Chapter 23 – New Starting Point
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With Kumo and Itia just in front of me, "Bye bye you guys!" I wave my hand towards the Chains of Loyalty outside the door as they came out the Guild.

"You should join our party!" Krissa shouted as she waves goodbye.

"Tsk, don't think you can win just because Lefer-sama recommended you..." Meanwhile Juno is at her side as always waving goodbye more meekly. 

"I hope you pass the test Morus." The female knight that protected Mary is giving me motivation in a manly way. 

"Bye bye onii-chan!" Mary beside me also byes to everyone, specifically his brother Juno. 

Juno shouts in response. "Be careful Mary!" But at least he still cares about his little sister.

The rest of Chain of Loyalty are waving goodbye as well as I meet up with my two companions as they lower their heads. 


"Gabril..." I mutter her name since she's not here but to also make sure Mary doesn't hear it. 

[I should probably introduce her at some point.] I thought of as an idea. 

But as I was thinking of something else, she just so happens to have flown down from above to me, the reason why she's not with the rest is... "Gabril have you checked the room?" Because I issued a task as I whisper to her.

Gabril very happily reported it, "Yes Morus-sama, it is confirmed that the Guildmaster Gremio is having sex with the woman in the room." I can even smell a lewd scent coming from her, must have made contact with the two. 

But anyways, [I knew it...] It seems that my own mana has an effect of increasing one's libido, and for weak beings such as humans have a tremendous affect upon themselves which would become a sort of aphrodisiac.

I first noticed this when the woman was leaking more profusely after I tap into the stone.  

[I guess my succubus part is really kicking off now.] I thought with an uncomfortable face.

I would have to either not released my mana around as much as possible, which is very bad since releasing mana is very much like breathing air to me. In Endless players especially spirit-type races, naturally release mana so that is not an option. Or I would have to separate my succubus properties with my mana as I release them, which is better but not easy at all. 

But with Gabril noticing it like she's almost mind reading me, she somehow noticed my expression and told me, "Morus-sama, it seems that those two are already in a horny mood before you stepped inside, and your own powers may just have pushed them to that end." She explains. "So you didn't caused them to fuck, just nudged them and if they didn't have the mood it for it wouldn't work." She finishes explaining as she's curling her thighs. I wonder why. 

Still, [That's reassuring.] I thought as I blew a sigh. [But I still don't want people around me fucking when I go near them.] It will still be a problem, so I wish to hide that part of me as much as possible. 

I shook my head as I forget that topic for later, as more importantly... "Good evening you two." I have my two companions with me as I finally say my greetings to the two of them as they look to be waiting. 

"Good evening as well Morus-sama!" Itia bow her head repeatedly in a quick manner. 

"It is too much praise Morus-sama." Meanwhile Kumo now his head slowly and formally. 

"You don't have to bow your heads like that in public you know?" I said to them. 

"But Morus—" Kumo was about to object but,  "Plus we're in disguise right?" I said as I look at the helmet wearing soldier Kumo and village girl Itia again, as they already to have wore their formal outfits already. 

"I apologize Morus-sama..." Kumo almost bows his head again but realizes it and only nods in the end. 

"Yes that's right I—" Itia also seems to have been a victim of the disease known as interruption. 

"Hello Itia-nee!" Mary happily greeted Itia with a smile, although Itia is annoyed at first but it does seem to be that she's much more comfortable talking to Mary as supposed to back earlier when they first met, "Good evening Mary, how is your day with Morus-sama?" As she is talking to Mary without much of a pompous attitude.

[But I hope she speaks less stiff of my name.] Although Itia doesn't call me as master now, she's still really formal when it comes to my name. 

"You do know you're allowed to call me Mori right?" I told Itia with a grin. 

To which she flushes hard, "No! I..." But after much consideration Itia finally folded. "Yes... Mori-sama..." She said it. I smile at her warmly as she did the thing but I also took a glance at Kumo which he deliberately didn't make eye contact with me. How stubborn. 

"Hehe of course! We have..." Mary continues talking and the two of them start a conversation, I conclude that I wouldn't bother them too much since it's a chance for the two to bond. 

As I move on from the two of them, I glance at Kumo, "Here is our report Morus-sama." He said to me in a formal way. 

