Ch9.5 – Character cheat sheet
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Special ch9.5 - Characters cheat sheet


Kalia (Karlo)

Male, 19 years old

Background - Karlo has a shy personality because he was bullied when he was young. But, he can be very open when he gets to know you. There are only a few people that he is close with like his best friend, Jun and his younger sister, Liliana. He is trying to overcome his shyness so he always tries his best to talk to strangers even though he feels like running away.

In DHO - Kalia either hunt together with Milguard and two other members or go solo. She didn't hunt together with anyone else.

Weapon of choice - Dual dagger

Likes - Sweet things, cute things, vrmmorpg

Dislikes - Bugs, strangers, persistent people


Kalia's comment:

"Eh what? Comment on myself? Ah erm... I am strong and cool. Eh? That's not written in my profile? Then Author-san should have made some kind of mistake!"




Liliane (Liliana)

Female, 17 years old

Background - Unlike her brother, Liliana is very bright and optimistic. She is very outgoing and has no problems with making friends. But because of that kind of personality, she gets lonely easily. Not seeing her brother for just three days or so will be enough to make her depressed. This time, she is actually alone for six months! Imagine how she felt.

In DHO - Liliane is playing DHO because her brother plays it. she made a lot of online friends through hunting because of her personality. She is not a pro player but she learns very fast.

Weapon of choice - Katana

Likes - New things, Hanging out with friends, Onii-chan

Dislikes - Isolation, Scary things


Kalia's Comment:

"Lily? Lily is my one and only cute little sister, I love her a lot. I am not a siscon!"




Milguard (Jun)

Male, 19 years old

Background - Jun is Karlo's childhood friend and best friend. He is a very athletic person and is very popular in school. He always goes over to Karlo's house to hang out. He is overprotective for Karlo and always help Karlo when he is in trouble. He is the kind of guy that acts like a righteous hero for Karlo. He may be the reason why Karlo is still shy and didn't grow.

In DHO - He is the person that lead all the players when DHO became real. A lot of people look up to him because of that. He earns himself the title of the leader of all S rank hunters because of his strength and leadership skills.

Weapon of choice - Greatsword

Likes - Heroes, Sports, Online Games

Dislikes - Bad people


Kalia's comment:

"Jun is a good person, he always helps me when I got bullied last time. But there are times when he overdo things and he is too protective over me."




Kalia's comment on Extra Characters


Rufus (Moustache-san)

"Rufus-san is a nice guy but he can be very rude at times. His moustache reminds me of western cowboys…"


Thomas (Goatee-san)

"Thomas-san is a nice guy. Both he and Rufus-san made me realise how kind and helpful hunters are and… their moustache and goatee combo are actually quite fitting. lol"


Regio-san (Bishounen)

"Regio-san… is a nice guy. He seems responsible but still… normies should just explode!"


(a.n. our mc is a vrmmo otaku)


Sisti (Innkeeper)

"Sisti-san is a nice person. I've been repeating the same thing? It's not that my vocabulary is bad you know? It's just that 'nice' is the only word author-san knows. Anyways, talking with Sisti-san made me feel that is what having an older sister will be like."


Unnamed guild attendant

"I feel that he hates me…"




Author's comment:

"Yea yea Kalia, you are strong and cool… But don't  blame me when your vocabulary is bad! That is the only word you know to complement someone! Even I, the author, am troubled by your lack of sociability..."


(○・`Д´・○)/ < Kalia

Bonus sketch of angry Kalia done on my phone~