Chapter 25 – Rolling in the Bed
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"...Why...why Leo...!" Marina is still crying about what had happened to her 20 years ago. "...Now my Juno's gonna...." Not for herself but for her son Juno. 

Marina talks with her voice muffled. "...That Krissa woman..." Still shacking as she hugs her husband Leonon in his arms. 

"We'll protect you Marina, you're not fighting this alone you know?" Leonon gently rubs her wife's head before looking at me. "Sorry about this Morus." He gives out condolences. "Marina always reverts to this state of hers whenever she talks about that man." He continues as he is now the one explaining things to me. "Especially after Juno had joined up with that man's daughter, Krissa." He finishes explaining before hugging Marina once again. 

"...Oh really..." I could only meek out that answer. 

[What the fuck am I doing?!] There are two people in front of me hugging and one of then crying. Needless to say I am in a pretty sticky situation. [It's not like I'm heartless.] I really do feel Marina's situation right now, I really do, although I can't relate I do feel her pain but... [I can't do anything!] I don't know how to comfort someone when they're in a situation like this, I don't know what to say and I'm scared that I'll say the wrong thing and make things worst. [You're looking at the wrong person to council too...] I do feel her pain, heck I've even witness things like this back on earth with my family, but it was my sisters that did all the consoling while I was at work earning our living. 

[I'm a piece of shit.] I can't even help Marina, the one that did so much for me, to help her in this time. Less we forget that I was the one that brought up this subject in the first place and let her experience this pain again. [What should I do?!] I made Marina suffer and cry out from trauma, the usually calm and collected Marina turned into this state, [Surely there's something that I could do.] I mean with all the power I have I can't even help a single person? What kind of man or woman I am! 

But as a result of my sulking. "Sniff... Sniff... Sorry about that Morus..." I ended up just saying nothing this whole time and doing nothing as well. As time pass by and Marina was finally able to recollect herself. 

"It's fine, don't worry..." [It's not fine at all.] I bit my lip for my own powerlessness. 

"...Now where was I..." Marina is still a wreck with all the fresh tears across her eyes, but she isn't being hug by Leonon anymore, just being closely watched beside her. She grabs her wand. "You see... 'By the will of Silkco-sama...'" She tries to chant a spell. 

[...That's a pretty inefficient way of casting.] Although speaking spells by mouth is still used back in Endless for singular magics, chanting long winded sentences like that has totally become obsolete. 

Although  that type of casting was the first way to cast back in the very early days of EWO, it was soon found out about the other types, just saying the spell or chanting the spells in your head. The first one became the most common form of chanting while the latter is used by me and the upper echelons of the competitive scene. [I guess this world's standard has really gone down huh...] I thought as I look back to Marina. 

"Please let my mana flow to this body!'" Marina shouted, holding on to the wand tightly. 

[I thought she can't do magic anymore?] I wonder as I see a slight glow within the gems, but unfortunately...

"...Haah!" Marina started breathing irregularly and drop the wand back to the box. 

"Marina!" Of course Leonon immediately comes to the rescue and supported her back. "You shouldn't suffer yourself like this!" He grabs her from behind and helps her breathe properly. 

"I-I'm sorry..." Marina pushed herself too far again for me. [...Why do you keep doing this to me?] First you let me stay at your place, then let me walk around the city with your daughter, I put her and danger than forgiven me, you have yourself mental trauma from remembering your horrible past, and now... [Please don't hurt yourself for me.] She made herself get afflicted by the curse. 

[Come on me move your stupid brain!] I try to motivate myself as begin to think of ways to help her. 

"As you can see... I have been cursed." Marina, clutching her heart explains. "Apparently the worm-like thing, after searching through countless texts, is a creature that feeds and locks your mana and if you try to channel it, it will strain you." She said. 

"I see..." From what she said to me it seems to be a type of parasite. [Alright brain get working.] I said to myself. 

So Marina continues, "I tried countless ways, using my connections to other mages, the Mages Guild's library but the most I got is from the foreign traders in the coast." She pauses. "They said it may be a type of worm found in distance lands." She finishes her talk shaken to the bone. "...So I would have to travel to those lands to find a way to break the curse..." Hugging herself as she said that before Leonon steps in.