"Yes Morus-sama~ lots of stuff hehe..." Gabril also decided to join in.

"Y-yes..." I know this will be a lengthy one. Especially as Kumo gave me a sack of items that the three of them bought. 


After Kumo and Gabril told me the report. "Wait really? Arin's descendents?!" I shouted like Mary with shock from Kumo's reports. 

"Yes Morus-sama." Kumo now nods his head towards to me instead of a bow, which is progress. 

Itia also chimes in, "Here is the strand of the Prince's hair." As she gave me the evidence. 

"Wow~!" Mary said with awe in her mouth as her eyes sparkle at the strand.

"Hehe yes Mary-chan~ we met a prince." Gabril happily told her, normally she wouldn't hear a it but... "So you met a prince!?" Mary heard it.

After much consideration I finally decided to make Mary see Gabril, since she is definitely hanging out with us in the near future it's a pain to constantly hide our dialogue from her, so I just decided fuck it and let her see this angel. 

At first she almost hit her bum on the ground while shouting, "Ehh?!" For a while and was hiding behind me but after much talking it seems she finally got along with her. I was surprised at how quick that was so I ask her. She said, "All of Mori-san's friends are weird!" She said that with a big smile as always, but earned a frown from the two, Gabril didn't bother and for me that hurt my feelings a bit. 

"Yes we did Mary, so get jealous more, fufu..." Itia mockingly tease her as she's back to her arrogant attitude towards the distress Mary. 

"Meanie...!" Mary shouted. 

I laugh at their conversation but my mine is on a different subject. [Arin huh.....] I thought deeply, as that name brings up a man that I knew of and was my guildmate and comrade.  

Arin Xanthos 'The Golden Fortress' is a member of my guild The Flying Orcas. He's of the Golden Golem race, a race of tall men made completely out of gold. It's a subspecies of Metal Golems and he can only manage to evolve his form through consuming vast amounts of gold and then submerging himself in the First Fire dungeon, which in the center of the dungeon is a fire that was said to have been lit in the creation of Endless, according to the game's lore. 

Arin is also not only a member of The Flying Orcas but also the vice-guildmaster. He is my friend and he serves not only my right hand man but to also defend Atlantis in war by standing on the gate and never moving and never let's his enemies get inside. Metal Golems always have a lot of health and defense as a race but Arin is even more so, and with the circumstances in his evolution he also has the fire attribute. Which makes him infinitely harder to kill since fire is a no longer a weakness to him since he can never be melted, which is the main counter to Metal Golems. Only water and corrosion spells and skills could kill him. Which is what earned him the title 'The Golden Fortress' from the chat and eventually the devs as he defends Atlantis, but like a fortress he is incredibly slow, so most of our opponents just opt out to attack in a different direction from him. He would use his Spear of Leonidas to attack them, shield to defend his body, his body to defend Atlantis, and javelins to throw to enemies. Only earth type magic is the only thing he can use. So he has a very simple fighting style, like Arin himself. 

I look back at the hair strand and furrow my brows. [How the fuck did you have kids?!] Arin is a Golem for god's sake, it's about 3x times the size of an average person at least, but Arin is 25ft tall! He's practically a giant. So imagining the logistics of him copulating with a human makes me nauseous. Plus imagining him having children other than his wife is preposterous. 

I can prove that it's real as well. {Analyze Mana!} I casted, to which as I see the color of the hair gradually turns to grey and the yellow turns to mist and starts to orbit around the hair. Eventually leading to a long sheet with inscriptions and symbols and other words attach in a long line.

I look closer to read the lines. [It really is you...] The jumbled up shapes and lines are his mana pattern. Each of the top players of EWO have their own mana patterns. Mana patterns are kinda like your own code or like runes for instance. They make your own spells easier to cast and makes the spells more efficient as they won't easily be able to malfunction with the patterns holding them down. 

Although there are cases of players having the same patterns, those are pretty rare. The reason why every top player has their own mana patterns, myself included, is that other players won't be able to copy mine or other's spell combos and techniques since in Endless you design your own spells.

