Chapter 16 – Fakes
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"Get her!" The soldier shouts. 

The goons started to move, they may look weak but they may hurt Mary so, "Mary get out!" I shouted back to Mary, to which she nods and runs away.

Right now were right in-between two houses, with me facing the entrance of the alleyway and Mary backing away from it in a panic. 

Now that she's gone, I don't have to hold myself back anymore. "...Alrighty then." I grab a rather large stone off the ground and casted. {"Disintegrate!"} While throwing it back to the ground as it turns to dust. The impact causes it to spread out in the alley.  

[Alright, this is the only magic I'll use.] I realized this after looking at them. Except for the leader none of them had any sufficient leather armor, let only metal ones. [So they will become my test dummies today.] I thought, I will test my non-magic prowess on them to see if I got the reflexes in the game or the ones I had in real life. So no magic if absolutely necessary. 

"Cough!" "Where did she go?!" The hoodlums were faced with dust particles and their vision temporarily impaired. 

[I can't let them see my bags...] From what god told me these are really rare and if any of them finds out and word spreads. [Then I'm fucked.] I thought as I go through the dust. 

"Cough! Argh fuck get her!" The rat's leader said as they close in on me. 

[They won't find me that easily.] I thought, as I go and open up one of my saddlebags and thought of my selection of weapons, [I know!] My signature weapon. 

"H-hey where did that bitch g—gryargh?!" Before this random thug could insult me any further. 

"Just be glad I only hit you with the pommel." I said as I pull my weapon back holding it under my armpit, positioning for the next they're next attack. 

But immediately afterwards, "Thanks for getting my weapon on time!" I shouted. 

"Shit! What happened?!" "The elf bitch got backup!" The rats panic for a bit.

[Good, they took it.] Since they'll wonder how I got my weapon, this is the perfect chance to make an excuse as the dust is still in the air. 

"Auuugh..." The man that I striked bluntly with the pommel of my weapon, flop down like a fish as blood starts leaking from his face. 

[...Even as I didn't want to kill him.] It seems that my blow is too powerful. 

But the dust seems to have finally settled and the rats and me could see each other again as I greet them with a smile. "Alright! Let's—" A thug prematurely rushes to me, but up oh, "Arcggck..!" He is already dead. The blade casually cutting up his neck like scissors on paper. 

He collapses next to the first guy I hit with the blunt pummel of my pole. As I can see now his nose and face crush like flat being pressed by my thumb.

"W-what is that weapon?!" The priest, being silent for a while, finally spoke as he holds a piece of magical stone which is radiating brightly. 

"...You mean this?" I swipe across the air to get rid of the dirty rat's blood but instead it absorbed it within the blade itself. "But still I'm glad that it hit your faces still." Some of the blood still splattered as I look at the petrified thugs shitting themselves from their companions blood in their face. 

But a last, I'll give them an answer before they die, "It's a war scythe." I said with a shrug. 

It's a black-colored pole weapon which the scythe blade is faced straight in front instead to the side, although it has that option too. The blade is like that of a scythe, curved, but is double edged. Along with a spike at the side under the main blade. The blades is made from various alloys of dark metals pure like Blood Iron and Demonium and has a vengeful vampire spirit within it so that's why it drank the enemy's blood. 

"D-d-demon?!" "What are you?!" "I thought we'll just be handling some elf!" The rats are clearly shaken, as they raise their inferior blades towards me. 

I bring my scythe closer to me, clearly wanting more skulls to harvest. I grab onto it's pole made from the bones of a dragon. I pointed it to them. "Say hello to my Collita." I said before I harvest the skulls of my enemies with it. 

"Tsk! Alright no games just kill her! You can hurt her now!" The leader of this pack shouts as he unsheath his sword and the burly man I punch earlier comes running.

"This is troublesome... Alright I'll provide support!" The priest says as he backs off and begins talking to himself. 

[Need to keep watch on him.] I thought as I look at the group of rats in front of me. 

15 vs. 1

Who will win? 


"Gaaaahhh...!!!" "Get her!" 

They started to move. 

[Two at my left and three on my right. Two at the left has a sword and spear and the three has two spears and a mace.] I'm surprised that I can even analyze the battle this way. 

