Ch7 – My first bath?
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Ch7 - My first bath?


"Hyaa! Where are you touching?!"

"Can you stop making weird noises?… I still haven't touched you yet."

Lily told me with dead eyes. 

It's not like I can help it! I'm currently in the bathroom with Lily, blindfolded, while she's helping me wash my body. Thanks to the blindfold, I became really sensitive to any contact on my skin.

Why am I in a situation like this?!


*Flashback moment*

About half an hour earlier. 

"Onee-chan, are you perhaps embarrassed to bath in that body?"

"Isn't that normal? I was a guy till just now!"

I shouted in protest. But what she said next took me by surprise. 

"Then how about I help you with your bath?"

She suggested with a face full of excitement. She had already started preparing for the bath before I could even answer. 

Was this her plan all along?

But a guy and a girl bathing together is definitely wrong! Even if I am a girl now, I still have the mentality of a man!

"Are you serious?!"

"Why not? Are you not a girl now?"

I guessed that I had no say in this at all, so I might as well give up while she's acting like that. Honestly, as a healthy young man, I can't say that I had no interest at all, interest in the body of a girl I mean. But it would be weird if it's my own body while the other one is my own sister.

After we got into the changing room, I was blindfolded immediately by Lily. I was somewhat irritated, disappointed, and relieved at the same time. It was complicated. 

"So why am I blindfolded?"

I asked Lily while acting like I was annoyed. 

"Well… You did say that you were a man, so I am taking precautions? Anyways, I'm taking off your clothes."

"Eh? But I can do that by myself!"

"Can you?"

I lowered my head in embarrassment when I thought of undressing myself. It would definitely take a while before I can gather enough mental strength to actually do it myself.

"Onee-chan kawaii! Your face is bright red!"

Lily screamed in excitement. And as if she had taken my reaction as an answer, she started stripping me. I had to hold in my embarrassment as my sister slowly took off my clothes. What kind of torture play was that?!

"Uwaa~ Onee-chan you have a nice body hiding under your clothes huh? As expected of the character you created yourself."

What was she thinking when giving me all the weird comments? All she did just made me more embarrassed. She definitely did that on purpose. 

"Well then. Let's enter the bathroom~"

She announced while pushing me into the bathroom. 

*Flashback ends*


And that's where we are now.

I'm sitting on a stool somewhere in the bathroom. It's not my fault that I can't tell, I'm blindfolded after all.

"I'm going to pour water on you now okay?"


I cried on reflex when the water splashed onto me immediately after her announcement. I was given no time to prepare at all!

She then started washing my hair as if she's massaging my head, slowly moving on until she reached the end of my hair. It was quite comfortable. 

She then moves on to washing my body, without missing a single spot. I'm leaking out some weird but cute moans whenever she touches somewhere sensitive. Am I becoming weird? It's not like I can help it though. I feel that my body is more sensitive than it was when I was a man.



This time, nothing was said when she poured water on me, and... the blindfold fell off due to the water pressure. 

When I opened my eyes, I can see Lily right in front of me, naked

My face became so hot that I could already feel my consciousness separating from my body.

While I'm still in a daze, Lily casually walked behind me and pressed her body against my back with her arms wrapped around me. 

"Onii-chan, ecchi."

She whispered into my ears.

So I'm Onii-chan only when the situation fits huh? I can totally feel something soft pressing against my back and she looks like she's not bothered by it at all!

"A-aren't you embarrassed? Bathing with your Onii-chan when you are already this big."

I asked her while trying to calm myself down. 

This is my own body while the other is just my sister. There's nothing to be embarrassed about.

"Well… Onii-chan was already on the feminine side even when you were a man. So… there wasn't much difference, to begin with."

Her words were like a sword, stabbing into my glass heart. What she said really hurt my pride as a man.

"You cared a lot about your appearance and always tend to be dressed fashionably when we went out. You like cute and sweet things. And last but not least, you had a girly face."

Ugh… I can feel more swords stabbing into my fragile heart. I can't help if I had a girly face but aren't the other two points just my preferences? (a.n. Our MC was straight. But I don't know what straight is for her now…)

I stand up, walks over to the corner of the bathroom and squats down in despair. I didn't know that I was being seen as 'girly'. 

"Onii-chan, you are so gullible. I was just joking, except the part about your looks."

Lily said as she came to comfort me. The last part was more of a mumble so I didn't catch it.

"Since we are done with washing our bodies, let's relax in the bathtub together."

She said as she pulls me along into the bathtub. Meanwhile, I already stopped caring about anything anymore. 


Author's note: 

Kawaii - "Cute/adorable" in Japanese.

Ecchi - "Pervert" in Japanese. (In this case)