed to it. 

"Thank you..." I take a deep breath and... [Yikes.] 

"Sorry I need to pee!" I spoke without any metaphors she could understand as I stood up and leave for the potty. 

"O-okay!" He's even more confused now. 

[I shouldn't have drank that many!] I'll smack Soumis for this. 


"...But at least now I can think of a gift." I thought as I relieve myself in the 'bathroom'that is just a wooden box with a hole in the middle. 

Although me going to the bathroom is a total accident, it actually gives me a chance to think of giving Leonkn something to make him stay in my room. 

[...Alright, the plan right now is giving him a gift so great that he'll want to stay in my bedroom and avoid that future.] I totally thought of the plan in the moment and out of the blue. It's shoddy but I need to do this. 

I totally underestimated him. [Leonon is a good man, a damn good man.] Although he made stupid decisions in the past those stupid decisions were the ones that made him the man he is. [And I also don't want to strain this family.] I really want to punch past me right now for causing this trouble for me in the present. "...Aaauugghh I have to fix your mess, me!" I shouted at no one but myself. 

"Sigh..." I think critically, I can't stay in this bathroom forever after all. [What does he want...] Of course I can't give him something normal like alcohol, even the expensive ones. 

[So something deeper than that...] A gift that will fix something personal within him, like an unsolvable problem being solved. [What could that be...]

After a while...




"Wait! That could work!" I open up my bag or inventory and thought of a certain part. 

I grabbed it and lo and behold. "Yeah, this will work!" I look at it and could almost praise myself that I have thought of this, "Sorry but I really need to remove this from you." And I start removing the art, right here by the toilet. 

"I'll make you a new one okay?" I apologized to the thing before cutting the part.


I closed the door to the bathroom and walked back to the bar. "Alright now I just need to pray that Leonon would come." I say to myself almost like a prayer, [This is my second prayer to Goodman.] I thought to myself while walking fast in excitement that I didn't even noticed, ""'Ey Morus!"" The two sandy and gravely voices that could only come from. 

"Torta! Borta!" It's the two twins! 

"No I'm Borta! And this idiot is Torta!"

"What did you say?!"

"Haha..." I laugh at the two's carefree lifestyle. [I'm jealous that you two don't have much to worry about.] I honestly thought. 

But anyways, "What's up you two?" I ask the reason why they called me. 

"O'right!" Torta was the one that stopped arguing first and looked at me with a big grin.  "Morus we found one!" He shouted. 

"Found one?" I ask what that found is.

"Hihee..." He laughs a bit before. "Ur—" Before Torta could continue. 

"I found ye a new place for ye shop!" It was Borta that told me the big news. "Hey stop stealing my lines!" The two argued again but I didn't listen to that. 

[New shop!] It means they found a vacant plot for me to place my new shop!

"Thank you!" I bow my head deeply to the two twins. [I totally forgot about the business and shop after the debacle earlier.]

The twins stopped their staring match for now and looked at the bowing me. "Ha! It's nothin' the worry'e about!" Torta laughed. 

"Yeh, we s'just so a'ppined to find it'n be close our shop!" And Borta explained how they found it. "Aend stand ur'ead missy!" And Borta also asked me to stop. "Ur embarrassin' us."

"Oh right!" I quickly apologize and stood up. 

[The shop...] The shop is a magicraft shops that sells anything related to magic, as well as a provider of religious statues and such. But most importantly it is, [A healing shop.] It provides medical services in a world where the clergy rules that sector. 

[I need to advertise it now.] I need some loud mouth people to get the attention of—

"Eey?! U shoulda been spoken louder!"

"Huh?! Then speek louda ya dumb'head!"

[These two are perfect!] I thought so, "Please help me!" Two bar regulars are the way to go. 

""Huhh??"" Both of them are confused and so told them of my request... 


In front of the counter, 



With these two legendary voices, the entire bar was focused on me who's standing up the chair. 

[Wow...] I never did a public speeches before. They always call me hopeless back during my office work and I can hide my identity in Endless. But now, [Be confident Morus.] This speech will make or break my business. 

And so, "Hey everyone, it's me Morus." Time to begin. 

"As you all know by now, I am the Black Witch. Meaning I can use magic. But more importantly is that I have garnered the reputation of being able to heal curses and diseases; with the people I've done that with in this very bar. And so..." I paused for a moment. 

