Chapter 20 – Commotion
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"Oh hey Juno." I wave my hand towards him. 

"Don't 'hey' me!" He shouted to me as he begins his temper tantrum.

[You're the one that called me out.] I thought about him, almost making me sigh my head. 

Right now I'm at the counter waiting for the lady to come back, [I'm busy you know?] I thought as I stood here. 

"Then what do you want?" I ask him blankly. 

[I honestly don't want anything to d—] Then I remember my promise to Marina. [Oh yeah...] I promised myself to watch over the kid. 

"What I want is for you to move away!" He shouts and points to me. 

I squinted my eyes as I remember that promise, [Another troublesome thing for me to do.] After what happened to me today I don't really wanna add another to my schedule. [But I have a debt to pay...] I decided to do that because I want to give back to Marina and Leonon for their accommodations towards me. 

"Huh sure why not." I was gonna refuse his offer by saying he gotta wait but, [I supposed I'd be a little nicer towards him from now on.] I'm not gonna fight over a line like a kid anyways. 

"Eh? You're gonna accept it just like that?" He says with a dumb face.  

"Yup, I can wait." I move a bit to the side for his party to come. [I don't know where would the girl come back.] It's a little rude to make a line longer for no reason.

"Haha this lady is pretty nice." A guy wearing armor and a shield said as he scratches his helmet. 

"Ou shu—" Before he could say anything back. "Move Juno! Now you're the one that's making us wait!" A slim grey haired man slightly taller than Juno and with grey hair pushes him forward as he stops his talking and walk towards the counter. 

"Eh? You're not gonna leave?" He asks me with another dumb expression. 

"I allowed you to go first but I ain't gonna leave the counter you know." I ask him like it's common sense. [I don't break promises but that doesn't mean I'd treat you as someone important.] So don't waste my kindness.

"That would mean that you're in our party!" He starts getting red. "Lea—" He was interrupted again. 

"Juno!" A staff was bonk to his head. "The pretty lady has been super nice to us that she even gave us her spot!" A feminine voice was called out to Juno. 

"B-but..." He struggles to say some out his words, then gave up and went beside me to the counter, as he looks and mutters. "...You're lucky this time..." Before the rest of his party came and he quickly shut up. 

The rest of his team comes in, it's tight so I go to the sideways even more and put my elbow on the desk as I stare at them. 

As I look at them, the armoured guy that complimented me earlier came to me. "Sorry about Juno missy, Juno can be a hot head sometimes." He said to me in a apologetic way. 

[It's not just sometimes you know.] I thought as I look at him. 

"That's alright." I said as I reassure him. [I can't just disagree with the one that's nice to me.] I thought to myself. 

As Juno is bringing out his catch of monsters today, the mage girl that hit Juno with her staff was looking at me with sparkly eyes. "What do you want?" I ask her. 

To which she gets red for a bit before she answers. "U-uhm... You are really pretty miss..." She said, grabbing her hat and bowing her head. 

Now that I take a look at her, she's wearing quite a fancy set of clothes, at least compared to her other party members. [Could this be...] Fancy clothes and eloquent speech, could this girl be... 

"Lady Krissa!" The grey haired man notices the girls gestures and called him out. "You shouldn't bow your head to a commoner." He said as he holds tightly to her wrists. 

[I knew it.] This woman is the one that Marina is talking about. [But still...] She looks pretty harmless to be honest, I don't sense any of the posh that I would have imagined nobles would have. 

Then she pointed at me. "B-but she looks to be a noble herself! Like me!" She said to him.

[Well thank you.] I thought. [But I may be closer to a god in this world you know.] I sarcastically thought.

The grey haired man sighs deeply, "You shouldn't be deceived by appearances Lady Krissa..." He looks at me, "Or are you actually one Ms. Morus?" He says with squinted eyes. 

"How do you know my name?" I ask immediately. To which he says, "Juno here has been talking about you all day now." He says. To which I nodded in response.

I look at him again. [What a very cautious man.] I thought of him. "Well... It's a long story." Is all I could say. [I couldn't just say that I came from another world.] I thought.

"Well, it is none of my concern." And he moves on. 

But I wouldn't let him be the only one questioning. "Well I'd like to ask you people next. Who are you guys?" I ask to the four of them, excluding Juno. 

"...Ask about us?" The fourth guy with a bow and a scarf around his neck, who's been silent this whole time, said. "That's pretty funny..." He remove his scarf to chuckle.

"Well Ms. Morus must be pretty new to this city." The armoured guy said, as he looks at the grey man. To which he sighs again. "Well it is rude to not answer a lady's question so..." He pauses a bit.

"We're a party called the Chains of Loyalty. We call ourselves that because aside from Juno, we are all guards that serves and protects Lady Krissa." He explains. 