But since every pattern is distinct, they are also a way identify the players. [This is Arin's mana pattern no doubt...] Although there are a few things different about it this is unquestionably the same pattern gilded on his spear and body. Since mana patterns are engrave to the player's mana, they could be passed down to his descendants so there is no doubt about it. [His blood is flowing through this kid...] I thought as I grip the hair. 

I thought recollected my memories from that guy and concluded. "Arin you've cheated on your wife!" I shouted out loud. 

"Mori-chan?!" Mary shouted. Not only her but Itia, Kumo, and Gabril all look at me with surprise. 

"...Sorry sorry." I try to calm them down. 

['I would never cheat' my ass...] I have seen and met Arin in real life, he's a forty year old American father with multiple children that's always dotting on his daughters, strict on his sons, and loyal to his wife. His wife also plays Endless, albeit rarely, but she is also not a human in-game. So cheating on her is the only possible thing I could think of. 

"Sigh..." I look down and open the sack that Kumo gave me and it's filled with many trinkets, fruits, weapons, but most importantly right now. "There you are." I grab a statue of a god here that's wearing nothing but a loincloth and helmet, it's Arin. 

[Pretty accurate.] His design is that of a movie depiction of the Spartans, very muscular men with only loincloth and sandals holding his Hoplon shield and a long spear and finally wearing the iconic Corinthian helmet. Imagine that but made entirely of gold, that is what Arin looks like. Although in this statue they don't include the patterns around his body and the helmet is different, also it's not made of gold, it still looks to be like Arin. 

[His looks are incredibly simple for a player so I guess that's why it's depicted so well.] He's a muscle man wearing an helmet after all. Compared to the other figures and altars that I saw inside, although I saw some of them to be familiar, most of them are unrecognizable to the players that they were supposed to depict. 

I put Arin's idol back to the sack and me in deep thought once again, [But still now that prince has a connection with me somehow.] Although I could call him an hypocrite all I want but the truth of the matter is that the prince's ancestor is undoubtedly Arin, my friend and partner in the game. I would not have believed what Kumo said if it wasn't for this strand. [I need to meet him.] The Prince and the entire royal family of the Kingdom of Santhos are the children and lineage of Arin Xanthos, my close friend and this country's founder. Even the kingdom name sounds similar. [So my best clue of knowing what happened to my friend is with him.] I am still optimistic after all. 

But as I look at Itia and Kumo. Kumo especially, I begun to worry. "Mori-sama?" It seems that my deep thinking has caused Itia to be worry of me. 

I look of her with a smile but filled with uncertainty. "Itia, Kumo, I need to ask you something." They immediately came to look at me seriously I gave the hair strand to them. "What do you think of this?" I ask. "This hair here and the prince that this belongs to and met, they are technically Arin's children, my friend and one of the divine beings that you order from, what do you think of that?" I seriously ask them this question, as they look at me with serious faces as they state their answers. This isn't something I should have build up only in me. 

"Unless he harms us it would be great to have Arin-sama's blood with us. It would be great Mori-sama." Is Itia's answer. Which is pretty normal. 

"How about you Kumo?" I especially wanted to ask him because... 

"...Even if Arin-sama had created a part of me, I will still follow you until the end." Is Kumo's answer, but he continues. "If the prince ever harms us I will not flinch to ki—" But I stop him. "That's enough Kumo, don't think about it." Before he could say anymore. 

Many of my characters have actually been collaboration works with my guildmates. With Kumo for instance during my editing of him after I got him from Gacha Arin had helped me create his ikemen face since I'm not that good at creating handsome male faces as opposed to females. He never really does the character creating thing like I do but he's still proud of how Kumo turned out saying that he looks like a younger version of himself. Arin even gave him some of his own character data to have Kumo the fire attribute, which for an insect race is deadly. Finally since Arin is pretty good at leveling up he would borrow Kumo from the early days to help him reach the max level at the time. 

With all that factored in I need to be very careful of this from Kumo, since this will be a difficult subject for him. [I would have never thought of my characters in this way.] This may sound rude but I never thought of their feelings and emotions like this, I did think of caring for them and not abusing them like some players, but I'm certainly not thinking of how their experiences with people would impact them. Even that's too lonely for me to do at the time. 