Then resumed, "I want to heal not just them, but all of you people here and the people outside the street, district, and even this whole city!" And I declare. "By achieving that I will start up the first ever store to do just that! I will be providing healing services for those that need it, bruises, injuries, illnesses, poisons, everything! And those services I just mentioned are, as I swear from the god Arin, I make for you all to be able to afford!" And that's my speech. 

"""Yeah!""" All the girls and prostitutes were happy about that. Although... 

"""...""" The customers meanwhile weresilent for a moment, but one asks. "Can you make us sober as well?"

"Uhm...sure!" I happily said.

And now, """Yeah!"""

The whole bar celebrated. 

[Jeez I dunno if I should be happy about this or not.] For one the speech was received positively but on the other hand for all the wrong reasons. [But oh well...] At least it's not as embarrassing as... 

"""Morus! Morus! Morus! Morus!"""

Having your name chanted like this. 

This continued on till late in the night when everyone left satisfied. I feel dead inside. 


And now... "Good luck you three." It's time for Kumo, Itia, and Gabril to leave. "Oh and remember, The Succubus Nest, not the  Garrison okay?" I made sure to remind them of Soumis's little tweak in our mission. 

"Of course Morus-sama."

"You can count on us Mori-nee!"

"Let's get this over quick~"

I smile but still hesitant to let them go, not because they they'll be in danger but because, "Be sure to be back as soon as possible." I just don't want them to do something like this in the first place. 

"Definitely. We hope to fulfill your wish of getting a good night's sleep and waking up in the morning to hear of their deaths." Kumo hold onto his chest and swore to do what I set them out to do. 

"...Okay." I finally let them go. "And when you get back, this will be your reward." I look at Gabril and Itia. "I'll let you two sleep beside me." And to Kumo... "Just tell me what you want." It's embarrassing but I don't know Juno's interest are yet. 

Though they seem to be pretty happy about it.

Now. "Alright you three, get those four." I say to them, and they only bowed one more time before,

"Time to get my sleep with Mori-sama!"

"We will definitely deliver this mission Mori-nee!"

I leave them my good lucks. [Be safe, you three.] Maybe I was worried about their safety after all.


I went to the door of my room expecting Marina to be there and I waiting for Leonon with Mary to come. To my surprise, "It's locked..." It all fell apart when I can't get into my room. 

But the surprises have yet to end because the perpetrator of this is, "You can't sleep there Morus." It's Marina. 

"Why'd you—" I was about to ask her the obvious but, "Where you taking me?!" I asked because she's grabbing my arm and pulling me downstairs. 

"Somewhere fun~" She answered while winking and continued to pull me down. 

[What the heck's happening?] I ask myself this as the plan is in shatters right now as I follow her. 

It doesn't take long though when Marina stopped. Right at the entrance of the former showeroom. "Come." She holds my hands to the door and both opened it. 

And to my surprise, """Welcome!""" It's paradise. 

All the girls, Polnyya, Polovina, Rudas, Visoko, even the three girls, were in this room. Not only that, "Mori-saaan!" It's Mary, right away running and hugging me tight. 

I was about to forget and hug her tight, [Wait if Mary's here then...] I look at the corner and see the most surprising addition in this room. 

"Dear, why are you in the corner like that? I think that's more pitiful than if you were floundering with the ladies in here." It's her husband but she mocks him, and she's right. Leonon is in the corner hugging his knees.

Even with the plan on I couldn't help but ask him, "What happened?" A man surrounded by beautiful women in undergarments should not look this miserable. 

"Morus." Leonon looks at me with a meek smile. "She found out." He told me. "Found out what?" I ask. 

"I found out that you two were talking about me in an inappropriate manner." Marina told me before he could explain. 

Gulp, I look at Leonon. "She noticed us talking and was forced to say our conversation." He explained. 

[Well, so much for the man to man talk.] I'm not even a man now but still, I look at Marina with an uncomfortable face. 

Thankfully though, "Sigh... Look I'm not that mad Morus it's fine." She couldn't keep her angry face and revealed her tired face. "I already told Leonon it's in the past so don't feel sorry for him and..." She whispers to my ear. "...Leonon is actually fine between two women as long as he could join..." And pulls back with a wink. 

Doki! Doki bitches!, my heart is already fluttering before she pushed me the final time. "What do you say Morus, I hope you like men." And just like that. "Of course!" My lust is at an all time high.

I look around and see all the girls and my mind is now on—"Oh, not now. The daughter is here." And it's gone again, as I see Mary going back and playing with Rudas. 