"Yeah! It's very annoying why they keep following me around despite me being wanting to be an adventurer!" Krissa pouts as she stomps on the floor. 

"Hey! I protect Lady Kri—" After finishing up placing the monster parts he tries to join in the conversation, "No you don't." But the grey haired man stops him. 

He looks at me again, "Well you see most of us are of a knight's family and serve her Lady Krissa's family. But all three of us... As well as Juno, are loyal to Lady Krissa herself so decided with the approval of our knight family's to become Adventurers as well when Lady Krissa inexplicably joined." He takes a breather after his explanation.

"I see...." Now I understand her situation a bit. 

"You don't have to put it like that! I'm one of the youngest daughters so I don't expect anything good in my future!" She pouts. "So even if I'm a woman I wanna make my own place! With Juno and the rest of you guys!" She says as she pouts even more. 

"K-Krissa..." Juno mutters. 

[That... Makes a lot of sense.] From the information she told me and my own knowledge; daughters, especially younger ones, don't typically have any futures aside from getting married for political reasons. So I understand her plight. [Is she that bad of a person?] I thought, although she looks spoiled she doesn't look down on people much. 

[I have to ask Marina about this.] I'm starting to side more with Juno in this argument. 

But back to reality. "Well I do understand that but we're just concerned for your safety." The grey man said. [Looks like the two of them are busy right now.] So I look to the next person, armoured guy. 

I look and, "Hey, mind telling me more about your party?" I ask him.

He looks surprise for a moment then answers my question. "Oh, well you see... First off, we are rank 6th adventurers." He looks at his team. "Well I'm the guy in charge of defense and blocking the enemies attacks." He points at himself. 

"He is in charge of fighting the enemies close up." Points to the young grey haired man. 

"Lady Krissa is the mage and is in charge of both casting attack spells and strengthening spells." Points to her. 

"The guy next to me is the archer and he takes out guys from far away." He points to the scarf guy as he makes a salute. 

"And Juno is..." He tries to think of why Juno does. 

Then the scarf guy pulls down his scarf and says. "The scout." He puts his scarf back and giggles away under it. 

"Pfft—" Even the armoured guy couldn't help but laughing. 

I smiled as well to not infect me with laughter. [Well scouts are important too.] I thought. 

But one person does not approve of this mockery. "Hey! I'm not a scout!" It's Juno. "I also fight the monsters!" He angrily said. 

Scarf guy pulls down his scarf. "Yeah, yeah, just check out the cave next time okay scout?" The scarf archer mockingly said. 

The which armoured guy nudge him by the shoulder. "Haah... Well jokes aside Juno is pretty exceptional when it comes to fighting." He said as Juno looks at him with thankful eyes. 

But not everybody is not that nice. "But he is not good enough." It's the grey haired man that just finished talking to Krissa. "The reason I approve of him at first is because I thought that he'll have Mr. Leonon's, whom I admired deeply, if he'll have the same talent for fighting like his father has." He pauses. "But although he is exceptional, he is not even close to what his father has." He coldly said. 

[Damn...] From the information I just heard Juno is definitely not thought of highly from even his own party. [Maybe this is the reason why Marina is so opposed to this...] Even with his abrasive personality even I'm starting to feel pity towards him as he looks like he's about to cry. In fact this may well be where his personality came from. 

But it seems that I'm not alone in this opinion. "Hey! Juno is a good friend and a good fighter!" Krissa said, debunking what he said. 

Also, "Well he's still young so I think that he still have a lot ahead of him." I said, defending him this time to which Juno was most surprised about. 

"Well if that is what My Lady says...." He takes a deep sigh once again, which made Juno sigh in relief. 

Now that it has calmed down a bit, Krissa tries to change the atmosphere to ask me about something again. "Say Ms. Morus, what do you plan after being an adventurer?" She said, which she puts her finger to her cheek.

"Yeah, even with your pretty face it seems you're plenty confident with your strength." Armoured guy said.

With these questions bombarding me I have to answer. "Well I plan to adventure alone for a whi—" I didn't even finish my sentence before they ask me questions. 

"Really?! Adventuring alone?" Krissa said with a shock expression. 

"Well I knew from your looks that you're confident but I didn't think I'd be that much." Armoured guy scratches his head. 

"You're kidding?!" Juno interjected himself again. 

"...You aren't one of the veteran's students?" Even the scarf guy chime in. 

[Is doing it solo that weird?] Is what I thought since although you need teammates to fight the powerful bosses it is possible to play solo. [I guess that must be our common sense not aligning.] I thought. 

Then the young grey haired guy joins in. "Well since you're that confident in yourself you must be pretty good with that spear of yours." He looks at the pole behind my back. 

"Well, It's not a spear idiot." It's hidden behind my cloak so it hasn't been mentioned until now. "It's a war scythe." A very special kind of war scythe.