"...That man was fervent enough to buy an imported curse just to get his revenge..." As more and more words come out of Marina's lips the more she's in distraught. "...And that kind of man is the father of Krissa..." I also realized it before but even then I widen my eyes as she said that revelation. 

But she continues. "If that man were to have known of Juno, then... Then...." It seems Marina can't utter anymore words as she begins to tear up again. 

"...Marina." With Leonon by her side as she hugs him once again. 

"...I... I don't want it to repeat again.... Sniff..." She struggles say words. "I don't want... History... To.. Happen to my Juno as well..." Marina hugs her husband tight again. "I have met Krissa a few times... I know that she is a nice girl at heart but I cannot accept her, I know for certain that her father would do something nefarious..." She finishes it off by not looking at me at all and hugging Leonon. 

But I also didn't look at her, [Magic.... Worms.... Spirit...] My brain is working it's ass off. 

Marina seems to be confused as to why I'm not saying anything as she looks back at me. "Morus? What are you—" But at that moment... 

"That's it!" I shouted my thoughts. 

""...Eh?"" But both of them, Marina and Leonon are even more confused by my sudden voice. 

That doesn't matter though, "I know how to break that curse!" As my brain finally worked for once. 

"Oh that's— w-w-wait?!" Marina was totally caught off guard that her grim expression changed to that of shock. "Really?!" Even Leonon joined in. 

"Yes." I told them confidently. "The cause of your curse is called a manasite." I said like I finally solve a case. 

Manasites. Parasites that feed off mana are the basic terms of them. You can find them at mana-dense but corrupted areas, like bubonic swamps or decaying jungles. They are treated as pest as they attach to individuals with high mana like mages or higher beings like angels and demons, so it is an enemy that both sides hate. Usually a single one is no threat at all since they can only absorb so much, but the real threat comes when they come in with swarms like bees and wreck havoc upon the players and surroundings. 

[But from your story Marina it seems only one was put into you.] Plus if a whole group of them was inside you won't survive.

I look at Marina's shocked face as she finally speaks again. "....S-so that's the curse!? Manasites..." She ponders quickly. "So I finally know it's name..." She mutters, but for the first time a smile this time. 

Then looks at me again. "Since y-you know it's name Morus.. That means you know how to get rid of it r-right??" At this point Marina is visibly shaking, but not out of fear but of excitement. 

"Yes." I nodded. 

"You hear that Marina?!" Leonon couldn't hide his excitement as well as he holds onto his wife's hands. "...I can finally..." She begins to tear up for excitement this time. 

"...Why don't we start now shall we?" I ask carefully since I don't want to ruin their moment .

"R-right now?! Really...!" Marina quickly let's go of Leonon and sits in a formal posture flapping her skirt down. 

[You just sound like your daughter.] So that's where her stutter came from. 

"W-what do we do now Morus?" Marina ask me with a smile on her face. 

"Well I didn't ask you to do what you did but..." I look at the man beside her. "Leonon move away from Marina for a bit." I told him.

"But..." He tries to resist but after seeing her wife's cold stares Leonon capitulates. 

"Alrighty then." I sat beside her. "Tell me again where he put that bug inside you?" I ask of Marina, stating at her. 

"...Uhm," She ponders, "I think it was here?" Marina points to the left of her eye. 

"I see..." I stare at her left eye closely.

From what I can see there's nothing yet, so... {Mana Detection} I cast that spell, A very basic spell which let's you detect mana in the area. So simple in fact it's in my race abilities, but just in case. 

"Y-you... You're looking very deeply into me..." Marina was embarrassed by my unflinching look at her face as she turns red. 

But it's not the time for me to respond as I look closer now... "There it is." Bingo. One within her red iris is a long, grey worm thing looking like a horseradish with it's tendrils around it

"Wait you found it that easily?!" Marina was taken aback at my fast discovery. "Even the best mages couldn't..." She mutter to herself.  

"...Yeah, it's in your eyeball." I told her, "But it'll take a bit to get that thing out." I warn her a bit.

"I-I see..." Marina looks down a bit. 

Although I can't let her be saddened again. "But reassure you, I can easily take that thing out." I said to her confidently. "I just need to..." I move in close, so close next to her ear as I told her a whisper. 

After telling her about something, "...Is that so." Marina looks at the curious Leonon. "Leo dear do you mind if you step out of the room for a bit?" She inform him. 

