Ch12 – Magic stones
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Ch12 - Magic stones


[So how long does it take for us to reach Yokke Village?]

I asked Lily while walking beside my horse. It has been around an hour since we left Distodia. I got off the horse because I am still not used to horse riding and my butt is starting to hurt.

[Hmmm... It will take around five days going by our current pace.]

[Five days?!]

Well, I did expect that we will take a while to reach Yokke Village but I didn't expect it to be five days. Now that I think about it, Yokke Village is located at the top of a mountain. Since there are no mountains near Distodia, it actually makes sense if travelling to Yokke Village takes that long.

[Then is there any village or town nearby?]

[Hmmm? What for?]

[For a place to eat and sleep for the night of course.]

[Ahahahahaha! Onee-chan, what are you talking about? We are adventuring you know? Of course we are going to camp outside.]


Then what about baths?! I am the kind of person that can't get through a day without at least taking a shower you know?! Even though I think that, I didn't say it out since I know I can't be selfish. But still, I will really like to have a bath.

[I see... It can't be helped then.]

Now that I think about it, Jun did give us supplies for our journey to Yokke Village. The supplies are stored in a bag that is hanging on the side of the horse. Looking inside the bag, there is an entry permit, a letter, some dried food, a waterskin filled with water, a dark red stone, a pot, a sleeping bag, a compass and heck, there is even a bag of marshmallows! Everything in the bag is all prepared for camping, literally.

[Ufufu. Onee-chan, don't worry, we will be camping near the river so you can wash yourself in the river if you want.]


How did she know? Did she just read my mind? Embarrassed that I had been found out, I look down with my face flushing red.



The Sun is setting, dying the sky in a warm orange colour. Travelling on the road in the forest is me and Lily riding on our horses.

[Let's stop here for today.]

Lily called out to me from the front while scanning the forest for a suitable place to set up camp. I nodded in response and started to get off my horse. We have been travelling for six hours already and I am really tired as I am not used to all this.

We settled in an area not far from the river and tied our horses to a nearby tree. Lily went off into the forest saying that she will find something for us to eat while making me in charge of starting a fire.

In order to start a fire, I started to walk around the campsite to find some twigs and branches. When I found a sufficient amount of them, I gathered them in the middle of our camp. The problem is... how do I start a fire?

[I caught our dinner.]

Lily called out cheerfully when she came back with a chicken in her hand.

[Welcome back and... Sorry! I do not know how to start a fire.]

I apologized with my hands clasped together and eyes shut.


Lily leaked out a sound like she just remembered something.

[It's alright. It's my fault for forgetting to tell you how. While I'm at it I should probably tell you about magic too.]

Magic? I look back at Lily with a dumbfounded face when she said the word. I don't remember DHO having any magic back in the game so I didn't expect Lily to say the word magic.

[Yes, magic.]

Lily said as she took out the dark red stone from the bag Jun prepared for us. She is just holding the stone in her hand and in the next moment, a fire the size of a lighter fire suddenly appeared on top of the stone. She then took a twig and lit it on fire before throwing it into the pile of twigs and branches that I collected. After a short while, the fire started burning up, the wild flames started dancing into the skies before vanishing into the cold thin air. I just stared at the whole process in amazement.

[Hmmm... How do I start?]

Lily said while she started preparing the chicken. Let's not get into the details of how she is preparing it. I can't take the gore so I just look away from the terrifying scene.

[Have you ever wondered how dragon breath fire?]


[Yup, that's right. All monsters and dragons have a magic catalyst inside their body and they can invoke magic like breathing fire by powering the catalyst with mana. All living beings have mana inside their body but they will not be able to use magic without a catalyst. However, with a catalyst like the magic stone that I just used, we are able to use magic too. The type of magic we can use will depend on the element of the magic stone.]

After Lily is done preparing the chicken, she started grilling it on the fire.

[Here, try it yourself.]

Lily said as she threw the dark red stone to me.

[Feel the mana within yourself and slowly push it into the magic stone.]

[How do mana even feel like...]

I asked while holding onto the stone, trying to push whatever I can feel into my right hand. Before Lily can answer my question, a small flame appeared on top of the stone. I did it!

[Wa?! Onee-chan you actually did it instantly! It took me a few days just to feel the mana!]

[Really? I just felt a warm energy passing through my arm when I was trying to push whatever I can feel into my hand.]

[Geh... Onee-chan must be a natural.]

Lily said as she looks at me in amazement.

About ten minutes had passed since Lily started grilling the chicken and I have been playing around with the magic stone, trying to get used to the feeling of mana. A nice aroma started drifting through the air and into my nose. Tempted by the smell, I gulped while staring at the roasted chicken in front of me.

[It should be ready, let's eat.]

With that, we split the chicken into two and started eating without further delay. This dinner can only be so satisfying because of the tiring trip.

[So are you used to how mana feel yet?]

Lily asked after swallowing a bite of the chicken meat.

[I guess so.]

[Okay, I will continue to explain about magic catalyst then. Magic stones are hunted from monsters and their materials are used to make our equipment. That's why even the defence of light armours like yours is high. They're powered by the magic stone crafted together with your armour. As for the weapon, you will be able to use magic to boost your weapon by inserting mana into the magic stone embedded inside it.]

[… Basically, whatever that can't be explained in DHO is magic...]

[Yea... That's a way to put it.]



While lazing around after the hearty meal, Lily called out to me.

[Onee-chan, you can go wash yourself in the river now if you want, I will keep watch here.]

[Alright then.]

After I said that, Lily took out a wooden bucket and towel and threw them towards me before I head towards the river. Looks like she came prepared for a bath.



The sky is already dark, the only light source is from the moon high above. Even though the Sun had already set, the surroundings are clear enough to be seen thanks to the moonlight. The river looks like it is glittering as the moonlight reflected on its surface.

At the side of the river, I cautiously surveyed the surroundings. After confirming that it is safe, I slowly strip myself and hang my clothes and towel on a tree branch nearby.


I gasped as I look into my reflection by the riverside. The girl reflected on the river's surface really is a beauty. Long shiny silver hair down to her waist, cute sharp almond-shaped eyes with golden pupils and fair white skin. Well, of course she is pretty as I am the one that created this character to suit my taste. However, now, the girl reflected in the river's surface is me. This is the first time I have seen myself so clearly as I was bathing with Lily for the past two days. The girl's reflection now has a funny expression, it is like someone that is thinking of whether they should laugh or cry but just awkwardly opening their mouth in the end. I let out a sigh and when I do so, the girl reflected in the river's surface also let out a sigh at the same time.

When I am washing myself, I notice a small black crest at my lower abdomen. I don't remember adding any tattoos or the likes before when I created this character. Now that I focus more on it, it kind of resembles a dragon. In the end, I chose to ignore it.

I should quickly wash myself and not make Lily wait long.


Author's note:

Yet another info dump -.-'' with interaction

The illustration of Lily is not her final design but she more or less looks this way~

I will try my best to release another chapter as soon as possible for those of you tat are looking forward to an action scene :)) (either tmr or de day after tmr)

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