I pull out the full weapon out of my back and showed it to them. A pure black scythe with an almost silver like blade. [My Collita is pretty shy at first.] At first glance it would look like your standard finely decorated polearm, but as it absorbs more blood it becomes more and more ornate. It seems that even with this blank form their eyes are all wide open. 

[It's a shame that the devs nerfed it after all.] I made this way back when most players just started to take PvP seriously. Collita has a much longer cooldown going back into her original form back then. That means that I could mass PvP players to death knowing that each of their deaths would just make Collita stronger. Which earned me the nickname 'Creeping Demon.'

Obviously the playerbase was outraged that such a power creep of a weapon exist and mass reported me. So in a rare move the devs made creeping weapons such as mine immediately revert back into their original stats when there's no more aggro targeting me. Which ended my reign as the top PvPlayer in Endless. 

So now weapons such as mine would mostly be used in battles with massive amounts of mobs. 

I look at my Collita once again. [But I still love this little thing after all.] Although I used it less and less in my later time in the game, I would still use it if possible since I have so much memories with it.

[Now in this world I could use you once again.] I smile as I look at the Chains of Loyalty's faces. 

"...What a majestic blade."

"Beautiful... Is that an angel?"

"What the...?"



It seems that all five of them are in awe, and when I look around it seems that other people had begun to notice us. 

Especially one man. "That's one fine piece of weaponry there lady." With big steps, he climbs down the stairs with the woman I was waiting for. 

The usual rowdy adventurers became silent in the presence of this man, with a finely cut beard and white hair and wearing a military style suit. He is indeed very imposing. 

The only thing that the adventurers say in his presence is his identity. ""Guildmaster..."" The man that runs this whole show comes down personally to see... 

"You must be Morus right?" Me. 

"Huh?! What does the guildmaster want to so with that woman?!" One of the adventurers say. 

But the rest listen to what the guildmaster say afterwards. "I have confirmed the emblem and the Kaorfarnnein-Kupechesk family's letter, you are indeed Morus, the one that  the former Rank 3rd adventurer Lefer Garde has received his recommendation." He explains in a loud voice. 

"""What?!""" Chaos insures. 


In the Adventurer's Guild, the adventurer's are divided by ranks 1-10, with the top being rank 1st and the lowest being rank 10th. The Chains of Loyalty as a party is rank 6th, with Krissa being rank 6th while the rest is rank 7th. The typical adventurer is ranked 9-8th so Krissa and her party is pretty good on that part, but the problem is... 

[I shouldn't have Lefer get me that recommendation.] Lefer 'The Guardian' is rank 3rd, which is on the borderline of being a hero, it is what most adventurers aspire to be since the two other ranks above that are said to be the realms of heroes of legends. Lefer is one of only 50 adventurers in the modern day to be of that rank, he is so famous that the he has been granted a hereditary name of Garde from the king himself. So me getting his recommendation is something that is no less than a big deal. 

I received this information from, "So you see Morus, your existence is something that I could not overlook." The Guildmaster himself. 

When he said his explainations to me, my back has slowly been becoming more and more like an arch every second as I processed each information. 

[Just when I thought I'll be able to live without getting noticed..?] I do plan on eventually revealing myself but not right now! [Lefer you betrayed me!] I relied on him too much. 

I take a sigh as my plans have once again been foiled and look at the man in front of me. 

After he called me out I was sent in to his office up the stairs with everyone watching as I went inside. The room is fairly luxurious with lots of finely made wooden sculpted furnitures with a nice comfy red-violet cushion on my ass, as paintings of other old men are staring at me from the walls with statues of the gods displayed as well with a what looks to be a giant reptiles head hanging above the guild master. 

While the air is filled with tension. "Here's your tea Gremio-sama." The receptionist that I was talking to earlier brought me us some tea to calm the air down. 

"Why thank you." I grab the first ceramic cup I had in this world and gulf down the tea within. 

[It's good..] Although I've tasted better before it definitely holds up to his own. 

The Guildmaster Gremio didn't even thank the girl before he brought his cup down and look at me. "What do you think? It's the city's specialty." He brought up the tea as a topic. 

"It's good, it's good." I said to him. 

"Well that's great then." Gremio finishes the tea. "You see, this tea is something that kinda like you in a way young Morus." He said with a smile. 

"Ooh really, how so?" What Gremio said peek my interest. [Just don't give me any cryptic bullshit.] I thought as a warning. 

"Well, this tea is this city's specialty, it's pride and joy, and is traded across the whole continent, but isn't from here." Gremio pauses. "Legends says it was brought from here by a foreign ship from distant lands that was shipwreck on our shores." 

