Chapter 14 – Conjoined Ambitions
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"So... What do you want us to do with these?" Myidari asks me with a nervous face. 

[To sell them of course!] I angrily thought, annoyed by this man's non-awareness, but calm down immediately after I put myself in his shoes. 

I sigh, [I know exactly what I'm doing.] I jokingly thought. 

I know exactly how much value these items have. They are either dungeon drops I don't care about or defective products that my friends handed to me as junk. 

But still, even if their trash to me their still gold for others. 

[I'm not dumb enough to show all my cards at once.] This is a test, a test to see what this future world sees as 'valuable' or not. So even if it ends up that these things are as useless as I thought, it's still valuable results so it's all good. 

But the reports are even better than I could have thought, [These guys! Their looking at it like it's the holy grail or something.] I thought, I wanna laugh but I stop myself for now. So I continue my poker face. 

That means the result is that this world's standard has fallen drastically! From the rough estimates from Gabril and Godman I suspected that it's been a few thousand years in the future of Endless now. So what seems to be trash items back then are national treasures now! 

But... [It's not I'm manipulating them.] This is just what the markets says is valuable now. Don't blame me you four. 

[But thank god I didn't show those coins...] I could only sigh in relief. As even before the dream with Godman I knew that showing a lot of jewelry at once would raise suspicion to me immensely so I only showed a limited number of them. But I did plan on showing the coins to these people. So when I realized this is Endless in the far future, it would even caused even more suspicion as I show them ancient currency from a country that likely doesn't exist anymore, in perfect condition no less. 

[I would probably be summoned by the king or emperor or any leader in this country...] I shiver at the thought, a future avoided by my meeting with that average-looking god. I'm eternally grateful. 

But as a little test, I put in one coin in that bunch, of course I roughen it up a bit to make sure it looks antique to be on the safe side. 

[Now then...] I get back to reality. 

"Well trade them of course, duh." Is what  answer. [Isn't it obvious?] I made an expression to clearly state what I thought in my mind. 

But all four of them look at me at once when I said that. "T-trade you say...." Myidari stutters as he holds his hands and sigh down. 

[You want it right?] I thought. Thinking that it's strange to have them wait so long for a decision. 

[I only want money right now so—] Before I could even wait. 

"...Hahaha...!" The old man named Molsch laughs. 

[Is he turning senile?] I thought, wondering what happened to him as his son panics. 

"J-jeez...! I was waiting for you to finally snap but right now?!" With his fat making every one of his movements dramatic, Chelskivek did what was supposed to be a heartbreaking moment of helping his father instead looking like he's tangling him.

But his not the only one. "Pfft..!" Myidari joined the fray. Of what looks to be contemplation he had earlier was actually him trying to stop his laughter.

"...Brother?" Even the tall and muscular Tremann stopped stacking the gold ingots like Jenga and looks concern for his brother. 

[The... Fuck?] I thought they were just thinking of how they'll buy my stuff. So why there laughing?! 

[I was just supposed to make a quick buck in exchange for some information... The fuck happened?!] I thought in panic. As my plans are starting to fall apart. 

But thankfully, Myidari didn't laugh too long. "Hooouuu.... Well that was dreamer." He said, as he rubs his tears away. 

"..." I stay silent. If I say anything now it will make me an even bigger idiot in their eyes since I dunno what the fuck their thinking. 

"Silent huh? A good choice." The old man Molsch stops laughing as well as he looks at me with a sharp eye I haven't seen him make before. 

"Huh? Father? What do you mean?" Asks Chelskivek. As he looks at the two of them with confusion. 

".....Eeeeeeeehhhh?" Tremann made a long eh signalling his confusions as well. 

"Well you see..." Myidari said as he looks down the shimmering jewels and gold. 

"These products..." Molsch continued. He takes a bit of jewelry and looks at it closer. 

""We can't buy most of them right now."" They both said in unison. 


"These products are too dangerous..." I said while sighing as I close my eyes from the shine of these goods. 

"If this were to be circulated in the market little missy, well..." It seems that the old man agrees with me here. 

I open my eyes again to see the reaction of my two brothers. "Huh why not?!" Chelskivek complains as he looks at me and his father with distressed eyes. 

[We aren't even nobles yet...] I thought of him as I took a look of my other brother.

"...But these products are perfect..." Tremann quietly said, as his usually blank face makes a confused expression. 

[But we aren't even close to perfect yet!] I thought in frustration.  

I look at her and with an aloof face she asks, "You don't want them?" Directed at me. 