"Wait wha—?" Of course Leonon is not giving up without a fight. "This is between the two of us women, so Leonon, get out." But Marina already won. 

[So the saying women rules the roost in bed is true after all...] At least in this relationship. [But I used to be a man too....] God I hope I don't get lynched on in the afterlife. 


Leonon reluctantly agreed as he slumps out of the door and now... "It's just the two of us now." Marina surprisingly is the one that said that. 

"Yeah, it seems so." Is the only thing I could respond in this awkward situation. But she doesn't seem to mind that at all. "Alrighty then..." And lays her body to the bed. 

"Gulp, okay then." With my integrity as a man on the line I decided to move in and crawl to her resting body. 

[This is such a misunderstanding.....] I thought as I look at her down. 

What I whisper to her is that I may have to hold her down so I can get the manasite out more easily. But I did not expect is for her to get Leonon out and rest like this like I'm about to eat her. 

And I'm wearing my sleeping outfit on so it's a lot more loose and airy so I'm totally look like I'm about to shoot a scene here with her. 

But I shook my head, [This isn't the time for dirty thoughts Morus.] You're saving a friend here you know, so I move on and detect the fucker in Marina's eye. 

After inspecting it further. "This is pretty bad...." I can't help but mutter that to myself. 

"...W-why?" Marina ask worriedly too, sweating at my words. 

"Well...." I grab onto her arm. "Tsk, it's tendrils had spread all over your body." I furrow my brows to the seriousness of this situation. 

In the game manasites only drains your mana by sucking to the area it landed or move to a designated spot and having it shown in status. It never spreads throughout the body in a way like this. [...I guess this thing being inside her for 20 years can result into something like this...] I don't know many players masochistic enough to intentionally have their mana drained outside of taming reasons. 

[That fucker did this to her.] I noticed it first when I looked closer and saw the root-like tendrils going down to her body. [This is horrible.] I can't see it easily but I know it spreaded far, [She suffered like this for 20 years for a rejection.] My blood is boiling at that thought. Even though I've only met Marina yesterday she is without a doubt both my friend and new family now, I'm only beginning to feel Marina's despair. 

"...W-what should I do M-Morus??" The news has certainly brought fear into her eyes. 

But, "Don't worry." [I'll make sure to never let you suffer like this ever again.] I decided to make this promise to her. 

Now that I had made a promise. "Marina, take off your clothes." I will now not hesitate to make drastic measures. 

"W-wait what are you saying Morus?!" Marina was of course shock by this and try to pull me away. 

"Please Marina..." I am determined. "I wanna save you." As I hold her hands that are pushing me away. "I wanna be able to give back everything you've done to me so far." I hold both her hands tightly into mine. 

"...." She hesitates a bit. "...Okay." But in the end Marina agreed to do it as she starts pulling away her skirt. 

[I know I look like a total deviant right now.] But if it means I would be able to help someone I care about. [I will not hesitate to do this.] That's my determination. 

But as I get out of my thoughts and look at her again my mouth went wide. "...What a beautiful women." I mutter as I see her silky smooth legs. 

"...This is very embarrassing." Marina mumble with her arms on her face as I see her ample breast. 

I try to look up and see what's been happening but to my surprise. "...No bra?" I blurted out, but to my surprise. "What's a bra?" It seems that bras is not a thing in this world. 

"...The clothes I've pulled out are my undergarments." She said, seemingly answering my question. 

[There are outfits named bra in the game though...] How long have time passed when the concept of bras was forgotten? [Don't judge now.] I disregard that and look back into her again, making a women wait in bed is disgraceful. 

"Alrighty then." I finally made a move. "Hyah?!" I push her down to the bed holding her shoulders as I look at her straight in the eye. 

[Alright I can see them properly now.] The reason why I needed her to pull out her clothes is because they're blocking the way of the various tentacles of the manasite within her body, as I see. [This is bad.] It spreaded throughout her entire body, from her head down to her feet. If she wore that dress I would have never seen these tendrils. 

There's also another reason I couldn't deny. "...Morus, are you perhaps interested in the same sex?" She ask me as she's also blushing, but can't deny it though. 

So I nodded. 