Gremio then moves his eyes away from the cup and looks at me instead. "And there's you, someone that just suddenly come from out of nowhere and earned the trust of my friend Lefer and brought in weapons never seen before." He pauses again as he looks at my Collita in the table. "It took many years to perfectly cultivate this tea's seeds for it to bloom, which means I would need to work this old bones of mine to be able to make you surpass Lefer and become a true legend." He finishes his speech. 

"..Interesting." I took a final sip of the tea. [But I apologize Mr. Gremio.] I thought. [But I'm already a bloomed flower.] I thought with a grin. 

"You took this many steps to persuade me, plus I already have the intention of joining so why not?" I said to him. [But I have no intention of him ordering me around.] I warned him in my head. 

"Well then, clap!" After that the receptionist quickly went to the side if the room and grab an heavy object being rested upon a pillow and brought it to our table. 

"Although I trust Lefer's word very much I'd still like to know your strength myself." He said. "So please, place your hand in this empty magic stone." He explains.

I gulp my saliva. [Here it is...] The infamous putting-your-hands-on-a-device-to-know-your-power trope. This is where it usually lets the people in the other world know the protagonist's true strength. [Like hell I'll let him know about that!] The device in question would usually overload and break and shock everyone. [This is one thing that I'm prepared about.] I don't want anything troublesome to come to me if they know my power. 


A ring on my hand slightly glows in respond to my command. 

"Here you go Ms. Morus." She said as she gave me the stone, I stood up and grab it, while whispering "You're pretty wet down there." Before sitting down. 

I look back at her petrified face, as I look down and saw something dripping in her legs. [Somehow I can smell people's sex more easily now.] I thought as I grin a bit before returning to the magic stone and look at the ring in my hand. 

[This ring's gonna suck any mana and would be enough to make my mana pool not suspicious.] I smile as I get ready to open my palm and... "Go." Touch it with my finger. 

It turned jet black, then purple, the two colors intertwined inside the ball slowly covering it before I let go. 

"How was that?" I said as I look at the face if the Guildmaster Gremio.

[I hope that wasn't too much.] I look back and see the cloud of black and purple swirling around the stone. 

He struggles to say anything. "W..well... It seems you pass the test then!" Before he claps his hands again and stood up. 

"Does that mean I'm in?" I ask him as I also stood up. 

"Well... Not quite yet." He explains. "You are supposed to come back here and do a duel and then you'll be starting at rank 10th. You will still need to do that to see your skills in battle but with Lefer I'm gonna be shoving you from at least 3 days to tomorrow and make you rank 8th. How's that sound?" Gremio said to me with a smile. 

I smile in response. "Sure." And we both shake hands. 

"But first, tell me this weapons of yours." He looks down at them, as I didn't only brought my Collita out. 


After Morus-sama left. 

"Hmmmnn~! Gr-Gremio-sama!" A woman is touching herself on the table. 

"That woman is very interesting don't you think?" But Gremio doesn't even think of it. 

"P-Please~! That woman...! She's, she noticed me!" She's rubbing harder and harder. "After that~ ah! Fuck, she made me...! She much more horny!" Her words more and more muffled by her lust. 

"Please...! I-I want your di—!" But she was interrupted by the sensation of her face being hit with pins. 

As his beard is on top of her and his mouth swirling inside her mouth. "Fine! Sluts will always be sluts, get on your feet." He orders her. 

"Y-yes~" To which she nods and remove the belt on his pants before laying on her front. "I want your orc dick to hit my villager girl ass and slobber my..." As she's doing her dirty talk. 

[Even I'm more active than usual.] I look at my rod. [Well, guess my youth's coming back to me.] He concludes at that before he enters her. He doesn't even investigate why his libido came back. 

"Ahh~~!" As she screams in pleasure, he begins to think about the girl more. [Morus... What a weird color of her magic.] He as he continue to pound her through the rest of the day. 

If he only investigated that magic a bit more he would have find out why he's fucking his receptionist in the middle of the afternoon.


As I leave the Adventurer's Guild and managing to get away from the adventurers, I got Mary back after thanking the woman that watch over her and now. "Oh it's you three."

Itia, Kumo, and Gabril is in front of me. 

Hey guys! It's me! Sorry that I didn't publish this yesterday. Well you see... A powerful storm was ravaging through our area and the breaker unfortunately was almost busted up and had to sleep through the night and today to fix it, thankfully I have full battery so I can do some progress here but I learned that I can't write without electricity because I can't write when I'm sweating like a pig!! But yeah it was fixed earlier and can now finish this chapter. 

Well enough of my suffering there's finally a sex scene (kinda) in this chapter! I thought it'd be a few chapters away but ye tell me why they got so active XD Also there's a bit that used to be in Chapter 14 - Fakes from Collita's description, it didn't fit in the chapter very well but I don't want to just erased it so I move it in this chapter so yeah! :3 Well anyways see you guys next chapter, arigatooouuu!