Ch6 – Onee-chan
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Ch6 - Onee-chan


>Liliana POV<


Even though Onii-chan and I should have disappeared on the same day, I was transported into this world in the timeline six months ahead of Onii-chan. When DHO was still a game, I was hunting a dragon with three other hunters before the update. Halfway through the battle, we realized that the game became real. All of us got hurt and were bleeding but we still managed to slay the dragon.


When we were discussing about our situation, a group of hunters came and before we knew it, we were registered as A rank hunters.


We slew more and more dragons together and  I rose up to S rank when I got strong enough to slay a dragon on my own.


Before I knew it, the team started falling apart. We meet up lesser and lesser and barely even did any hunting together. I was really lonely.


When I was on a mission, an urgent request suddenly came to me. It was to subjugate an elder dragon that migrated to the forest near the capital. The request was also sent to every S rank hunters so I do not have to worry about fighting an elder dragon alone. Since I had already completed my mission, I headed over immediately, only to find that the elder dragon was already dead.


I heard from the captain of a group of hunters that a girl with long silver hair by the name of Kalia was found near the dragon and was escorted to Distodia.


A girl with silver hair and the name Kalia! That's the character Onii-chan used. Can it be him?!


I immediately rushed towards Distodia and saw two hunters on the way. Looks like they were that girl's escorts and they escorted her to an inn in Distodia. Without further delay, I made my way to the inn.


At first, the innkeeper did not let me know where the girl is. However, after seeing me on the brink of crying and after I said that she may be my long lost sister, she gave up and showed me the way. She left after I entered the room.


Right in front of my eyes was a girl with long silver hair and a cute sleeping face. Tears started welling up inside my eyes. The girl in front of me is definitely the character Onii-chan used. I can't wait anymore!


I jumped onto her and keep calling 'Onii-chan' to wake her up.


When she woke up, she looked at me with a puzzled face. That's when I realise my appearance is different from before. Just like onii-chan, I am now my character in DHO. We do not play together so he may not even know that it is me! I know about Kalia because Onii-chan always brags about it and he is also quite famous in DHO.




The girl murmured. He knows! Everything inside me suddenly burst out. I threw myself towards him and hugged him tightly as I burst into tears while crying 'Onii-chan' again and again.


He hugged me back and gently stroke my head.


[It's alright now. Onii-chan is here.]


He whispered into my ears while he continued to stroke on my head, trying to comfort me.


[It had been scary you know? I was lonely you know?]


I cried out all the feelings that are buried inside me for six months.


He just nods and listened to me while I complained.




>back to mc POV<


A few minutes after Lily started crying.


[Have you calmed down now?]


I asked Lily.


[Umuu... Onii-chan.]


It looks like she has calmed down. I gently rubbed away the tears on her cheeks and smiled at her.


[Come to think of it. Shouldn't I call you Onee-chan now given that you are a girl?]


She asked me as she displayed a mischievous face.


[Ehhh?! I mean... that's true but...]


[But? Calling you onii-chan will be weird right? Given how you look now.]


She started smiling from ear to ear. It's like the girl that was crying just now was an illusion. She sure recovers fast. Looks like I can't say anything back now.


[Fine... Call me whatever you like.]


[Yes! Onee-chan get! By the way Onee-chan, have you taken a bath yet?]


Author's Note:


'Yes! Onee-chan get!' is a reference from pokemon. Satoshi(Ash Ketchum) always says something like that when he just caught a new pokemon. 'Yata! ??? geto!'


What are you expecting next? (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)