Ch15 – First battle
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Ch15 - First Battle


[We are turning now! In 3, 2...]

When Lily started counting, my heart started going *bathump* *bathump* really fast. Just thinking that blood will be splattered makes me feel nauseous. In the short one second, I resolve myself to kill. It's the survival of the fittest so it's either we kill them or they kill us. At least, for now, we only need to kill their Alpha. I... will do it.

[1! Let's go!]

After the count down is complete, I replied with a firm 'hm' before turning back and running straight for the Alpha by the pack's left flank while Lily run by their right flank.

With my speed, I will reach the Alpha first. When I am close to the alpha, I gathered my strength into my legs and did a leap to where the Alpha is. Before any of the Axectors can react, I am already close to the alpha so I did a flying kick to its face before I land.

When I kicked, I aimed the gigantic lizard at Lily who is reaching soon. *Bam!* The Alpha flew to where Lily is and... *Slash!* Again with an Iai, the Alpha Axector got cleanly split into two in a blink of an eye. We won!

Just when I thought it was over, the Axectors that stopped for a moment after the loss of their Alpha,  started running towards me. Why?! Their Alpha is dead, killed, aren't they scared? And out of me and Lily, why me? Do I look that weak? I am still a high-rank hunter you know?! But just a few moments later, I found the reason why.

Heading towards us from within the woods, it's another Alpha Axector! This Alpha Axector has a dark green skin coating, no wonder we didn't notice it as it was camouflaging itself in the woods. But other than its colour, there is another thing that differentiates itself from the rest of the Axectors. It has two protruding axe-shaped horn side by side. That's a stronger variant of Axectors in terms of both speed and power. Well... Honestly to me, it is nothing. I am a high-rank hunter, you expect me to lose to something less than a dragon? I just want to get this over with quickly as I do not want to kill and shed any blood! Ah... I feel sick just thinking about it again. Argh! You know what? Let's just get this over with quick.


Lily shouted and started running towards me.

[Don't worry. I got this.]

I said to Lily with a smile and put up a hand to signal for her to stop. She is hesitant but still stopped after I gave her a more serious look. With that, I put both my hands on the handle of my daggers and drew them out. On my right, Eternal Flame dagger, and on my left, Endless Tide dagger. It's time to show what a high-rank hunter is made of.

In a flash, I run sideways to escape from the Axectors, leaving a cloud of dust behind in my initial position. Then, I run in a curve shape headed for the green Alpha. The Axectors got shocked that I disappeared from my position and the next thing they know is that I am already running towards their leader. Without further delay, they started chasing me. Meanwhile, the green Alpha got even more shocked that I got past its minions in a flash and am heading towards it. Without giving time for it to react, I jump towards it and slit its throat with a spin of my body. Without letting any voice out, it falls to the ground before blood can spurt out. When I landed, I turn around and point the tip of my Eternal Flame dagger on the pack of Axectors, giving them a furious stare at the same time. This serves as a warning to tell them that if they continue to pursue me, they will end up like their leader. And as I expected, they turned and ran away.

[Phew... It's finally over.]

I let out a sigh of relief as it is really over this time. Lily then run towards me with her arms spread, intending to hug me.

[Onee-chan! That was amazing!]

Lily said as she hugged me, rubbing her face in my chest. Ugh! Too tight! Too tight! I thought that but didn't say it out.


[Yes, really! If it was me I will probably not escape unscathed while breaking through the front. But you were able to solve it with the least bloodshed without getting hurt!]

Lily said as she looks at me in the eyes full of admiration. Wa... Praising me like that makes me can't help but look away in embarrassment.

[Ehehe! Your face is red.]

[N-No it's not! Anyways let's get back on our way to Yokke Village... Wait... The horses!]

I shouted as I came to the realization that we left the horses back at the road when we were running away from the Axectors. Noooo... Kuro... Who is Kuro? That's the name I gave my horse. It fits him perfectly since he is a black horse. I wonder if he is still at the same place where we left them.

[Let's get back to the road to see if they are still there.]

Lily suggested while still hugging onto me.

[Yea, let's do that.]

After I agree, Lily suddenly look at me with a serious expression.

[Anyway, Onee-chan, do you know which way it is to get back to the road? Cause I don't…]

[… No.]


Author's note:

Heya! sorry for de late update -.-" I'm feeling better already~ just left with some flu and a bit of cough >.< Thanks for the get well wishes, it motivates me to write even when im sick... cough*

anyways, next chapter 2-3 days :))

p.s The illustration is a rush job but the THIGHS still took me awhile to get it right XD ok, mayb it still feels wrong -.-