[I'm still a man inside after all.] Even with a female's body and voice my mentally is still that of me from Earth, I could not get myself horny at the various handsome men that I met today, only women. [I feel like I'm cheating myself.] Instead of me working my way to impress a women I just disguised as one, I feel pathetic. [...Sorry Leonon.] I apologize to the very bottom of my heart, but I knew he couldn't forgive me for this. 

[I shouldn't...] I need to do this without being a total pervert. So I decided to finally stop this and—


"...What?" What was that? 

I look down and see the face of Marina being really close to me and feel her touch in my lips. 

I'm making a very dumb face right now, which made her giggle. "I'm happy that your honest with your feelings." Marina said. "Although I would never do this to anyone as my heart only belongs to Leonon," She lays down in the bed again. "I need to reward the person that is willing to do this much for me." She said with a smile.

 "..E-eh..?" I was still dumbfounded and touch my lips. [This woman...] Right now I'm on my knees standing up in which in front of me there's a minx of a woman smiling deviously towards me showing off her full breast and wearing only a loincloth laying down only to her hips as she looks in front of me. 

Needless to say. "Fuck it." I went for the prize. [You're the one that made me horny.] I know this is a reason only reasonable in hentai but her teasing is just begging for me to eat up

My lust meter being at a hundred percent, I went in immediately with lust only in my mind. [Sex sex sex sex....] Is my thought process right now. 

But thankfully. "You can't do that Morus." She stops me. "I'm still a wife and a mother you know? I can't have you forcing yourself to me." She stops me by her arm and looks at me with a calm face. 

Instead of being rageful towards Marina, "Thank you, I don't know what has gone to me for a second." I'm grateful instead.

"You're welcome." She accepted it. 

Still though, [That was weird.] That sudden need to have sex was... [I need to keep eye on that.] Strange indeed. 

"But you can touch me all you want." Marina said as a tease.

"Alrighty then..." I start the procedure. 

I look to her left eye and grab her chin, "You're a very domineering woman Morus..." Marina describe me that way but I'm not chatting right now as I looking carefully and the fucker moving about. [What can I do?] Since this is a manasite, it's attracted someone with a lot of them. 

"...What about this?" I pointed a finger in front of Marina's eye and activated my mana, to start concentrating it to a single  point. "...Oh!" I shouted out loud as I see the manasite wriggling around and pushing out to the new mana source. 

I was supposed to be happy about this since its working but... "Haaaaaah...!" She's breathing heavily. 

I stop immediately and ask her. "What happened?!" I look at her state and the answer is obvious. [It's strangling Marina!] Since the manasite has covered Marina's whole body, it also has it's tendrils to her lungs and throat as well so when I try to pull it out the rest of the tendrils moved as well. Which resulted in the movement of the tentacles in her airpipe moving. 

[This will be very difficult...] I grimly thought as I wonder how to pull the thing out without severely damaging her in the process. 

[It's not like in the game at all.] If one of these gets you just pull them out, that isn't an easy as an option here. 

Seeing my perplexed expression, Marina looks down and bit her lips. "That's okay Morus..." Marina said in bitter taste. "You did your best I do—" But a promise is a promise.


I kiss Marina in the cheek, since I'm not that bold yet and hug her tightly, "W-what are you doing?!" She gasp in shock as to not why I kiss her, but me... "Let's see if this works." Prodding the back of her hips with my palm. 

"Please Morus no— aahhggh?!?" Marina made a weird sound.

While I was focused on something else, [So that's it!


The put it simply it is a spell which converts my mana to eat up the attributes of other mana leaving it to its most basic form like turning candy back into sugar, hence nullify. It is the most basic and fundamental spell for magic barriers and shields and is extremely effective for arcane-based magic. 

But right now I don't use this spell for any sort of barriers and only castes it for its most basic use, to suck up magic. 

"...It's working." As I look I see the tendrils going back further and further away from her hips to further up her spine, [How about this.] With my other hand, I pointed just above the aforementioned tendrils and used my finger to release my mana like I did earlier with Marina's eye, the result is the tendrils moving even faster than before. 

I smile in delight, "Alright Marina just you—" But as I look towards her to bring her this news, "Morus! Please! Noo it's making me....!" She's gritting her teeth as she hugs me tighter and tighter while also, "The pleasure is...hmm!" 

She's biting into my neck. 

[This would take some time.] I thought to myself as marina wriggles some more. 


"Alright, just one more pull." I said to myself breathing roughly with sweat all over me. 

