Ch26 – My master
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This chapter will be in Kuro's POV and you will understand what a Kirin is after this~

Ch26 - My master


In the forest back when Kalia just arrived in this world.

>POV of Kuro<

(Hm?! I sense the presence of a kind and innocent human!)

With that thought, I followed my "sense" and got close to human territory. Before getting closer to their Kingdom, I changed into my horse form and continued following my "sense". Just at the right moment after my transformation is complete, I sensed some humans getting close to me. Okay, let's just act like a normal horse and pretend to eat grass. A short moment later, three guys can be seen around me.

[Hey guys, there is a horse over here!]

[Oh~ It's still pretty calm even when we are this close to it.]

[It's big and strong so I bet we can get a lot of money with it.]

With that, I am brought back to the human capital. It's not that I can't run away but going to their capital have a higher chance of meeting that kind and innocent human.

Two days later in the capital.

[Give me two of your best horse.]

I heard someone says when I am lazing around in the stable. The next thing I know, I was brought to the front of a large building after they put a few pieces of baggage on me. This is the place where my "sense" is tingling like crazy. The kind and innocent human is in this building, I am sure of it!

A short moment later, three people came out from the building, a young girl in kimono, a man in robes and a suspicious person with a hood covering her face. At first, I thought my "sense" is wrong as my "sense" is directing me towards the suspicious looking person. How can someone like that be kind and innocent? But at the moment I made eye contact with that person, I felt a spark in me.

(She is definitely the one.)

I thought.

She smiled at me when we made eye contact. She is not only just beautiful, but I can also feel the kindness radiating around her.

It seems that I will be travelling with the two girls so before the other horse is assigned to the hooded girl, I moved up to her and lowered my head in respect. This person is definitely someone fit to be my master. To my surprise, she suddenly patted my head. It looks like she mistook my respect for affection. That's how I got the honour of having her as my rider. The kind and innocent girl's name is Kalia.

Just to be sure, I do not let anybody ride on me, only those that I deemed worthy.

During the few days of travelling with Kalia, her sister, Lily and the other horse which I refer to as dumb horse, I gained a name from Kalia, my new master.

For us Kirins, getting a name is just like being knighted. The contract is established the moment a name is given. The name I received is 'Kuro'. A name that I will cherish for all my life. As for the benefits of the contract, I will know when my master needs me and most importantly, I will know when she is in danger. They will become part of my "sense" apart from the ability to locate her at all times.

My master is as kind as I thought. Unlike most riders, she properly cared for me. She washes me, grooms me and even talks to me when we took breaks or resting for the night. She also takes care of that dumb horse sometimes but not as much as she cares for me.

One day, when my master took a break during our journey to take a leak, my danger sensor suddenly activated. A short moment later, my master ran out from a bush towards me with several Axectors following behind her.

She jumps onto me but got thrown off by an Axector that jumped on her. Before I can help her, she already kicked the Axector away. Being surrounded, master and her sister ran away, heading into the woods but when I am about to follow them, I noticed the dumb horse actually ran towards the opposite direction! I got no choice but to follow and protect that dumb horse since it carried Lily's belongings. I believe my master can handle those Axectors herself since my danger sensor is not sounding off and I can always find her later after I caught up with that dumb horse. Seriously, what a burden.

When I am finding my way back to master after calming down that dumb horse, I ran into a human man dressed in all black. That man stopped me and the dumb horse following behind me and got us tied to a tree bark. Ugh… How am I going to find my master now? I had a choice to break free using my powers but that will risk my identity being exposed.

As time passes and when the Sun is setting, I can feel my master's presence getting closer and closer to me.

And when night came, the man that tied me to the tree brought along master to see me. I can't help but neigh and move over to nuzzle her when she got close enough.

It seems that the man that tied me to the tree is Taki, the person that my master was supposed to find.

The next day when we arrived at the village, the dumb horse and I were left at the stable. I will miss my master but since she will be coming back to get me by evening, I do not really mind and started to laze around as usual.

When evening came, my master came back for me and the dumb horse but just when we were about to leave the village, a large bell sounded.

Two dragons can be seen shortly after the bell rang. They flew in the sky for a while and suddenly, one of them started diving towards my master.

Before the dragon can reach my master, Taki managed to stop it and we used the chance to run out of the village and then into the forest.

We are now waiting for Taki in the forest. And as always, being the dumb horse it is, the dumb horse is angsty and keeps moving around, afraid of the two dragons in the sky that are still looking for us.

When Taki came back, they tied me and the dumb horse to a tree and went off with the dragons after attracting their attention. I had no choice but to wait.

After a while, I heard a large explosion and the cries of the dragons. Looks like my master managed to defeat them. However, a short moment later, my danger sensor suddenly went haywire. Suddenly, a huge pillar of falling flames can be seen even when I am quite far away from it. I must get to my master!

I break off the rope tying me to the tree and went full speed towards my master. On my way towards my master, a girl with silver hair like my master suddenly appeared beside me, she is not a human but a dragon, a dragon Princess! She urges me to bring her along. Judging that she had no ill will, I brought her along to find my master.

When we finally managed to find my master, I can see another dragon flying away in a distance. More concerned about my master, I ignored it.

Shortly, Taki and Lily came over so we proceeded to find a place to let my master recover before going back for the dumb horse.

A few days later, after master woke up, we continued our journey. The dragon Princess already got close to my master and her sister during that short amount of time.

On our way to the human capital, the Dragon Princess, Istrea revealed my identity to Lily, Taki and my master. Of course she will know my real identity as dragon royalties can see through a Kirin's disguise. However, I did not think that my master will be that shocked by my real identity.

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