Ch7 – My first bath?
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Ch7 - My first bath?


[Hyah! Where are you touching?!] (me)


[Can you stop making weird noises? I have not even touched you yet.] (Lily)


I am currently blindfolded in the bathroom while Lily is helping me to wash my body. Why am I in a situation like this?!




A few minutes earlier.


[Onee-chan. Don't tell me you are embarrassed to have a bath by yourself.] (Lily)


[Wait... Isn't that normal? I mean I was a guy till yesterday!] (me)


[Then how about this? I will help you with your bath!]


Lily said that with a face full of excitement and started taking out bathing equipment and some clothes. She is already preparing for it even before I answer!


[Are you serious?!] (me)


[Why not? I mean, we are both girls now right?] (Lily)


Looks like l have no say in this conversation at all. I might as well give up and let her help me. Since I was a man, I can't say that I am not interested but it feels weird when it's my own body.




In the changing room.


[So, why am I blindfolded?]


I ask Lily with an annoyed face. I am somewhat irritated, disappointed and relieved at the same time. It's complicated.


[Well, you did say that you were a man so I am taking precautions? Anyways, I am going to take off your clothes.]


[Eh? I can do that myself?]


[Can you?]


After she said that, I lower my head in embarrassment. I will probably be standing here for a while before I got the mental strength to take off my clothes.


[Onee-chan kawaii! Your face is bright red!]


Hmnnn... I am trying to hold in my embarrassment when my clothes are being taken off by my sister.


[Uwa... Onee-chan, you got a nice body hiding underneath your clothes huh. As expected from the character you created yourself.]


What is she doing giving me all the weird comments? It will just make me feel more embarrassed! Is she doing it on purpose?


[Well then. Let's get into the bathroom.]


She said that while pushing me into the bathroom.


When we got into the bathroom, I am made to sit on a stool somewhere in the baths, it's not my fault that I can't tell since I'm blindfolded.


[I am going to pour water on you okay?]




I cried on reflex as the water splash onto me immediately after she said that. She then started washing my hair and my body without missing a spot while I am leaking out cute moans whenever she touches somewhere sensitive. I'm not making weird noises because I want to, I simply can't control it. I feel that my body is more sensitive now when I became a girl.


After washing my body, she washed herself before pouring water on me again.


(Pssssh!) <sound of water pouring.

The blindfold fell off due to the water pressure and right in front of me is Lily, stark naked. My face got so hot that I can already feel my consciousness separating from my body.


Just when I am zoning out, Lily went around me and pressed her body against my back, wrapping her arms around me.


[Uwa... Onee-chan you pervert.]


She whispered into my ear. I can totally feel her chest touching my back. It looks like she really doesn't care that I used to be a man at all!


[Don't you feel embarrassed bathing with your older brother when we are already so big?]


I asked her as I let out a sigh. I am trying to calm myself down by thinking, 'This is my own body and the other person is just my little sister, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.'


[Well... Honestly, Onee-chan had always been kind of girly even when you were a man so there isn't really much difference.]


What?! Her words are like a sword that stabbed into my chest. What she said really hurt my pride as a man.


[Your looks were girly, you care a lot about your appearances and tend to dress fashionably, not to mention that you like cute and sweet things.]


I feel like another sword just stabbed into my chest. I am already on the verge of death. I can't help it if my face is girly right? And aren't the rest just my preferences? (a.n. the mc is straight)


I stand up, walk over to a corner and squat there in despair. I never knew that I was that girly.


[Ahahah! Onee-chan, you are so gullible. I was just joking! Are you alright?]


She chuckled before she walked over and hit me in my back. It hurts.


[Well then, let's go soak ourselves in the bathtub.]



Author's note:

Kawaii - cute



My leave is over and I will be resuming work tomorrow. I will still try my best to write during my breaks but no promises.

Next chapter will be about 3-4 days. Thanks for reading~