"...I don't know what's gotten to me Morus..." Meanwhile Marina is on the bed naked, a face full of so much red that she's covering her face in shame. 

[Finally...] That was a lot of pain going to me. Lots of moans and screams that I even had to lock the door and use a spell to muffle the sound here so it won't be heard outside. 

There was a lot of things I had to do. Firstly when I did that to her legs she kicked me right in the chin. Then I did her other arm and she hugged me so tight I have to pull myself out. 

Then her breast, I don't wanna get into that one... I sucked. 

Her stomach meanwhile you can see glimpses of flabby skin on her belly indicating her age but it's not bulging and I found it nice to touch with. 

Her hips and shoulders were fine for the most part, the most troublesome one is... 

"Please don't touch that... Only my husband could and... It's not young anymore." I'm not gonna sugarcoat it it's her pussy. What I did is that I didn't take off the loincloth and just slide my hand inside, only touched just above the actual hole. Even then after I casted my spells she was moaning and moaning, "How can you be so good?!" And when I accidentally mentioned something about hair, I quickly felt something wet and immediately pull out. 

Also I did that while Marina is hugging me tight and rolling around together in bed several times, this is actually the first time we separated since I did the procedure and many things were exchanged during our time together. 

"No matter how you look at it, it totally looks to be like we did something mischievous here." I said to her and to myself as I look at the whole area. 

"Yeah... It does." Marina said as she looks at herself. "Look at all the marks you've given me as well." She looks at the various areas with little holes in it. 

[Oh yeah...] I forgot to mention that when the tendrils still get out of control I had no choice but to use my fangs to bite and stabilize the thing. I even did one after I pulled out between her legs... Above her crotch. 

"But still..." Marina stretches herself. "Well i don't feel any pain though... In fact, ah! I feel incredibly light right now." She stretch her back and heard a loud crunch as she declared that. 

"Yeah kinda like a massage." I jokingly said to her. [It's not a massage at all.] Although I never did see her genitals I did touch everything else in her body, hug and bit her, everything. It's sex without sex, [it's foreplay.] A pleasure only years of practice could you master. Every man knows how to put a dick inside but not every man could make a woman want to put a dick inside. 

[Thank god for my years of being a brothel regular.] I didn't take many serious relationships back on earth since I focused more on my family but I can't stay a virgin for long so me and a couple of friends decided to call some girls over and the rest is history. 

"Hmm I felt like a different person during that Morus." Marina seem to have complimented me. 

"Thanks." I receive that as a compliment and thank her back. 

[...I'm horny now.] I felt good but not enough to cum, so I'm still kinda frisky and I don't want to actually go for it for good conscience. [I might go there later.] Food for thought. 

"Let's finish this shall we?" I said to her, as she quickly nodded. 

"Here~ you~ go~" Marina opens up her mouth and pulls up her tongue. 

From an outsider's perspective it looks like a paizuri but for me, [There it is.] With my mana detection it perfectly makes sense. 

All of the tendrils have been pushed back so far that it's concentrated on her tongue, and after that is only the one from her eye left. 

I explain to this to Marina before hand so she's prepared. "...I love your expression Marina." I couldn't help but compliment her. 

Marina smiles with her tongue out. "...Hehe honestly as much as I love my Leo very much you know how to do this sort of thing." [Of course I am.] I thought. "...And I don't hate you for it, you're doing this for my sake after all." She smiles but this time with her tongue inside. 

"Yeah, we should do this some more." I jokingly said to her as I go in for the final tally. 

"...You need permission next time~" Marina said in response with a wide open grin with her tongue out. 

"Haha I bet." I go along with it. 

And with that, slurp! 

The deed was done between our mouths as my hand pulls out the worm with me biting away at it's tendrils. 


[What was that?] I wonder where the water gun sound cane from but didn't bother.

Strangely we continued for a bit longer before the door came knocking and quickly ended the curse removal/foreplay with Marina much more satisfied than she was at the beginning. 

It took us half an hour and made the bed very messy. So we decided to keep it a personal secret to everyone.

Hey guys it's me I'll keep it short this time since its late :) but yeah the first official sexy scene but not sex yet xD honestly I'm scared for the results of this chapter so I hope you'll be kind ^^ lots of character development here and stuff so yeah, arigatou and see you next chapter!