Ch16 – Lost in the Mountain
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Ch16 - Lost in the Mountain

[Isn't it this way?]

[Nono. I think it's that way.]

The sky is dark, the moon shining silver high above, not very bright but is still able to light up the night sky together with the stars. It is already night and Lily and I still haven't find the way out of the forest.

[Onee-chan, you don't have to be so anxious. It's alright. I had already gotten lost a few times in the forest but I still got out.]

[And how long did it take for you to get out?]

[A few days?]

Lily said while looking away. Haaa... That just made me more depressed. No, I am not depressed about getting lost. It's just that, my long awaited bath got delayed. That is enough to make me feel down, very down.

[Hmmm? Onee-chan! The soil here is damp! The river must be nearby!]

Lily said as she rubbed on some soil that she picked up on the ground.

[Really? That's great! I can finally wash off all my sweat.]

Finally! I have gotten quite dirty since the battle with the Axectors and after walking around the forest for the whole day, my body reeks of sweat. What? Sweat is the smell of a real man? Nono. You will only scare girls away if you stink. My clothes and equipment have gotten quite dirty too, I will wash them when I wash myself later.

[Then we will camp near the river and catch some fish for dinner later. Let's go!]

Lily said with a smile, no, that looks more like a grin and started leading the way.


After walking around for not more than half an hour, we finally found the river. When I saw the river, I can feel my face brighten up. Without further delay, I started running towards the river while trying to take off my clothes. And just when I took off my cape... Snap!*


I shouted as I felt a sudden jerk and the next thing I know, my feet left the ground and I can feel myself hanging in the air.

[Onee-chan are you alright?]

[Eh? Lily, why are you upside down? Wait... Everything is upside down!]

[Onee-chan... You are the one that is upside down.]

[I know... I just wanted to say that.]

I said while looking away with a wry smile. I am currently hanging on a tree with my leg tied by a rope. Which idiot actually set a trap around the river! If I find out who is it, I will definitely need to repay the favour.

[Well well. Look what we have here. I actually caught a beauty!]

Hearing a voice not belonging to the both of us, Lily turned to the direction of the voice and ready her katana. Wait... Doesn't the voice belong to a person? What are you preparing your katana for?! When I turn over my head to look at the champion that provoked Lily, I got shocked.


Walking towards us is a man with raven black hair which is somewhat spiky at the back, sharp eyes and a handsome face with a childish and arrogant vibe, complete with his body covered in full black armours and clothes. Yes, that man is definitely the leader of our party, Taki!


Seeing how Taki and I responded to each other, Lily paused for a moment before letting out a cry of surprise.

[Onee-chan... This shady looking man is Taki?]

[Yes but... can you two put me down first before we start talking?]


[So why are you here?]

I asked after explaining my current situation to Taki.

[I will explain that when we get back to Distodia when everyone is present. Setting that aside, I didn't expect the solo princess of DHO to come looking for me.]

[Solo princess?]

I asked with a doubtful face and munch on the roasted fish that Taki prepared. Hmmm! It's so delicious that I ended up letting out a satisfied expression while savouring the taste.

[I knew you wouldn't know. That's what the players had been calling you in DHO.]

[Are you serious?! Since when?! And why?!]

I shouted in response to something unbelievable I just heard. I thought I already kept quite a low profile and didn't do anything to stand out. Solo princess... There were thousands of players going solo so why am I the one to get such a weird title?!

[Well... You do know that our party is famous right?]

[Hm, I know but... That's because you guys stand out right?]

[Yes, we do but that includes you. Just so you know, you are also called the goddess of our party since we were the only ones you hunted with. You probably didn't hear all of this before because you don't hunt and interact with other players.]

[Stop! I can't hear you! Lalala~]

I begin humming in ignorance as I look away. I do not want them to look at me right now since I know my face must be burning bright red. What's with all those embarrassing titles?!

[Pfft! I see you are as cute as ever.]

Taki said as he burst out laughing which really didn't suit his appearance. I got embarrassed by his sudden compliment but which man will want to be called cute! So I got annoyed and stared at him with a stern look. When he noticed me staring at him, he just smiled back kindly. God, please let me hit him!

[Are you two done yet? I am also here you know?]

Lily finally said something as she can't stand the atmosphere anymore. She had been quietly eating her roasted fish while listening to the exchange between me and Taki.

[Come to think of it, I haven't introduced myself yet, have I? I am Onee-chan's real-life sister, Liliane. Nice to meet you. And if you want to get close to my Onee-chan you must get my approval first.]

Lily introduced herself and did a light curtsy followed by an unreasonable comment?! Before I can say anything, Taki already stood up and did a bow before introducing himself.

[Nice to meet you Liliane… san?]

[Just Liliane will be fine.]

[Alright then, Liliane. I am your sister's lover, Taki and I will do my best to get your approval.]


I shouted in response to what Taki said with my face burning bright red yet again. I am not gay!

[It's a joke.]

Taki replied me with a smile and Lily who is beside him is trying to hold back her laughter.

[Pfft... Th-that's so cute! I am the only one that can tease Onee-chan but I will allow you to this time.]

Getting annoyed by them, I pouted and turn away from them. I really have no idea what is going on in their head.

[Relax, it was just a joke. Here, have some marshmallows.]

Taki came over and handed me a roasted marshmallow on a stick. Hmpf, trying to ask for forgiveness with a marshmallow?! How old do you think I am?!

[Are you sure you want to continue pouting? The whole bag of marshmallows will be gone you know?]

Geh! The whole bag?!

[F-fine... Just don't tease me again!]


Taki replied while looking away and his shoulders can be seen trembling. Is he laughing?!


[So where did you get the marshmallows?]

I asked Taki while chewing onto a roasted marshmallow.

[I found them in the bags that I took from two horses.]

Taki said as he lifts up a bag lying behind the log he is sitting on.



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