Ch22 – According to plan
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Ch22 - According to plan

Just a few seconds after we left the village, the dragons already caught up. Of course, the dragons will be faster than our horses. Before the dragons got too near to us, Taki threw something into the air right in front of the dragons. The thing that Taki threw is a flash bomb! Realizing what it is, I quickly turn back to the front before the flash bomb exploded. Not knowing what it is, the two dragons dodged it while maintaining eye contact with it.


Both dragons quickly fell to the ground and wobbled for a bit when trying to get back up. They should be blinded for about a good five seconds so seizing this chance, we changed our direction and headed into the forest.

It has been ten minutes since we went into the woods. Both Dawn and Dusk can be seen circling high up in the sky, probably still looking for us.

Taki alone left me and Lily together after a bit and went off somewhere into the woods. He is most probably scouting the area and setting up traps while Lily and I can only keep an eye on the twin dragons above us. The horses are also left with us, me holding the reins of Kuro while Lily holding onto the reins of the other horse. We are making sure that both horses also remain silent so that the dragons will not notice us.

Strangely enough, Kuro is very calm, unlike Lily's horse which is very angsty and walking around like any other animal would when they are under pressure. It most probably wanted to run away but thanks to Lily holding onto its rein, it was unable to do so. When I look at Kuro, he just looked back and nuzzled up against me. Even Lily is puzzled by Kuro's behaviour.

About ten minutes later, a rustling sound can be heard from on top of us.

[Yo~ I'm back.]

Taki called out to us when he suddenly drops down from the tree right next to us. Both Lily and I stare at him in shock of his sudden appearance. Is he a ninja or something.

[What were you doing on top of the tree?]

[It's easier to find a good spot to set my trap from up there.]

Taki said with crossed arms. And as I thought, he went around to set up traps. The next part will probably be me and Lily baiting the dragons to his trap.

[With all the set-up done. Kalia, please attract their attention.]

Taki said as he pointed towards the skies, to the two dragons that are still soaring above us.

[Wait wait wait!]

Lily said in a panic.

[Even if you say that, how do we even know where did you set the traps?]

Oh right. Lily did not hunt with Taki before so she does not know the way of how our party hunts. Since I did not hunt with other people before, I am used to everyone knowing the tactics.

[About that, we just need to follow Taki's lead while kiting the dragons. He will instruct us on what to do while we are at it.]

[Yup, no worries Liliane. I will be just a few meters ahead of you two. You just need to follow me and my instructions and everything will be according to plan.]

After I explained to Lily, Taki gave his assurance with a smug face.


Lily replied, still looking unsure.

[Relax~ You will get it later. Kalia, if you may.]

As Taki requested, I jumped onto a tree branch and continued to the next one until I reach the top of the tree. While I am at it Lily and Taki are tying the horses to a tree. Hopefully nothing will happen to them when we are fighting the dragons.

Having reached the top of the tree, I started shouting and waving in a big motion towards the two dragons in the sky.

[Hey! Stupid dragons! I am over here! Come and get me!~]

After they noticed me, both of them seems to be annoyed at my taunts. They roared angrily and immediately started diving towards me. Both Taki and Lily are ready to move whenever the dragons get close enough.

When the two dragons got close enough, Taki threw a flash bomb towards them. When they are stunned by the flash bomb, I will use the opportunity to get a few hits in. However, this time, the dragons are smart enough to use their wings to block the flash from the bomb before it exploded. After they blocked the flash bomb, they gave a triumphant roar and look at us like they accomplished a great feat. Wow… I didn't know that dragons can be smug too.

Anyways, it's our cue to run. Turning around, I can see that Taki already moved quite a distance. Turning back, I can see a huge opened mouth with sharp teeth coming towards me. It is Dusk attempting to bite me.


Before it can bite me, I estimated its arrival and kicked up when it got close enough for my hand to reach it. Flipping up, I put my right hand on the tip of its muzzle, using it as support before finally landing on its head.

Phew… That was close. I turn to Lily who is below me and gave her a thumbs up. Lily then gave me a nod before catching up with Taki.

When Dusk finally realizes that I am on its head, it started shaking violently, trying to shake me off. Not wanting to lose my balance, I voluntarily jumped off its head. However, when I am in mid-air, I see a second mouth coming at me. This time, it is Dawn coming at me.

Before it can reach me, I grab onto the tree branch that just went past me, using it as a pivot to swing me upwards and finally landing on the tree branch. Just at the right time when I landed on the tree branch, Dawn can be seen flying pass below me and hitting onto a tree afterwards. Having both of the dragons disoriented, I took the opportunity to catch up to Lily and Taki.

Being in a dense forest, it is hard for the dragons to remain flying while chasing us so they landed and started chasing us by running on all fours.

I already took out my weapons and am jumping from tree to tree. Lily is running below me as she can't jump around the trees. Occasionally when I see an opening like tree branches obstructing the dragons' visions or when they are moving through tight spaces, I will take the opportunity to slash them with my daggers even though my slashes look like they just did minor cuts on the dragons. Meanwhile, Lily just follows my lead and did an iai at their legs every time I engaged. Her iais seems to be dealing more damage then my slashes though. Shouldn't my weapons be better than her's?

[Hey Kalia over here!]

Taki shouted to me from a distance away. That is his signal to stop at where he is. I drop down from the trees to inform Lily that we will be stopping.

When we are about to reach where Taki is, he threw another flash bomb at the dragons. Just like just now, the two dragons stopped and brought their wings forward to cover their eyes. However, the flash bomb that Taki threw was just a dummy for the dragons to block their vision. During that time, Taki took out a yellow stone. It shone for a bit and the earth below the dragons started caving in. Right after the two dragons dropped into the pitfall, Taki brought out a crossbow and shot an arrow on top of the hole. A huge net dispersed from the tip of the arrow, covering the pitfall with the dragons inside. And that's not the end. Taki then shot a flaming arrow into the pitfall.


Faint roars or perhaps, cries can be heard from within the trap.



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