Chapter 18 – Cute Interior
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"I see..." It is I, Kumo, nod in agreement to the human named Takaar. "Itia make sure you remember this alright?" I said to her. 

"Of course." Itia listens in intently.

"So yeah, it's those damn Krumist's fault." The man named Takaar, which is more talkative and relaxed than before, finishes off his explanation. 

"I agree." I nodded in delight. 

"They always get in the way." Itia agreed to his opinion as well. 

[I'm glad to find a human that fits so closely with our views.] Me and Itia, as well as others, have fought the Light of Kurumi for as long as the settlement of Atlantis and for Itia probably as long as she served Morus-sama. Naturally they are our enemies as well. 

But I frown at the thought, [So they will be a torn to deal with again huh....] I thought as I burrow my eyebrows. 

From Takaar's explanation; We are at the kingdom called Santhos. Most of the princes of the Kingdom of Santhos have converted to Krumism, which is troublesome because this kingdom and the current king follows the worship of the Three Dragon God's religion and also the worship of it's pantheon of gods and goddesses which are in truth are the divine beings.

"I think they will be changing the name from Santhos to Arinna as well..." Takaar gripes some more. But I continue my thought. 

From his explanation the gears in my head have begun turning. [Three Dragon Gods...] They sound incredibly familiar to me but couldn't point them down. [I have no choice but to rely on Morus-sama's knowledge on this...] Is what I thought as I continued to listen to him. 

"Since demis have relative rights in this country and those damn Kurumist are human supremacist, even I know from speculation that things will get messy if the current king keels over." Is what Takaar told us afterwards. "He is getting up in age so talks of succession is something that I've been hearing about nowadays."

"That's right." I completely agree to his conclusion. Even from an outside perspective the next ruler being of a radically different religion is something that will not be good in the stability of this kingdom and would surely caused friction in the near future, as even I can see that. "Why are the princes and other nobles converting then?" Is something that is quite puzzling to me. What's the purpose of it all? 

But even Takaar says, "That's something that even I don't know and am puzzled by." He doesn't know. "The only thing that I could come up with is the empire up in the north is really wealthy and powerful apparently." Is his speculation.

[That would really be troublesome.] A larger nation adjacent to this kingdom influencing it's politics is annoying and must be eliminated. I have executed many Kurumist spies in their infiltration of Atlantis so I know this very well.

Takaar continues. "But if you ask me this kingdom has enjoyed relative peace now for decades since the current king was put on the throne. So it's kinda stupid that His Majesty's heirs would decide to break that in favor of a foreigner's religion." He said half jokingly. "Please I beg of you don't tell anyone about that statement." He said with a smile but with a worried look in his eyes. 

"Of course we don't, why would I whistle a whistle-blower?" Is what Itia, who's been relatively quiet for a while, said. 

Takaar takes a sigh of relief. "Thank you." And he continues his story.

Takaar looks up in the sky, "But fortunately... There is a silver lining." He said with a slight smile. 

"What is it?" I ask. 

He answers, "The Prince staying in this city." Takaar said with confidence. 

"Why so?" I ask again. 

"Well..." And Takaar explains. "The public may not know this yet but the prince in question is actually Prince Gérmann, one of the few princes that didn't convert to Kurumism." He pauses. "I don't know much about him but he is said to be an avid user of magic, so I think it somehow relates to that." He finishes his explanation by looking at us for our opinion. 

"Interesting..." The prince is a mage and from his position he must have a lot of knowledge about it. [If we could somehow meet him....] Our research towards this world will be speed up tremendously. 

But Takaar sighs yet again. "But he is the 5th prince afterall, so his succession would be...." He trails off the in the end and sighs once more. 

"...I don't know what will happen to this kingdom in the future so I can only pray to the multiple gods that it would he fine in the end, or at least keep this city safe." Takaar looks in the distance like he's reminiscing something. 

[What an interesting human.] I thought of him.

"Well you can always trust the gods for this city's safety." I said to him. As I trust the divine beings deeply. 

"Yeah, definitely." Takaar looks in the front and sees the finish line. "Oh we're at our destination." He smiles, "Any last questions before I stop good gentlemen?" And he asks. 