I take a deep breath and answer her question. "Look, Morus, of course we want them, we definitely do, they're beyond excellent but..." I struggle to say the words in my mind that me as a merchant never muttered before. 

But thankfully, "These products are too perfect young one." The old man Molsch help me out. His words not wavering in spite of the fact such words shouldn't be part of a merchant's vocabulary. 

[Have I offended my ancestors?] I self pitingly thought. Remembering the image of my predecessor back in the hall. 

Normally a merchant should always get the best product if possible, and with this Morus not too knowledgeable about the trade, we could even get this items with only giving her a fraction of this item's total worth but...

"If we sell these in the market right now... Although our profit will balloon... Look." I took something out of my pocket, a small grey stone, and place it next to the items. 

"... A magic stone?" She wonders. 

"As I thought." I look at the dull stone before now radiating all sorts of colors like a rainbow. 

"Magic?!" Chelskivek screams. 

"Yes idiot son, these items contain vast amounts of magic." Molsch says before looking back at the stone. 

[The stone has been acting weird even when it's still in my pocket...] The stone shining like that indicates it. 

The stones are what you call empty magic stones. They're stones that used to contain mana but have since dried up. Mages use up lots of magic stones so they treat these as trash so they usually sell them for a quick bit of cash. 

But for us merchants, these stones which reacts to the magic around them are incredibly useful for identifying items which contains magic. They're both cheap and useful, so they are indispensable items for us merchants. 

"...Morus, look, even if we want to sell these items, trust us we do. The fact that their both too perfect and even contain magic? Even if it doesn't contain any curses..." I pause. "If we sell these although there will be idiots that'll be blindsighted by their beauty." Glances at Chelskivek. "There will be many more that will look at us with suspicion and start investigating our backs." Is the grand conclusion I end up with. [How pathetic...] I thought deeply to myself. 

It seems Molsch noticed and talks in my stead. "Hahah missy in all my decades as a merchant the closest thing that could compare this quality to is the dragon's egg which is our national treasure and shown at the founding day of this kingdom." Molsch says. 

"He's right." I pause. "it's just too dangerous for me and my family to handle. 

I look at the items again. [It won't be just merchants that would look into this.] If we sell one or a couple of this the guild will definitely look into the matter. If we sell more than that the nobles will start moving, then if they discover they contain magic, it won't be shocking to say that royalty will be involved. [...Even if it's the right of merchants to not tell their sources...] They'll still look into us without our knowledge. 

[I must look away at the money for now.] Which is a sin for a merchant but the risk involved... [It'll be better if we stay at our trajection than earning big and having my family fall to ruin...] Even if those parties didn't find anything and we survive the investigations. The fact that we're investigated in the first place would lose our trust as merchants and would soon be bankrupt afterwards. 

[I cannot let my family die...] I have come this far and have many more ambitions ahead of us. I cannot let short-term profit be the end of me. [This is too risky.] This women is too tempting. I cannot let my desire get the end of me. There's a common saying around here, 'If you're a shoemaker and found a crown, give it to the king.' Which basically means don't meddle in something that's dangerous and you don't know. 

[Then I should—] But then, the most unexpected one speaks. 

"...Why don't we just sell these one at a time?" Said by Tremann. The most unlikely to speak in these types of negotiations. 

"Trema—" I try to shut him down, but the other reactor also spoke. 

"Brother Myidari, who says we will be selling these in front of our shop?" It's Chelskivek. As he spoke to me with a grin.

[Molsch!] For the first time I wanted his father to shut him up, but of all times. "Go on..." But in the most unlikely of times this is where he actually listens to him. 

[Fuck!] I feel the frustration boiling within me as they don't consider the risk this has. "Fine... I'll listen to you two then." I said with a low voice. 

I look at Morus again. Which she haven't talk to awhile, but. "It's fine, there's plenty of time to make your decision." She casually says. 

[How can she be so calm?] I look at her, with her lips covered by both of her hands as her elbow is sitting on the table, like she isn't even noticing us. 

I take a deep sigh. I've been having lots of them lately.


"...Oh I see..." I whisper in the lowest voice possible. Intentionally hiding my mouth so they could not see my lips moving. 

"Yes Morus-sama~ I will tell them you're all fine now." Is what Gabril said. 

I forgot to mention but I made Kumo and Itia see Gabril in front of them. Although they were surprised at first they did recognize her but didn't know much about her, so I made her join the two in their report. But also... [I'll also let you hang out with me next time.] I made her a kind of messenger. Since she's invisible and can fly it's a perfect job that she can do. She will go back and forth and report to me and I will tell her what to do and how they respond to the situations they got up with. 

