Ch13 – Axector
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Ch13 - Axector

It has been five days since we left Distodia and we just reached the foot of the mountain. From here on, it should be a day trip through the mountain forest to get to Yokke Village.

 In these five days, nothing really happened. We just travel in the morning and find a place to rest in the night. The only change is that I got more used to travelling and riding a horse. Now that I am more accustomed to riding a horse, I find it somewhat fun and of course that includes caring for the horse.

We are currently riding our horse down a narrow path made for travellers. The sad thing is that from now on, I won't be getting any more baths until we reach Yokke Village as the path is not near any river or lake.

[We should be able to reach Yokke Village by tomorrow morning. And then you can have a nice looong bath when we reach.~]

Lily said to me with a grin.


She is right. I am really looking forward to a proper bath after travelling for so long, so much that I am humming an anime song in high spirits when I start thinking about having a nice and proper bath. Just as I am humming and daydreaming about bathtub and rubber duckies, a sudden chill ran pass my body. Duty calls.

[Erm... Lily, can we stop here for a moment? I need to...]

[Oh, alright. Don't go too far. Remember to wipe when you are done.]

[I know!]

I shouted back at Lily with a reddened face and got down of my horse, walking away hastily while pouting.




I let out a sigh as I relieved myself. After relieving myself, I wiped myself with some toilet paper that I prepared beforehand while closing my eyes and looking away. Honestly, it's still embarrassing for me even though it had been about a week since I became like this. Well... I was a man! It's not easy for me you know?

Just when I am pulling my pants while getting up, I opened my eyes and found a pair of big round lizard eyes staring at me.


I screamed and immediately backed off from the pair of eyes. The creature that is staring at me is an Axector. Its appearance is that of a raptor in dark maroon colour and its distinguishing point is its axe-shaped horn protruding from its muzzle. It usually hunts in a pack with an alpha so... There are more!




I shouted as I run towards my horse. Lily got surprised by my sudden entrance but understood immediately when she saw the pack of Axector chasing me from behind.


Just when I got onto the horse, an Axector jumped out of the bush directed at me. 


Before I can react, I let out a scream as it knocked me down from the horse.

[Ugh... Seriously...]

I groan in pain when I landed onto the ground with both my arms pinned down by its legs.

When the pain subsided a bit, I open my eyes just to find an Axector staring straight at me with its big round lizard eyes. Seriously, the eyes! They were never that scary when DHO was still a game.

Σ( ° △ °)


Before Lily can help me, another Axector jumped out, blocking the path between me and Lily.

When the Axector on me opened its mouth, getting ready to bite me, its saliva started dripping onto me. EEW! A wave of static ran through my body and my body hair started standing up due to extreme disgust. That's absolutely gross! As it breathes out, the horrible smell of its breath infested my nostrils. I might really faint from this... and die...

Not being able to stand the smell any longer, I exert my strength into my lower body and did an upward kick directly onto the Axector's butt. It flew and crashed onto a nearby tree by the force of my kick. When I got up, my face started twitching as I saw the scene before me. We are surrounded by a pack of Axectors. Let's see... one, two, three, four... eleven of them and an Axector over three times the size of the rest, circling around us in the woods, staring at us with its menacing eyes, analyzing every movement we are making, that is the Alpha Axector.

Come to think of it, not counting my fight with Steela, this will be my first battle in this world and to fight a pack during my first battle... In the game, it was hard to maneuver between the large monster and multiple small monsters at the same time. Even with my speed, it's hard to dodge attacks coming from multiple directions. We are currently in a really troublesome situation.



Author's Note:

Raptor - a carnivorous dinosaur that is about the height of a man (refer to Jurassic Park)

Finally some actions~ my first time writing tis kind of scenes so do take it light on me~

nex chap shud b 2-3 days