But now thinking of what Arin had done and did to him, their experiences together, fighting, hunting, complimenting. He's almost like... [A father to him.] And since my characters are not run by A.I anymore I really don't know what to do with this. I just realized the scope of what these former NPC characters felt to me, their experiences with me and how I met them. It fills me with anxiety that I have such a big responsibility to carry and expect but also a warmth in my self that so much people had cared about me all this time and the realization that I'm not alone as I look at my companions... No, friends. 

"Sigh...." I could not help but sigh at this whole situation. But with a pull on my clothes, "We'll be here for you Mori-san." Mary cheers me up, even if she doesn't know my problems I still admire her for her optimism. 

"That's right Mori-sama." Itia said in turn. 

But with Kumo... "We will rise up no matter what Morus-sama." Is what he said. 

Kumo's words really hit close to me. "...Yeah..." I smile but I also tear up. 

Why? "We will rise up Morus." Arin had also said something similar to Kumo. As he told me those words when he first joined my guild as one of the founding members and back when he's still a Metal Golem. He said those words to me as both meaning to rank up The Flying Orcas guild and also his words to motivate himself as he steps foot inside the First Fire for the first time to begin his evolution. 

"Morus-sama?!" Kumo finally let threw out his demeanor and completely breaks down as he shakes his hand in panic. "Please punis—" He thinks it's his fault but, "No no it's alright Kumo, your alright." I said to him to relieve him down as he got close to me I look at his face again and reminded me of his face. 

[You really do look like Arin...] He panics a lot when a woman cries as he said it reminds him of his wife, so the two's faces looks completely alike. [You technically have Arin's genes with you you know?] Kumo's already a Golden Spider but his gold for more lustre and more high quality after Arin had a hand, so a part of him may be his actual father. [Wonder who the mother is?] I don't wanna answer that. 

But seeing my face Mary chimes in again, "Mori-san is weird today." To which Itia lashes out. "How dar—" But seeing two kids playing is super cute and could not help but rub both of their heads. 


"Eh— Mori-sama?! Ah..."

Mary and Itia completely melted.

These two's heads and Kumo's look completely cured me of my worries I had earlier as I look in the sky and see the triple moons of Luna, Diana and Selene. The same view I looked at back in the game, but this time more immersive and real than before. 

[Arin, Silko and Beharren...] They all contributed and impacted this afterworld of Endless in various ways, more so than others. I have never thought that some of them, like Arin, left behind descendents to roam around to this day. They are now worshipped, my friends, in this world that they molded and left their legacies behind as I'm still only scratching the tip of the surface of why this world has to offer me once again. I'm just at the start.

[It's like my friends created Endless.] I will always remember my first days within Endless World Online and so too as this one.

My friend's legacies have all shaped and influenced this new world one after another. After knowing that Arin had kids I could only wonder as I think of all the possibilities my friends had done to this world after I left it. 

"...So I could discover them." I mutter. 

Which Kumo heard and smile as he whisper to me. "This whole world will know of Morus-sama's name..." He said to me, as I only smile in response. "Yeah..." And look forward. 

[It's time for a new adventure.] I thought happily as I let go of the my hand from the two and walking. 

[And I'm not alone...] I look at my comrades, eternally grateful that I have them. As they also turned to life and now become my friends and more and more inseparable from me. At first I wanna just discover this world and was worried that I'll be journeying alone as I don't know where my friends went, but I guess my worries have been for naught after all as I begin my adventure with friends that I didn't realized were always with me. 

[I'll be starting an adventure after I thought I finished adventuring.] I wonder in disbelief as I thought I already finish what Endless has to offer. 

"We're back!" Mary shouted as she pointed the building in front of us. 

"I'm back~!" Gabril is also back as I ask her something again.

"Back home..." I smile as I look at it. 

Mary's Inn, which I saw is called 'Starting Point' by the way, is in front of me. Wonder how I didn't notice that.

[But first...] I open the door inside. 

Hey guys it's me! I just finish this chapter today since I took a break yesterday ^^ but anyways yeah, I just thought of Kumo and Arin relationship an hour earlier! I just thought of the idea when I was buying some bread for an afternoon snack XD and that took the end part of this chapter lol, I write that in because it sounds so cool and now Kumo has a motivation so yeah, another one of my eureka moments!

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