"...Tell them to investigate him and pass the bridge first and then..." I carefully pull out one of my small sack bags and give it to her. "...These are the outfits they'll have while crossing there... Make sure no one sees them." I say to her. With the contents inside being Kumo's suit and a less fancy dress for Itia. 

"Aye aye Morus-sama!" She said with a salute before she grabs them and flies under the table. 

"I can't get physical objects go through walls but I'll do my best~!" She cheerfully says before leaving and flying away. 

[Sigh that woman...] I thought to myself, [But still... Loyalty huh?] The report she told me about also include what loyalty means from Kumo and Itia. [My head hurts...] Thinking about what that means and also negotiating really makes the brain overwork. 

[I wanna shop with Mary so bad... But I need to finish this quickly and tell them the information.] O thought, as I go back to reality and finally join into their conversation. 

"It's fine, there's plenty of time to make your decision." I say to the tired looking Myidari as he looks at me. [I want to finish this as well you know...] I thought, with probably the same thing going through his mind. 

[But still... I'm very shock that he refused them.] I thought. Although I may look very calm, that's because I'm taking so many information at once from Gabril to the merchants that I can't fully express my expressions to each news. 

[More than anything I think I respect this Myidari fellow now...] I thought he was just some young merchant only thinking of profit but from his actions that version in my mind completely shattered. The way he looks for his family for support, not bossing them around even as he's the family head, and bringing out the best out of this group of misfits is very impressive.

[But most importantly he thinks of his family first...] The reason he gave for refusing them is a testament of that. He gave the reason of that many parties will look into them and the fact that these are too high quality and thus is dangerous for him and his family. Overall he think of the long-term pain than the short-term gain. 

[I wish all people can be as level headed as him.] I thought to myself.

I take a glance at the items I brought up. [But still... To think these are so valuable.] I never thought that it worths so much that professional merchants would have trouble buying them. Since I also have more of these from the one time chest I couldn't imagine how wealthy I am in this world. 

[But it will be trouble if I don't sell these...] One time chest is just what it sounds, a chest you can use only once. That's because you can equip them inside your inventory, and if they could be used multiple times, every inventory slot would be filled with them. So you can take out but you can't put them back in. 

[Alright time to get back.] I stop my internal dialogue and listen to their plan of action. 

"Yes yes I know brother Myidari, it's difficult to find someone to sell these but right now there's a perfect candidate, his highness the prince! Hiehihie...!"

[...Oh yeah...] It was mentioned in the two's report. 

"How could we even make contact with him?"

"Haha then I'll use my ancient connections boy, leave it to me!"

"Then we can just say it came from the harbor!"

"sigh, but we can't just sell all of these to the prince..."

"...We sell the less fancy ones?..."

"...That makes sense Tremann, but what are we going to do with the rest of the goods?"

"....Ah this old merchant talking about money with his sons."

[Alright I need to interject now.] It feels like my old businessman heart is burning bright from this conversation.

"Well I'll be staying here from now on so it's not like this is my only meeting from you guys." I pause. "You can take these one at a time." I pause again. "If you don't want magic I can always dispel them for you guys." I said as I look at them, with there own conversation being stop by me. 

[Crap... Did I do something bad?] I thought, [Maybe my skills are a bit rusty after all.]

But one man opens his mouth. "That'll make things easier then." It's Myidari, with his eyes slightly shining from his tired face. 


"Then sign it here and.... Done!" Myidari happily said, as he stamp the parchment and rolls it back over and puts in inside the scroll tube.

We just finished negotiating for the items that I brought, so in general, the four merchants will get the fallowing items. 

First, Myidari's going to get the a piece of a dragon jewelry, the gold pearl necklace spheres and other gold jewels. Chelskivek's gonna have the perfumes and other fragrances, Molsch's gonna get the gems, and lastly...

"What about me?" It's Tremann, who's probably the most unfortunate out of all of them.

"You get the cloth of the pile, Tremann." - Said by Chelskivek who's laughing as he smell the perfume.

"As the saying goes, Rookies gets last." A mockingly cruel joke made by Molsch gentlemen.

"Ehhh...? That's not fair...." He slumps over.

"Hahah...! What a reminiscent of the past right here." Said by Molsch, who's gently stroking his white beard and a big grin on his face, with eyes clearly remembering the past.

"Stop joking you guys! Here brother." Myidari gives him the gold bars. Which instantly brightens him up. 

"These guys..." He then looks at me. "Well what we have on my hands is 100 golden Drachas, it's not nearly enough to be of equal value but with my promise as a merchant you can always come back and receive the rest of them at our residence or meet up here again." He says.