Marina clearly saw my dissapointment. "Let's do that when she's asleep, and—" Besides telling me that she'll have sex next to her sleeping daughter, "What is that gift you've been telling him about?" And that snapped me back to reality. 

"Oh that's right." I thank Marina, "Leonon!" And walk towards him. [It's supposed to convince you to stay here but she already locked you down.] But I can't turn back now. 

"Hmm?" He looks at me for a moment before, "Oh the gift right?" He looks at me with mild anticipation. 

"I'm sure it's some—..." I gave it to him like that, without any wrappers or anything. I opened my bag and gave it to him in full. 


It took him a while to say anything. "...A feet?" He asks, shaking and nervous throughout. No way is this a— he thought, but it is.

"A prosthetic leg, it's filled with mana for now but you can ask Marina to fill it up." I explained to him the concept. 

It used to be the feet of a golem doll, but I cut its feet off and repurposed it quickly to be a prosthetic leg that can be used for someone to walk again. [Though since I made it quickly at the bathroom there's still a lot of improvements I need to do.] But it's a start. 

When Marina came over and saw the feet, of course "Eh—!" She was shocked but then, "M-Morus c-can I..." She points at it with her shaking fingers. 

"Sure you can." I know what she wants to do and backed off. 

"Alright dear..." She sat down and helped put on the prosthetic feet for her husband, removing the wooden stump he used before.

After finishing placing the last strap, "Hey!" Leonon Immediately the feet glowed a little bit signifying its activation and was now moving like its a proper foot. "T-this is..." Up, down, left, right, circling around, side to side. It's not perfect but it's certainly an improvement from a stump. "It works!" Leonon looked at Marina with a refreshing face, one of relieve. 

"Leo...!" She couldn't help but hug her husband that recovered from lost. 

And from everyone as well, 

"Congratulations to the two of you!"

"Mr. Leonon got his foot back!"

"Amazing Morus!"

And finally, "Pappaaa...!" It's Mary running towards her father and hugging him tight. 

I look at the three of them. [What a happy family.] Before letting go of their hugs and hugging me next.

"H-hey you two! L-let go!" [Mary! Marina! Hug Leonon!" I look towards the man in question. Looking at me with a cool smile and eyes, but— [Don't act cool you wanker!] My respect for him has already gone down more than it was when I came here! 

After finally managing to pull the two of them off, "Leonon?" I look at him man and...former man. "What is it Morus?" He looks at me in serious mode. 

"Since I finally given you that foot. I was wondering..." I crawl over to the mattresses on the floor and said to him. "Sleep here, with everyone." A request. 

I think back before this moment. [All in all, it worked out.] It was convoluted but its the best result I could possibly want. 

Marina is wearing a sinister smile at me after my response and looked at Leonon. 

I think every girl is looking at Leonon. 

And with everyone staring at him, he finally buckled. "Fine." And now we have the man in this all-female room. 


I am finally in bed laying my body to rest with Marina and Leonon at my left and Polovina and Polnyya at my right. Mary is next to Leonon with Rudas but I still hear her grumbling at the bed position. 

But anyways, "Yeah, Soumis said that since our legs were too weak too move right now, what about we just sleep her for the night?" Polovina explained. "But I think that's just his reason for letting us sleep with you Morus." I agree. 

We finished our little talk and gone silent.

[I guess I should sleep now...] It's been a long day, too many things happened that I don't wanna recall since there are too many. So I'm just gonna enjoy this time of silence for... "Good..." Though somebody had to ruin it. 

"Hey Morus~" It's Polnyya peeking above her daughter. "Do you still our special?" She asks about that thing she told secret. 

It's annoying but, "Sure." I'm curious. 

The two of them immediately grinned and brought out the ale they were hiding, and had Polovina drink it. [What are they doing—oh.] Then Polovina opened her mouth, ale inside, and had Polnyya drink the alcohol on her own daughter's mouth. Then it was Polovina, then Polnyya. They repeated this until... 

"Tada, our special drink~" Polnyya was the one to showcase the drink of her daughter's mouth as the cup. "Served only to you." She added one last drip of her spit inside. 

[Gross.] Totally gross, but. [I guess I'm out of morals already.] They specifically made that for me and so... 


"Ah..." I drank it. [Taste like ale but more toothy.] I like it. I gave the two a kiss before turning around and—

"..." It's Marina, having her breast groped by Leonon, and her loosening her close to open up her chest. 

"Shh..." She said as she tries her hardest not to moan. 

[I guess this is what you call a good night.] And not the other one. 

This is a goodnight where you won't be sleeping anytime soon. 

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