But it's the truth, they're sloppy and unorganized so I can predict their movements and kill them one by one. 

Like this. "Huh where you—" I move myself on the right wall and running to the spear guy's side, I dodge the attempted spear thrust by cutting the pole itself. It's only made of wood afterall.

"Hah! Got you!" He said, even when he doesn't have a weapon our distance is drastically reduced.

"No you don't." But attacking with pure strength as a human is foolish as I kick his gut under his ribs and making him crash next to his friend, the perfect spot to land the spiky bit of the side of my scythe to hit him through his throat. 

Normally blood would spill out but... "Do your work Collita." I said as my scythe glows slightly in response. 

"W-Whaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!......" The man tries to scream but instead he writhes his entire body as he squirms to his friend for help before withering away like a dead tree grabbing on to his friend. The blood in his body completely sucked. 

"..Eiii!!" The man that the dead man hugged screech in terror. 

[How annoying.] I supposed since he's in my range I should just kill him. "Agh!" He's dead.

""How dare you...!!"" Two of the men chasing me, a spear and mace guy, ran to me with a rage. 

"How boring." I casually as I just slash through the air with Collita as the pressure caused the air to compress and made the guys chasing me stop their tracts.

But the reason I'm bored is not because of this fight. [His blood didn't even made my Collita glow.] This blade has the vengeful soul of a powerful vampire that I killed inside. I removed it's memories so it won't be hostile to me, but it's hatred remain. 

"S-shit what's with that black scythe?!" The third guy chasing me shouted. 

[How offensive Collita is not just a scythe you know?] It's a magical scythe with it's main ability is being able to absorb it's victims blood and becomes stronger. So that may be why I'm so dissapointed earlier. 

"Fuck! Guys we need backup!" The mace guy shouted, as the other ten at the back started to move. 

"Don't involve others when you're already dead." I coldly said. As thrust my scythe and slash across his jaw in a horizontal line across. 

"...Eaargg....!" It's trying to speak with his jaws lopped off. [That is so sad.] I thought as I turn to the scythe's blade upwards and slash through its skull with ease. Ending his suffering in one strike. 

3 down 12 to go. 

The jawless mace man is still hanging by the edge of my collita, so I threw him back to his friends on the back. "Hiie..!" The men shriek in terror as he saw that man's tongue hanging down his neck. 

""Y-you bitch...!"" The two men that were first chasing me with the other three, charge at me with their spears going to strike my chest. 

[Like I'd let that happen.] I thought, as I thrust my Collita, which is bigger and longer than their puny spears, in between the two of them. 

I grab onto my scythe tightly, as I turn it around sideways, sliding my blade on the spear's shaft, eventually reaching the spears point. 

"Shit! I can't budge it!" With my abnormal strength I hook it to my scythe and pull the spear and the user to the other guy next to him, crashing into each other. 

"Hey don't get in the— what?! No no no!" What he saw in terror is me moving out of the wall and back to the entrance, my Collita straight in in front of their direction. 

[Time to taste it's penetration power.] I thought, as I immediately begin sprinting towards them. 

In game with enough blood it could slice through a dwarf's iron puppets with ease. So how would it fare for a human? 

The answer is simple. "Gyarg!" "Aarrggck!" It pierced through them all. The skin, muscles, fat, organs and even bone. The scythe blade is not really good as a spear since its a curved each, so I would have to hit it from an arch angle. But in this case it's a regular human so this is enough. 

Plus, ""Haaaaaa..."" Their breaths become hallow as their faces withered like dried meat.

"Your breath stinks." I said as I peel them back out of my beautiful Collita and kick them to their friends. 

"...Tsk." I snicker as I look at my scythe. [Even with two guys it didn't glow that much.] With each blood Collita takes it becomes stronger, so it's incredibly powerful when fighting armies and such in game. But quality is also a factor, a dragon's blood makes Collita much stronger than a human after all. 

"Who's next you fuckers!" I shouted as I point my scythe towards them. 

 "Gi-gii!! Monster!" "Demon!" "I-I don't want to die!" The men cowardly told me. 

