Ch10 – The shocking truth
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Ch10 - The shocking truth


[Karl! It's been a long time since I saw you!]


After he greeted me, he froze for a while after a good look at me and continued,


[That's a fresh look you have there...]


Since what I always wore in DHO were armors, or light armors to be exact, I am still not used to a dress. That should be why Jun said that that's a fresh look. Although I'm embarrassed, I still managed to squeeze out a reply.


[I am glad to see you too Jun!]


I replied back with a smile as he walks over and put an arm across my shoulder. After that, he looks over at Lily with a grin.


[Since you are with this guy, then you must really be Liliana.]


[Yes, Jun-niisan.]


[Oh~ It's been a long time since I was called by my real name. I am really glad you two are here.]


He said that with a smile but he looks like he is going to tear up. For me, I just saw him yesterday but for him, it was two years ago. It must have been hard for him.


[Anyways... Come over here Karl.]


All of a sudden, Jun drag me into a corner and I went along without resisting. He just gave a wry smile and said that it is a guy only talk to Lily who is standing near the desk with a puzzled look.


[(So... How is a girl's body? How are you feeling? Have you seen it yet? Judging by how you are, I bet you haven't even done anything yet.)]


What he said in a soft voice triggered my memories about last night. My face started turning bright red from embarrassment as I recalled the events of the baths in my head.


[(Eh?! Don't tell me something did happen?)]


Jun shouted softly while he moved back a bit in amazement when he saw my unexpected reaction.


[Okay. Okay. Stop right there Jun-niisan. Onee-chan is more or less a girl now. You shouldn't be so close and clingy to her.]


Lily said as she came over to separate us with an annoyed expression.


[Not to mention, Onee-chan is already mine!]


[Onee-chan? Eh~ So that's how it is. Then I shall compete with you for Karl or should I say Kalia now.]


[Eh?! I don't belong to anyone!]




Afterwards, we just had a chat about the life Jun had in this world for the past two years. How he tried to find clues on why we were transferred into this world and if there is any way to return back to our own world. All of those were unfortunately in vain as nobody had any clue on where to start the search from. There was no base, not even in this world's histories or cultures. Hmmm… staying in this world for the rest of my life… I don't really mind but thinking that I will not be able to see my parents again made me sad. I'm conflicted.  I would at least liked to had said goodbye to them.




A few minutes later.


[Oi Kalia! You alright? Your face is a little red.]


I regain consciousness when Lily suddenly slap me in both my cheeks.


[Onee-chan? You have been spacing out for quite a while now. What were you thinking about?]


[Eh? Ah... It's nothing.]


I mumbled while looking away as my face turn redder than before. I was thinking about something private but I should still be alright now. For some reason, Jun already started calling me Kalia but I don't really mind it since that's what he calls me when we were playing DHO so it's not that much of a change.


[So what were you two talking about?]


[We were discussing about your future plans. What are you going to do next?]


[How about Onee-chan join the hunters guild? With your skills you will become a S rank hunter in no time!]


Lily suggested with a wide smile. She probably wanted me to be with her when she goes hunting.


[I am not so sure about joining the hunters guild but becoming a S rank is a definite no. I will still come along if you two are going hunting though.]


I said with my honest opinion. I really don't want to stand out like the two of them. Both Jun and Lily are famous so when I am with them I will be overshadowed by them, making me stand out less, I think...


[Well... I expected this might happen so I have a request for you.]


Jun said with a grin, it's like he already knew what I wanted but what he said next really surprised me.


What Jun wanted me to do is to find our party leader Taki. According to some reports that Jun got, lumps of burnt dragon meat was found in the forest near Yokke village about five days ago. The investigation concluded that it was caught in a man-made explosion and the only person we know that uses bombs to slay dragons is our party leader, Taki. Due to Jun's position and the recent rise in dragon activities, he can't afford to leave the guild unless he is going to hunt a dragon.


[Eh~ So Taki is here too huh.]


[Probably. Anyways, Seria is here too, as the vice-leader of the S-rank hunters. She is currently on a mission and will be returning tomorrow.]


[Really? Finally, there is someone that can relate to how I am feeling now.]


I am really glad that Seria is here from the bottom of my heart. She is the last member of our party and another fellow player that uses a female character like me. She must have gone through a lot of hardships too.


[Oh, so Seria-san is someone that hunts with you two? No wonder I see her with Jun-niisan a lot. Don't tell me… is Jun-niisan and Seria-san dating?]


Lily said as she looks towards Jun with sparkling eyes. It's like her gossiping mode switch is turned on.


[Ahahaha! That is not possible! I mean, Seria was a guy like me.]


I interrupted, entirely denying that while laughing as I thought that it's impossible for Jun to be dating a former guy. 


[Erm... About that... Kalia.]


Jun suddenly said to me in a worried tone. His face has this look that he is struggling between laughing and crying.


[Players are unable to switch gender in DHO. The gender is already set by the face recognition device in our VR gear. So... Seria is a genuine girl. You are most probably a special case since you have a feminine face.]




I shouted in the top of my voice to show how surprised I was. I really didn't know anything about that!


Author's note:

Finally a design i am satisfied with~ will bring out de full version soon~ (tis is just a sneak peak)

ive been trying to come out with de design of Kalia for about 2 years alr btw -.-"

and yes... ive tot of this story for 2 years alr lol


Anyways next chapter 3-4 days... i alr brought out tis chapter as soon as i can, enjoy~

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