Ch14 – On the run
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Ch14 - On the run


After a moment of staring contest, two Axector finally broke the status quo by jumping out with me as the target. Why me?!


Before any of them can touch me, Lily dash forward in front of me and did an iai with her katana. *Slash!* In the blink of an eye, blood burst out as the two Axectors got cleanly split into four parts at the same time when Lily put her katana back into the sheath. No other word came into my mind other than brutal after seeing the scene of dinosaurs' guts flashing pass me. Lily really changed a lot after coming into this world. After seeing so much blood, I am already feeling nauseous but Lily didn't seem to be fazed at all, it is like she is already used to it. There was no blood in DHO before so the presence and the thick scent of blood really startled me.

[Onee-chan! Snap out of it! We need to run!]

Lily's shout woke me up from my daze and reminded me of the danger we are in. This is no time to waver, I will do my best! In running...


I replied Lily with a clear voice and both of us started running into the forest. Hmmm... I feel like I am forgetting something…



[Uwaaaah! Why are they so persistent?!]

[Ahahaha! I bet they are really hungry.]

… That's definitely not something to laugh about. We have been running for about thirty minutes now and the pack of Axectors are still behind our tails. It's a miracle that even after running for half an hour, I am still not tired at all. Even though I was a sporty person before, I doubt I was able to run thirty minutes straight without taking a break. My new body must have a lot of stamina. What's amazing is that the body still moves however I want like when it was in the game. While I am thinking about that, Lily suggested another option.

[Well... There is another way other than running though... But I doubt you will be able to handle it.]

[What is it?]

[Kill their alpha. The rest will probably get scared and run away if we kill their leader.]

[Geh!… Ummm... Ok...]

[Yeah... I know you are not used to blood yet. Um? Wait... Didn't you slay an elder dragon when you just got here?]

[Yes I did but... Come to think of it, there was no blood when I killed it.]

[No blood? That's weird... Anyways, we are turning! In, 3, 2, 1!]



Meanwhile >Milguard POV<


[Milguard-sama! Milguard-sama!]

Regio shouted as he ran into my office. He looked like he ran here in a rush as he is perspiring very hard and gasping for air when he reached my office.

[Calm down. Catch your breath first before you speak.]

I said while I put down a few pieces of paper I am holding. I was checking on the reports of the abnormally high sightings of dragons recently. Well, that can wait for now. What I am more worried about now is for Karl, no, Kalia to find Taki safely and return quickly. Even though Lily is with her I still can't help but be worried. Oh right, thinking about Kalia, I almost forgot that Regio has something to say.

[So what is it?]

I asked Regio as he seems to have recovered.

[Th-The body of the elder dragon we found dead a few days ago disappeared!]


I asked in a doubtful face. The elder dragon must be the Steela that Kalia killed before but I don't understand what he meant by disappeared. I must have shown an 'I don't understand' face as Regio started explaining before I say anything else.

[Yes. Disappeared. Literally. After carrying the dragon's body to a cart, my group took a break for lunch. When we returned, the cart was still there but the elder dragon was gone!]

[Are you sure it's not still alive or something?]

[I am very sure it was dead, My group had already checked for the pulse and there was nothing. Anyways, if it were still alive, I doubt I will even be standing here now.]

True... But a dead body can't just disappear to nowhere right? Could it be that someone stole the body? An elder dragon's body is indeed precious after all so there is a high chance that it was stolen but... If that's so, why did they leave the cart? Wouldn't it be easier if they pull the cart along? Something doesn't feel right here... Can there still be something we do not know about the dragons? After thinking hard, I finally made a decision, for now.

[Get your man to search every inch of the forest for the elder dragon's body. If by any chance that it is still alive, retreat and report back to me. If it was stolen, capture the thieves! ]


Regio replied and left the room immediately.

For now, I can only wait for the report. There really are too many things I don't understand going on right now. Kalia, please be safe.


Author's Note:

Iai - a technique of quickdraw slash using a katana

here is an illustration of Milguard~

i fell sick recently, feel lyk shyt... but still made it on time walaaaaa

next chapter 2-4 days, depends on if i still feel sluggish or not... i will try to get it out asap when im feeling better =P (sniff*)