[...Jeez I'm the woman here you know?] I wondered but realized that a female of my race is stronger than a human male. [But it seems my plan worked perfectly.] By giving them their fallen companions I've lowered there morale, a battle are not only fought with swords after all, but the mind itself. 

[Alright, now's the time to finish this.] I haven't even chanted a single spell of mine all this time, and I already have the information that I could want in this battle. Since it's the end now it's time to use magic. 

{Ember!} {Ignite!} {Napalm!} {Dragon's Breath!}

As I begin to cast my spells to scorch this place down, I look at them one final time.

Then I see one man unfazed by this. "I dunno what kind of sorcery you're doing but I will still get my revenge." It's the large man that I punched earlier, now with a greatsword im his hands. 

"Men, get behind me. Father-sama, cast us your protection." He says looking back at the priest. "Y-yes... 'O holy Kurumi..." But he's even more at the back than before. 

I immediately cancel my spells. "Alrighty then, let's begin." I said, preparing for position.

"Yup." He nods as he puts his sword in front. 

10 vs. 1

Who will win? 


"Arrggh...!!" The large man shouted, swinging his sword in a downward thrust. 

"Heh! Like hell I'll get hit by that." I grab onto the shaft of my Collita tightly as I made the blade land on the pole, to which I swung around sideways for his sword to leave my scythe. 

I jump backwards again as I position myself to attack him.

[He's good.] I thought, as he's miles above from the regular goons that I fought earlier. He has good posture, knows his techniques and is able to take blows from my attacks. 

[So in respect I decided to not use my magic on you.] It would be unfair to him and to me to see if I can test my prowess on someone that can actually fight me while standing. 

[But I wanna finish this soon.] Mary needs an explaination in all of this, so she must be worried right now and I still wanna go to the Adventurer's Guild soon so time to end this. 

I move forward, charging at him at a straight line, he smirks as he tilts his sword to the right. 

But, [Thanks for showing your hand.] If he were to stay in the same position as he did just a moment ago I would be in trouble, now that you exposed your hands...

"Huh what?!" In his vision I disappeared. But in reality. "Take this!" I just sprinted out of his vision and crouch down next his side. Where the hand he's holding his sword is located. 

I'm gonna do an upward thrust and slice his dominant hand open, which were supposed to render him unless but. "Men! To my right!" Then one of the goons just jump in to save him. Sacrificing his life as my scythe slices through his shoulders, his neck and all the way to his skull. His body just barely holding on it dangles from the little piece of muscle left from his neck. 

But he served his purpose. "Shit!" His face is stuck on my Collita. Although I can easily pull it out with my hand it would leave me completely defenseless to his attacks, and I can't just forcefully pull back my Collita back to my side since I'm right beside the wall, so my plan failed. 

"I'm sorry my friend but this is for our victory!" He apologizes to the one in my Collita, not me. He stole my technique, he kick the guy that's stuck to my scythe upwards to me, making my scythe stare up in the sky.

"Fuck!" I shouted as the situation is getting even worse.

"Alright men! Surround her! I'll finish her off!" He shouted as the men roared in response. "Yeah!" "Haha I'll enjoy her sweaty pussy after this!" "I'll cut and make her head my semen dump!" They scream their revolting intentions to rape my body. 

[Shit! Shit! Shit!] This is the first time I ever felt any real danger in this world. I'm surprised. 

[I'm cornered!] I'm right beside the wall, the rats are blocking my escape left and right, and the skilled large man is in front of me readying to thrust his sword. 

My weapon is temporarily out and they are surrounding me as we speak. [Think! Think!] I stabilize my breathing and completely focused on escaping this situation. I look around to find anything to help me escape. [You're the one that has battled Kurumi multiple times and won.] It would be a disgrace if I get one scratch in here, let alone die. So even if this becomes the real world, even if this guys are surrounding me. In terms of strength their nothing. 

"Hyaah!" As the large guy thrust his sword towards me. "Hah!..Eh?!" Instead of feeling flesh being ripped, he felt the rock, solid stone in front of him. His sword is stuck. 

I slid across the wall. "She's coming! Guys she's cornered get her!" "Don't let her escape!" I slide myself to the right, to the entrance of this alley. [There's three guys blocking me.] I thought as I see a sword swinging towards me. 

