Ch10 – The shocking truth
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Ch10 - The shocking truth


"That's a fresh look you have there."

Jun commented with a tinge of redness on his face after having a good look at me from top to bottom.

When DHO was still a game, all we could wear were armours. However, what I'm wearing now is just a plain dress with no protective properties whatsoever. That must be why Jun said that it is a fresh look. 

"H-hey Jun… I'm also glad to see you again."

Even though I'm embarrassed, I still managed to squeeze out a reply with a smile while ignoring his unnecessary comment. 

"Then… As I thought, you must be Lily."

Jun said after his eyes trailed off to the girl standing behind me.

"That's right, Jun-niisan."

Lily replied Jun with a bright smile. 

"Oh!~ It's been a long time since anyone called me by my real name."

Jun said that with a smile but he looks like he is trying to hold his tears back.

"I'm really glad to see you two again."

It feels weird when he is looking at us with such emotions. I mean… I just saw him yesterday but for him, that was two years ago. It must have been hard.

"Anyways, Karl, come over here for a sec."

Jun said as he suddenly dragged me into a corner. Since it's Jun, I just went along without resisting. Lily was about to come over before Jun stopped her by saying that it is a guy only talk.

"(So… How is a girl's body? Do you feel alright? Judging by your personality, I bet you haven't done anything yet.)"

Jun asked in a soft whisper to avoid Lily from hearing us.

His question triggered my memories of what happened last night, making my face glow bright red as I started recalling the events that happened in the bathroom.

"(What's with your reaction? What exactly happened yesterday for you to be so embarrassed about?!)"

Jun asked, surprised by my unexpected reaction. 

Before I can answer him, Lily cut in between the two of us, separating Jun away from me.

"Alright, that's enough. Jun-niisan, Onee-chan is more or less a girl now so you shouldn't be so close and clingy to her. More importantly, Onee-chan is already taken. By me."

"Onee-chan? Oh~ So that's how it is. Then I shall compete with you for Karl, or should I say Kalia now?"

"Wait… I'm not some property!"


Afterwards, we had a long talk about what Jun went through in the two years he was here. How he tried to find clues on why we were transported into this world and if there are any ways to return back to our own world. 

However, all of those research were unfortunately in vain as nobody had a clue on where to begin the search from. There was no base, not even in this world's histories or cultures. 

There is a possibility that we will be stuck in this world for our entire life. Never seeing my parents ever again and... being stuck in the body of a girl forever are some of the things that I don't want…





I regain consciousness when Lily suddenly slaps me with both her hands on my cheeks.

"Kalia? Are you alright? You had been zoning out for a while now and... your face is a little red."

For some reason, Jun already started calling me Kalia but I do not mind since that's what he had been calling me when we were playing DHO. 

"Ah… It's nothing."

I mumbled with my face redder than before. 

I was thinking about something… private but I should still be alright now. Let's just try and change the topic for now…

"So… What were you two talking about?"

"Right… We were discussing about your future plans. What are you planning to do right now?"

My future plans? Well… I certainly haven't thought about that. I'm definitely not thinking about slacking off for thirty years with my money, definitely not...

"How about Onee-chan join the hunters guild? With your skills, I bet you can reach S-rank in no time!"

Lily suggested with glittering eyes. 

"Sorry, but I will have to decline. Standing out would be the last thing I want."

Lily looks really disappointed at my complete rejection but I won't change my decision even if you look at me with upturned eyes you know?

I quickly turn my head to avoid looking at Lily. Ugh… Now I'm feeling bad…

"Fine! I will come along when you guys go hunting but that's all!"

If I go hunting with two famous S-rank hunters, I would be overshadowed by them and therefore stand out less, I guess?

"As I expected. Since you have no plans, I have a request for you."

Jun said with a grin like he already knew what I had in mind but what he said next really surprised me.

Jun's request is for me to locate our party leader, Taki.

According to some reports, there were lumps of burnt dragon meat found in the forest near Yokke village around five days ago. The investigations concluded that it was caused by a man-made explosion. 

There was only one person in all of DHO that uses bombs to fight dragons, and that was our party leader, Taki.

Due to the rise in dragon sightings recently, Jun will be unable to leave the guild unless he is going to hunt, so he left the task of finding our party leader to me instead. 

"So Taki is here too."

"May be here too. Anyways, Seria is also here, as the vice-leader of S-rank hunters. She's currently on a mission so she should be coming back by tomorrow."

"Really?! Finally, there's someone that can relate to how I'm feeling now."

I'm really glad that Seria is also here. She's the last member of our party that uses a hunting gun, and most importantly, she is also a player that uses a female character. I bet she must have gone through a lot of hardships too.

"Oh~ So Seria-san is someone that hunts with you two? No wonder I always see her together with Jun-niisan. Perhaps… Jun-niisan is dating Seria-san?"

Lily said as she looks towards Jun with sparkling eyes. It's like her gossiping mode is switched on.

"Ahahaha! That's not possible! I mean, Seria was a guy like me, you know? How is it possible for Jun to date a former guy?"

I interrupted while laughing.

"Uhh, Kalia…"

Jun suddenly called me with a face like he's struggling between laughing and crying. 

"Players are unable to switch gender in DHO. The gender is already set by the face recognition device in our VR gear. So... Seria is a genuine girl and… you are most probably a special case, since you have a feminine face."


I shouted at the top of my lungs to show how surprised I am. I really didn't know anything about that!

Author's note:

Finally a design i am satisfied with~ will bring out de full version soon~ (tis is just a sneak peak)

ive been trying to come out with de design of Kalia for about 2 years alr btw -.-"

and yes... ive tot of this story for 2 years alr lol