"Well—" I'd like to ask something unrelated but it seems that, "How do you get all this information from?" Itia unexpectedly raises her hand up and asks a question first. 

Takaar makes a dry laugh "Haha, well ma'am if you always are in close proximity with rich people for 30 years you would get info days before it makes it's way to the public." He make a grin. "Which is why I get intimidated a lot." He scratches his head. 

Takaar then looks at me. "What about you Sir Kumo?" And ask me next. 

"Well it is an unrelated topic but you seem to be the only one with an Einhorn with you." I stare at his mare with a long horn on it's head. 

"Haha it's my pride as a coachman!" Takaar fist bumps his chest in pride. "But seriously my father is actually part of the Einhorn Chivalric Order back in the previous King's era. There's a lot more fighting back then, but when the current king took over most of those orders settled down in land and sold their Einhorns. My father is one of the unlucky ones that only got a house as property but he didn't sell his equestrian." He says as he ruffled the mare's mane and continues. "This one is actually that equestrian's pony and father gave this beauty to me when I became of age." He continues to scratch it's mane. "Since Einhorns live long lives that warhorse is actually still alive long after my old man passed away and is now watching over the house, my children love her too!" He finishes his lengthy explanation with a smile. 

[I see...] I very much don't care about this human's personal life but I'm happy that the Einhorn likes him. As I remember one of the divine beings said that 'You're a blessed being if you are liked by a Einhorn.'

"May I ask for your steeds name?" I ask with anticipation. Since Einhorns have unique names.

"It's Sally!" Takaar replies.

"Ooh..." I slump in disappointed.

But... "We're here now." Story time's over. 

The carriage stops and Takaar opens the door outside. "Well I guess this is goodbye for now." He said with a sad smile. "Thank you for listening to my gripes." He vows his head. 

"You're welcome." "The information you gave us is crucial so we thank you in return." We both said our regards to him. 

Takaar looks up with a smile but said with a serious tone, "Well to be honest I dunno what you guys will do from now on but I have a hunch you'll do something significant." He pauses. "So please don't harm this city in the process." He told us as a warning. But with a sincere look in his eyes. 

[We are only investigating for now.] I thought but... [We are Morus-sama's servants after all.] We do what our master orders for us unconditionally. So if she wishes then... "I can't guarantee that but I'll try my best." But I know for a fact that Morus-sama is the kindest being of all. [So obey her wishes.] I thought with determination.

"What do you make us for?" Itia ask a sarcastic question. 

Takaar scratches his head. "Well..." He pauses for a moment. "Well if the threat involves the whole city you must do what you must." He smiles at us with determination.

I couldn't help it. "Glad you understand." I smile in return. 


"Hehe~ how was the ride you two?" The pervert Gabril finally came back after me and Kumo left the carriage and begun walking along the Nobles' District. 

"Yes Gabril we have gained many good information that we will have to tell you to Morus-sama." Kumo said confidently as we walk along the path. 

"Ehh~ how bout you Itia-chan?" There it is. [Stop calling me Itia-chan?!] I angrily thought. 

"It is better without you along." I harshly said to her. 

"Awwuu don't be like that." The pervert floats above me. "You seem awfully quiet right now~" She then float backwards upside down behind me. "Are you perhaps waiting for little ol' me?" She said with heavy breath. 

[I'll kill this—] Just as I was to magic fist her ass. "Yes what are you doing while we were in the carriage Gabril?" It's Kumo, he interrupted my ass kicking. 

I call down for a moment and added in, "Yeah what are you doing? Don't tell me you've been peeking again." That, I look at her with cold stares. 

But she rotated back up and like a clock and responded. "Well it's only about a quarter of peeking!" She said with a peace sign pose  with her tongue on the side and continued. "Hehe but seriously while I was travelling here to Morus-sama I saw some mother fucking, incest shit stains covered, dirty bastard filthy scum-riddled rat with infested retarded pigroaches  as insignificant as an amoeba try to wait and ambush our Morus-sama!" She said all of that while keeping the same pose. 

But we didn't care. "What the!" "Those humans!" We still raged at the fact that Morus-sama was assaulted like that. 