"Taste iron bit—!" Just before he insults me. "Gyzarhh!..!!" Crack! His cheekbones and skull were obliterated by the blunt force of my, "Taste my pummel instead." The pummel. Although it is called that it's blunt and spherical look with pyramid spikes makes it more accurate to say it's a mace. 

The pummel mace cracks open his skull and turned his brain into mush, he spasms and dies a horrible death. 

"That was close...." In the panic I had earlier, I thought that I would have to use my magic. Unlike my earlier suggestion I would have to be quick and uncoordinated about it and use a powerful spell to get rid of these guys, which won't even guarantee that they'll all be eliminated like that priest. Also it would have property damage and hurt my own pride, it's a last resort. 

[I guess that feeling earlier was just...] It must be a remnant of my life on Earth. Even if I'm one of the strongest players, having sharp objects directed at you is still terrifying. 

I got back from reality and look I saw the blade of my scythe. "Get her!" The guys on the left started moving as the big guy is pulling his sword out. 

[It's just four guys. Plus they're close.] I bring down the scythe which has the rat's corpse still barely clinging his body on it's head as the flesh and muscles on his neck slowly getting rip apart. 

"Have a reunion." I expedite the process as I kick the body to them with enough force as all three crash into it and falls to the ground. With the head the only thing clinging on my Collita.

"You too." I thrust my pummel in the guy trying to thrust his spear on my right, with my speed I'm the first to hit him on his jaw breaking it and falling to the ground. 

[Just one more rat left.] I look at the final guy blocking me from the entrance. Shaking and nervous as he struggles to hold his spear. 

But suddenly, "You elf bitch!" The big guy has finally gotten his sword back and chasing me with even more luster than before. 

"Crap just drop dead already!" I angrily said as I pull down my Collita and kick the withered head off and is lunge into the angry large man directly on his face, making him fall on his ass. 

"Men! Get her!" He shouts at the last guy standing as he himself tries to stand up. 

"No you don't." I coldly said as I run to him and slice off his face. It fell to the ground and no it's just bones and muscles and half his eyeballs squirming out blood. 

[Disgusting.] I look away.l from the sight.  "Hooouu...." I then took a breather as the rats are not standing anymore. 

But they are still rats after all. "...Ah!" I scream as I look down and see the guy that I broke his jaw still alive and poke my thigh with his spear. 

"...Should I call you cockroach instead?" I mutter to him as I finish him off with the pummel mace of my Collita. 

[My first ever wound...] I look as although it is still shallow, blood starts dripping. 

But it's still not over. "Diiiiiieee monster....!!!!!" The large man still stands up and strikes me downwards. 

But, "You're like a beast now." I said as I look at him foaming at the mouth with bloodshot eyes. 

"You killed them! You killed them all! My friends!" Each word he says is one strike from his sword. 

[Well you guys tried to kill me first hypocrite.] I frown, I hate hypocrites. 

He still keeps striking me down. [Jeez, that's just iron you know?]  He keeps trying to break my pole with his greatsword. Even if it's a greatsword regular iron will take a century to cut through dragon bone. 

"...Haaa... Hyah! Take this!" He strikes one more time, "Guess you won't be needing fingers anymore!" This time he finally realizes that he can tilt his sword and attack my undefended fingers. 

"You don't need your head as well." I said so coldly even I'm surprise. As I predicted he would target them. I twist the pole at the end of the scythe next to the pommel.

"What the—" He looks behind. 

"Arrivederci." My final words to him. The word just firs so well. 


"..." He doesn't say anything, as he's mouth and throat aren't connected anymore. 

I look at the flying head. [Volare Via.] I wanted to say but stop myself from saying it. 

"Thank god for my guildmate that helped me create this mechanism." I said as I turn the blade back to it's original state facing the front. [Wonder how long she made it back then...] One of the abilities my Collita has is turning the blade from the front to the side like what the most common perception scythes look like. All thanks to a close friend of mine in the guild. 

When the big guy tilt his sword towards my hand the blade was in a perfect condition, right above his neck, for me to transform the blade to it's side and just pull it down and chop off the large man's head. 