[Well... I think this is enough.] He gave me a sack of these coins called the Dracha and I'm shocked that I can even carry something so heavy. 

But even with the thought that these items are not what they cut out to be. [I won't make myself have less money you know?] I thought to myself with a smile as I hear the coins jingle. Even if I gave all of them I think this is too much. They gave me back the items such as the more ornate jewelry and ones with high magic in them back to me since they said it'll be impossible to sell. So all in all they didn't actually take much. 

"Well thank you for business... I'll also see if you guys wanna dispel those items for me." I said, as I think the magic within them is what concerns Myidari the most. 

"Well I'll take you up on that and also..." He pauses. "Honestly I can't completely trust you yet, and I'm not planning to show this in public and the rest of the merchants. But I do hope we'll do more business in the future." Is what he said. 

I then I remember my old business days and say the same words I always say back then. "I hope we can work again in the future."

"Sure." He says with a slight smile. 

We shake hands. 

[Alright this is the time.] I thought with determination. 

"Hey Myidari I have something I have to ask you about." I ask him about the problem. 


"Mori-saaan....!!!" Mary comes running towards me as I leave the guild. 

I immediately catch her and carry her to my arms, with the sack of Drachas in my bag. "Hey Mary, I finally joined the Merchants guild!" I said after showing the paper. 

"Wow!" She said in awe. 

After finishing our trade, me and the four merchants got out of the room and went to the reception hall. With me finishing the trade and the fact that Myidari supports the decision, the receptionist immediately applied me to the merchants guild. Afterwards I decided to exchange the most of the gold to silver and bronze Dracha coins. 

[Now I just need to join the adventurer's guild~] I happily thought. 

I happily walk away at the Merchants Guild with money finally on hand. Excited for the food and goods to world has to offer. 

But... "Hehe yay Mori-san we can shop no—" I interrupting the almost singing Mary by putting her down and on a nearby chair. 

"Mary, sit here for now, it'll get a bit... Messy." I nervously said. Warning her about something. 

Right now we're on the side of the street making our way back to the town square, specifically in-between two houses.

"You can come out now dumb-asses!" I shouted between the the small gap between the houses. 

"M-mori-san....??" Mary confusingly calls out my name. 

It's an alley, a pretty run down one at that, usually the alleys in medieval times would be filled with small specialize artisan shops but in this case it's too small to set up shop. So it would make sense that Mary is confuse.

"Mary stay back." There's also another reason, a more nefarious one. 

"...Shit!" "How did she know?!" "The fuck... We've been caught!"

And here they are, like mole rats coming out of the ground they appear out of the shadows. 

"Waah..?!" Mary, surprised and terrified quickly backs away from the street. 

"Think you can hide from me fuckers!" I shouted at them, as I don't have any intentions to hide my thoughts. 

Just before I open the door, Gabril suddenly appeared in front of me to tell an urgent report. 

"A group of lowlives was spotted talking about capturing a rare elf with black hair." She said. I think she also muttered about defiling her god's name but I didn't hear it very well. So anyways I knew they were coming for me. 

After she let out her fumes she told me her report. They need money to cross the bridge so I gave Gabril some cash and be sent to them as soon as possible. [But I wonder what their doing in the meantime..?] I thought before looking at the trash once again. 

With the gig is up the master rat leading the group. "Well I guess we've been found out then." He looks to be like one of the guards in this city. 

"Tsk... I'll definitely need compensation with being the first dick inside her cunt." Then came out the large man that I beat up earlier. "Hey the boss says don't roughen her much and if she's a virgin, only the mouth and ass are allowed." The soldier said to him. 

But I don't really care what the fuck they were saying, the only thing I cared about is the thing on their necks that made Gabril furious.

Even earlier back at the table I ask the four merchants what they think about them. The answer was pretty unanimous. 

"They harass our customers."

"Tsk! those scumbags dare threaten our stores!"

"Giih..! I can't go to my favorite brothel because of them!"


[Yup, just as I thought.] They're scumbags. Afterwards Myidari told me that I shouldn't get involved with them but I can't do that. 

So then he just told me. "It's one of my ambition to get rid of their corruption." So our ambition has been conjoined.

But then... "Hmmm... What is a filthy elf like you doing in here?" Jackpot. 

"...F-f-father?! What are you doing here..?!?!" One of the thugs called.

On the very end of the alley, there was a robe man with an halo attach to his back. 

[Looks like the big fish final reveal himself.] I joyously thought. As one of the man that degraded her religion so much finally came forward.

A Kurumi priest. 

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