Ch9 – Reunion
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Ch9 - Reunion

>Milguard POV<

[What?! An elder dragon?!]

I shouted as I slammed my hand on the desk. The sun is already setting. I just returned from slaying a dragon alone and now there is an elder dragon. Damn, if only Karl is here. Karl was the only one that can solo an elder dragon. But if he really did arrive here, it will be troublesome in a lot of ways.

[The guild had already sent an urgent request to all the S rank hunters. Liliane-sama is already on her way.]

A guild attendant quickly replied when he heard me slammed the desk. I am currently in my office located at the top level of the three-stories high guild building. I am currently the leader of all S rank hunters, as well as the guild master of Distodia's guild.

Liliane... She is a katana user that just arrived six months ago and is quite new to DHO but she has talent, she is already a S rank hunter. For some reason she reminded me of Karl's little sister, Liliana, even their name is similar! But I didn't hear from Karl before that Liliana is playing DHO. It will be embarrassing for my character if I made a mistake so I will just keep it to myself.

[Is that so. Then I will be heading over now. I can't leave an elder dragon to just a little girl.]

[As expected of Milguard-sama.]

When I pick up my sword which is as tall as me, the leader of the subjugation team for the elder dragon, Regio bursts into my room.

[Milguard-sama. The elder dragon was already slain! The cause is by one single stab in its chest.]

[What? Do you know who slew it?]

[No. By the time we arrived, it's already dead. Liliane-sama only arrived after us and immediately gone off after we explained the situation to her.]

[Was there no one else?]

[Well, there is a girl with silver hair passing by. Her name is Kalia.]

[Kalia?! Where is she now?]

When I heard that name, blood rushed into my head. I hold onto Regio's shoulders and ask about her whereabouts. Kalia is the character that Karl is using. He really did come to this world. He is definitely the one that slew the elder dragon.

[She should be at the Golden Valley inn now. Do you know her?]

[Ahem! No, I just want to see if she knows anything. Hey you over there, help me deliver a message to the girl Kalia, ask her to see me tomorrow as soon as possible. Make sure you ask her politely.]

I decided to see him tomorrow as it is late now. If I go and personally see him now it will be troublesome in a lot of ways. I wonder how he is managing since becoming a real girl, I guess I will have to find that out tomorrow. The reason why I denied knowing him is because he is the type of person that does not like to stand out. If a person like me, the leader of all S rank hunters and guild master says that he is my friend, his life will get ruined and he may end up hating me. I do not want to risk that.

Honestly, I can't wait to see him that's why I will be looking forward to tomorrow.


>back to mc POV<

[Kalia-san right? Milguard-sama had asked for your presence. Please go to the guild as soon as you are ready.]

The man in the white and blue robe left after he delivered the message.

[Looks like Jun-niisan already knows that you are here. As expected of the leader of all S rank hunters.]

Lily said that while nodding her head. I am still a bit surprised about what just happened. Just when we were about to find him, he asked for us.

[So what now? Do we go see him straight away?] (Lily)

[Yes. We will head for the guild right after we wash up.]


Lily and I are currently standing at the entrance of the guild. The guild building is made of stones and it is three-stories high, the same as when DHO was a game. The first floor of the guild consists of the quest counter and a bar. I do not know what is in the second and third floor as they were inaccessible in the game. The guild is crowded with hunters and all of them shifted their gaze to us when we entered.

It looks like I will attract a lot of attention given how I look but even more so when I am together with a famous S rank hunter. I can even hear some of them whispering "Liliane-sama" this "Liliane-sama" that while directing their gaze specifically at me. I should probably start wearing a hood to cover my face when I am going out…

Waiting near the entrance of the guild is the guild attendant that delivered me the message. When he saw me enter the guild, he started walking towards me only to stop halfway. Not realizing the reason he stopped, I nonchalantly walk over to him together with Lily.

[I am here. So where is Milguard?]

I asked the guild attendant while looking around. The guild attendant suddenly looks at me with an irritated look. Have I offended him in some way?


(What a rude little girl, to call Milguard-sama without an honorific. But Milguard-sama did ask me to get her politely. Who exactly is she... Even Liliane-sama is with her.)

Is what the guild attendant is thinking.


[Please follow me Kalia-san, Milguard-sama is waiting in his office.]

The guild attendant looks like he is forcing a smile and proceeded to guide me to the top floor of the guild building. He opened the door to a room and closed it after both Lily and I got in.

What awaited me inside the room is a man with short blonde hair about two heads taller than me. He is wearing a T-shirt over a black chain mail for his top and pants and greaves for his bottom. He is looking at me with a face full of joy and you can actually see his eyes sparkling if you focus.

[Karl! It's been a long time since I saw you my friend.]


Author's note:

Wahahaha! Ahead of schedule, here u go, ENJOY~

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