Especially me, "Let's massacre them and—!" Just as I was thinking of things foreign to someone of my appearance. 

"Don't worry Itia-chan, they are all dead now~~" Gabril squirmed around like she's wrapped in a burrito. 

"...What happened to those rats Gabril?" Kumo ask while seriously trying to hold back his rage. 

"Morus-sama massacred them all without a single use of her magic." She's hugging herself and all red as she seems to be reminiscing it while muttering. "...I was there at the back and rub myself so...." I decided to not listen to anymore of her. 

"So that's why I didn't feel any magic." Kumo mutter to himself

But me... [Morus-sama can kill without magic too.] I was even more impressed. 

Morus-sama has always deployed rapid fire spell casting of various types all at once, for defense are strengthening spells, immunity spells, anti-spells and other such casted in quick time in a middle of the battle with Morus-sama if back in a distance will use illusion spells, psychic spells and levitation spells to distract the enemies. With Morus-sama's offensive spells mostly consisting of enchantment-types to her weapons like adding a fire effect on her Collita or a vine attack from her shield. Sometimes regular arcane spells as well if in a distance. 

[I wonder how can I be like her someday as well...] I always admired and looked up to her Battlemage style of combat that the other divine beings always praises her for, which fills me with joy. I can never manage to perform that many mental castings all at once without having a headache while she does it so flawlessly. I can only manage about 6 spells at most while I managed to see her do 14 at one time. 

[Someday...] I am of the Swordancer style of fighting, which in many respects is similar to Morus-sama's style. But I am still not comparable to her skill. [I wonder if she would look at me when I...] I started to blush of the thought of Morus-sama praising me. 

But my fantasy was abruptly ruined. "Hmmm small breast~" It's Gabril messing with me again. Upside down and looking at me close. 

"Get out pervert!" I push her out of the way as I fell the soft touch of her cloudy breast as it sinks into my hand. [You ruined my fantasy!] I curse her for it! 

"Grr..." I angrily walk with my hand grabbing the air, as I felt her cowtits in my arm. 

"You know you can touch it Itia-chan~ You just seem so dazed about it hehe..." She shows off those things in front of me. 

"Shuddu—" But I was interrupted by, "Yes, I did suspect that you were quite dazed out Itia." Kumo. 

I was gonna bark at him at first "Not you too..." But I realized he has a point. [I've been thinking about Morus-sama...] I begin to blush again. 

I look at him with a meek face. "D-don't you think that you'll be the only one that becomes stronger Kumo!" I said to him as a declaration. 

His eyes widen a bit, with his mouth going up and down until he smiles and... "Oh I get it..." Gets it. 

"You should!" I shouted to him. "I'll become even stronger than you!" I declare.  

He makes an even bigger smile and pulls out his arm. "Well the best for both of us Itia." And turns it sideways for a handshake. 

"Sure, why not." I replied with a smile as well as I go in for a handshake. 

But, "Don't forget about me too!" Gabril had to ruin the moment by grabbing our wrists and turning it vertically as she places each of our palms on top of each other. 

"I will not be left behind you know!" She said with a big dumb grin as she places her hand on top. 

Normally I would shout at her again but. "...We're comrades now so I'll help you out." I said with an intimate voice. 

"Yeah, even if we compete we are first and foremost Morus-sama's servants. So no teamwork is tantamount to an offence." Kumo agrees as well. 

"Yeah! We can protect Morus-sama from everything if we join as one!" Gabril may have some hidden meanings behind that one but she means we'll this time. 

[This looks so childish.] I thought, as we look like children doing this but... 

"""For Morus-sama!!!"""

[I kinda like this in a way... It's cute.] I smile as I swing my arm up. 

We all did it anyway.

Hey guys it's me! Just done with this chapter man this is one nice wholesome chapter, sorry if this one is short I was supposed to add in more stuff but the end of this one is so perfect that I have to love it for next chapter ^^

Also more Greek stuff! The kingdom name came from the word Xanthos hehe the meaning will be relevant in the next chapter ^^

 but yeah you got to know the political situation a bit, I really like the kingdom politics lol and Morus's play style and MORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! so yeah, this is a good chapter :D arigatou!