[I guess it just works it this world too.] Another great information. I look at the man's rolling head with pity. "If you were just level headed until the end." There was a chance he could have hurt me, like earlier when he cornered me. But I guess seeing his friends die around him have made him snapped, act like a beast and made him predictable.

[Well I won so there's that.] If I lose I get raped and be sold as a slave so I'm definitely happy with the result.

I look at the back and see the last three people, one of them being the guard that is their leader, cowering in fear in the darkness. 

[If they attack me they're dead.] I thought as I slowly walk towards them. 

3 vs. 1

Who would win? 

Of course it's me. 


 "...W-why... W-what's happening...." I gulp down in horror, breathing through my mouth as to not smell the stench of my fellow companions 

[Taking care of an elf he says...] I snicker to myself as I realized my naïvete.

I look beside me and see that father is already gone, he abandoned us already. "...Tsk, of course he doesn't wanna die with the rest of us trash...." I only slide down next to the dead friend that she threw at us before, now laying down the ground and couldn't save again. 

[I should have taken her abnormal strength that I saw in the beginning as a warning.] I regretfully thought. 

...Our jobs as rats were originally just harassing the brothels and bars and other institutions that hires Elves and other Demis properly to give them up and sell them to slave trader Pucki-sama or make them quit and we'll handle what happens to them next. 

[...But since Pucki-sama requested it.] I want to punch myself more for my own powerlessness. 

Earlier we were supposed to assault that half-elf bitch when she starts saying anything bad towards the faith. I, as a guard of the city was supposed to keep watch over her when she said anything. But then... 

"Gah?!" The last of my friends that were struggling to fight her has just been sliced open. 

[This woman ruined everything.] I look at her with rage and fear at the same time. 

She showed up. A bewitching elf with black hair as dark as the night, her eyes glowing like they came from the fires of the demons' pit itself, her cold but invitive aura the you want to be pulled inside and feel it's underlying warmth, and to add to that an abnormal strength. 

I, although hated the Demis for whole my life with reasons to keep private. Cannot help but be attracted to her, just for a moment. 

I look at her face, the face that killed my friends, but is doing it while not spoiling that look. It's the face that you want to be with, but can turn on you anytime. Like a cruel curse. [This curse should befell upon Pucki-sama.] He must have been attracted to this face as well. As soon as he realized that she is an elf, he gathered all of the rats like me in this area to capture her. 

[A slave trader risking everything to get one slave... How foolish.] I diss the one I'm working for in the very bottom of my heart. I pray to any god to curse that man. Any, as I never believed in the words of Kurumi in the first place, my friends that are dead did, but not me. Not only am I a rat, but a fake one at that. 

I chuckle to myself a bit, after having a bit of positivity in this situation and letting out all of my curses to that man. I felt empty and begin to doubt myself. [I shouldn't... No, this is my decision in life. I couldn't blame anyone but me.] I thought as I realized what I did in life to warrant this. 

I beaten, assaulted, raped, and killed the Demis in the slums which I blamed for my lot in life. Even as I got a job in the guard and begun to earn myself a living, I didn't stop. Brothels and bars have banned me for damaging their girls, as I wondered why they were treated as people, not objects. That's when a charismatic Kurumist priest told me sweet words and was told that I could bring about justice for what the Demis did to me. I never believed in the teachings but how couldn't I pass on the idea that I could get revenge for what they did. 

Then the silence finally broke. Tap tap! A lone sound of her boots is heard as she walks closet to me. 

[Well then, I hope I get a good lot next ti—] Just as I finally accept my fate. 

"I'll let you live if you tell me what I want to hear." She said. 

Hey guys! Sorry I hadn't publish earlier, I think I slept the day before that and got really sleepy in the afternoon so I just finished it today. So yeah, it's hard making a fucking fight scene jeez xD there was supposed to be another segment, the aftermath but since we just surpass last chapter in terms of word count that's for next chapter lol. But honestly, I struggled with this one too, it's hard doing fight scenes on top of your head but anyways. I hope you like the references and this chapter so yeah, I will add in gore to this series now so bye bye and arigatou!