Ch6 – Onee-chan
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Ch6 - Onee-chan!


>Liliana POV<

My name is Liliana. I'm a 16-year-old high school girl. My interest is hanging out with my family and friends. I have a really kind Onii-chan who is three years older than me, and of course, I love him a lot. I started playing DHO because of my Onii-chan. 

I only played DHO for about a week before I was transported into this world, and that was six months ago. I was getting lonely when Onii-chan started spending more and more time playing DHO, so I decided to start playing DHO by myself to surprise Onii-chan when I become stronger. But sadly, I didn't have the chance to do that.

I was hunting an earth dragon with three friends that I made online when DHO suddenly became real. We only realised it when one of us started screaming in pain when he got hit, the rest of us were so shocked that we stopped moving for a moment, confused at what had just happened, until another one of us got hit. He dodged at the last minute but was still scratched on his stomach, and that was when the whole scene turned bloody. He was so shocked that he was not even able to scream in pain. I quickly ran over with a potion in my hand and made him drink it. Luckily, his wound was not so deep so it closed up rather quickly after he drank the potion. Afterwards, it was a hellish fight, but all of us managed to survive.

When we were resting and discussing about the situation, a group of hunters approached us. We were then brought to Distodia and registered as A-rank hunters before we knew it.

In Distodia, we met other players, and I found out that all of us were playing DHO on the same day, the day of the update, before we were transported into this world. But the weird thing was, we were all transported into this world at different timelines. I heard that the earliest group of players arrived more than a year before me. That would mean that they were already here for about two years now.

In these six months, I hunted more dragons with the other A-rank hunters, up until I was able to defeat one by myself and finally rose to S-rank. My former team had already fallen apart when one of them resigned as a hunter due to a fatal injury while the other two just quit being a hunter. As time passed, we eventually stopped hanging out with each other. 

I became lonely. I started thinking what's the point in me living here anymore, when my family and friends are not here, when Onii-chan is not here.

I already started losing hope, forcing myself to continue my life every day. 

I was alone on a mission when an urgent request suddenly came to me. Since I already defeated the targeted dragon, I accepted the request without much thought and headed over to the indicated location immediately. The request was to hunt an elder dragon that was sighted in the forest near Distodia. 

I have not fought an elder dragon before and I have no idea how strong one is, but since the request was also sent to other S-rank hunters, I wouldn't have to worry about fighting the elder dragon alone.

To my surprise, the elder dragon was already defeated when I reached.

I heard from the captain of a group of hunters that the dragon was already dead when they found it. There was also a young girl with long silver hair by the name of Kalia seen around the dragon when they found it.

When I heard that, I blanked out for a moment. Kalia was the name of the character that my Onii-chan was using in DHO, and the description of the girl matches as well! Could it be him?

With faint hope, I immediately started rushing to Distodia, ignoring whatever the blonde elf behind me was shouting. All I could think of at that time was my Onii-chan. 

On my way to Distodia, I met two more hunters. They were on their way back to rejoin the previous group of hunters after escorting the girl in question. I was told that she should be in an inn called [Sunset Valley Inn]. 

When I arrived at the inn, I asked the innkeeper about the whereabouts of a girl named Kalia, but she refused to answer me. She only gave up and showed me to the girl's room when I started pleading and begging, saying that she might be my long lost sister while on the verge of crying. I thanked her from the bottom of my heart before she left the room to give us some privacy. 

Lying on the bed, was a girl about my age, with long silver hair and snow white skin. She had a cute sleeping face, and that was before I jumped onto her and started calling "Onii-chan" again and again to wake her up. There was no doubt that she was the character my Onii-chan was using in DHO. There were already tears rolling down my cheeks before I knew it. I felt sorry for waking her up but I really couldn't hold back anymore. 

After looking annoyed for a while, she finally woke up. 

"Onii-chan! You're my Onii-chan, right?"

I asked, with hope in my quivering voice. If she's not, I have no idea what I'll do. That's when I realized... that Onii-chan had never seen my in-game character before. I only knew about Onii-chan's character because he used to always brags about it, and because he was also quite famous in DHO. Fear and anxiety started building up within me as I sat on top of the girl, not knowing what I should do. That's when I heard...


Everything just burst out from within me when I heard her calling out my name. I hugged her as tightly as I could while crying "Onii-chan" again and again.

He knows! He knows who I am!

After being surprised for a while, the girl hugged me back and started gently stroking the back of my head.

"It's alright now. Onii-chan is here."

He whispered into my ear as he continued to stroke my head.

While being pampered by Onii-chan, I cried out all the feelings that I had kept buried inside me for the past six months. He just listened to me while stroking my head in his embrace as I kept complaining, his head nodding in response from time to time.



"Do you feel better now?"

I asked Lily when she looked like she had calmed down.

"Umuu… Onii-chan…"

I gently wipe away the tears on her cheeks with a gentle smile on my face.

From what I heard, she arrived in this world six months ago. I guess it's now safe to assume that DHO somehow became real. It must have been hard on her…

"By the way, Onii-chan. Shouldn't I call you Onee-chan now?"

Lily suddenly asked with a mischievous grin on her face.

"Eh? That's…"

"Calling you Onii-chan would be weird right? Imagine what people will think if I call you Onii-chan when you're a girl now."

Lily interrupted before I can find an excuse. What she said is true logically, but I'm still a man psychologically! 

Seeing Lily smiling from ear to ear, I wonder if the girl that was crying just now was actually an illusion. My years of experience tells me that I should just give in to what she wants before she starts pouting. She sure recovers fast...

"Fine! Just call me whatever you like…"

"Yeah! Onee-chan get!"

I blushed in response to Lily's statement. It's weirdly embarrassing to be called 'Onee-chan' so suddenly… There's also a huge sense of loss that came in a package together with the embarrassment.

"Onee-chan, have you taken a bath yet?"

I have a bad feeling about that last question…


Author's Note:

 Onee-chan - a cute way to call elder sister in Japanese.

"Yeah! Onee-chan get!" - is a reference from pokemon. Satoshi(Ash Ketchum) always says something like that when he just caught a new pokemon. 'Yata! ??? geto!'


What are you expecting next? (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)