Ch28 – The more shocking truth
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Ch28 - The more shocking truth

[Taki, glad to see that you are doing well.]

Jun greeted Taki while raising his forearm towards Taki.

[Same to you Mill.]

Taki replied while raising his forearm to hit Jun's forearm.

[So who is this little girl with horns?]

Jun asked while shifting his gaze towards Strea.

[She's our new little sister, Strea.]

Lily said as she dived forward to hug Strea.

[I see… I believe you guys have a lot of things to tell me about but that can wait until we go to my house. I will start packing up my things first.]

Jun said as he started packing up his stuff.

[You have a house?]

I asked in surprise. He is saying that he has a house even when he is still not twenty yet. Wait… Since he arrived in this world two years earlier than me… That means he is currently twenty-one years old and... that makes me younger than him!

[Yup. The King gave it to me when I was announced as the leader of the S rank hunters and the guild master here. That was almost two years ago though.]

The shocking revelation made me turn pale and freeze on the spot so I did not really hear what Jun said. The only thing that is in my mind now is that I became younger than Jun…

[Kalia-nee, are you alright?]

[Onee-chan, what happen to you?]

After my two little sisters called out to me and nudged me a little, I finally came back to my senses.

[Y-yes. I am alright…]

I shall keep quiet and not bring this up.

While waiting for Jun to finish packing his stuff, Lily, Strea and I are sitting on the sofa while Taki is leaning on the wall beside the door.

[Alright, let's go.]

Jun said after securing his greatsword on his back. I have not even sat for three minutes yet!

After a short ten minutes walk to the inner part of Distodia, we arrived in front of a large two-storey mansion.

[Wow… Jun-niisan, is this your house?]

Lily asked with her mouth wide open. The mansion in front of us is almost as big as the high school I went to before. I wonder how many rooms there are inside. Ten? Maybe even twenty.

[No. You will see my house if you stop looking at the mansion and turn behind you.]

Jun said behind us while we were staring at the mansion with expectations. However, when we turned around, what we see is a small two-story house just like the ones you see in Japan. Just like that, our expectations were shattered.

[What? Did you guys actually think that I will live in a mansion alone?]

[You did say your house was given to you by the King so we were expecting something bigger.]

Lily said with a disappointed look.

[Well, he did offer me a mansion but I rejected it and requested for a simple house instead.]

Well… If it was me, I would have rejected the offer too as I prefer to live in a small and cosy room. Honestly, living in such a big mansion will most probably make me scared instead.

[Why did you reject it?! Onee-chan and I could have stayed together with you and the three of us would have always been together!]

Lily almost screamed and Strea can be seen panicking, seemingly worried but unsure of what to say. As for me, I can only massage my temples to ease the headache.

[We can still live in this house together, there is still plenty of room left.]

Jun replied Lily with a straight face after thinking for a while.

[Offer taken~ I still think living in a mansion will be more romantic but I guess that will have to wait for the future. Now the three of us will be together again.]

Lily said while smiling from ear to ear. Wait… That escalated fast. We are going to live together now? Not that I mind living together with Jun since we often sleep together when we were young. When we grew older, we still often hang out together in each other home, playing games until late in the night and ended up sleeping together.

[Haaa… Let's just go in first. We will discuss more about this later.]

Jun said with a sigh while rubbing Lily's head. It looks like he already expected that from Lily judging by his replies and reactions. During this whole fuss, Taki was just standing at a side, enjoying the show.

We are now gathered in the living room of Jun's house. Me, Lily, Taki, Strea, Jun and Seria. Seria just came over a short moment ago as she is apparently living in the house right next to Jun. She came over immediately right after Jun called for her.

Before Taki starts explaining what he knows, I filled Jun and Seria in on what happened during our whole trip. After my report, Jun seemed like he really regretted not following me before but soon calmed down when I comforted him by saying that it was not something that I can't handle. (a.n. even tho you almost died...)

[Alright, I will begin explaining everything I know now, Istrea will fill in the missing parts for me.]

Taki announced at one end of the rectangular dining table with all of us gathered around it.

Strea who is at Taki's side nodded in response.

[First off, Istrea, please introduce yourself again.]

[Nice to meet all of you. My name is Istrea Riucornia, the Princess of the dragon kingdom, Riucornia.]

Strea said as she does a curtsy.

[Dragon kingdom?]

Jun asked in confusion.

[Let her finish.]

Taki stopped Jun before he can ask any more questions.

[Yes, the dragon kingdom. I was sent here, to the human capital by my father, the King of dragons, to find the dragon priestess and Taki is here with me as my escort. We need the help of both the hero and dragon priestess to defeat the Dark dragon lord, Chronium.]

[Yes, just as Strea said. I was actually transported to this world three years ago near the dragon kingdom, Riucornia.]

[Three years?! That is even longer than Jun-niisan!]

[E-hem… Let me finish… Where am I? Oh right. When I was walking blindly around the borders of Riucornia, an elder dragon I had never seen before appeared in front of me. For a moment the elder dragon and I just stared intently at each other and suddenly, he turned into a man. You have no idea how surprised I was and it turned out that that man is the prince of the dragon race, Istrea's older brother. I was then lead into their kingdom which is full of people with horns and tails. After explaining my situation to the Dragon King, I was allowed to stay on the condition that I owe them a favour in return.]

[Here, have some water.]

Strea said as she handed Taki a cup of water. He thanked Strea and gulped down the cup of water in one go.

[Alright, continuing from my stay in Riucornia, I found out a lot of things that I did not expect. Unlike the game DHO, there is a deeper history behind humans and dragons in this world.

The story goes like, long looong ago humans and dragons were living together in peace and harmony.

However, the Dark dragon lord, Chronium appeared about three hundred years ago and plunged the world in chaos.

At first, the humans and dragons were fighting Chronium and his corrupted dragon army together.

However, due to fear, the humans betrayed the dragons. The humans were afraid of the dragons because the dragons are from the same race as the Dark dragon lord.

The humans then started slaying any dragons that came into their territories. Because of that, the dragons were forced to fight with Chronium by themselves for three hundred years.

Until recently, just a bit before I met the prince, the dragon shaman made a revelation that a hero and a dragon priestess will soon be summoned into this world and they will be the key to winning this long war.

But, the problem is, both of them will be in the human territories. And that was when I conveniently appeared in front of them. The favour that they requested from me is to escort Istrea into the human kingdoms to find the dragon priestess. The only person that can identify and locate the dragon priestess is the dragon princess, which is Istrea over here.]

[Well… Instead of locating, it is more like I can feel her presence and I only started feeling it a few weeks ago. That's the reason why Taki and I went to the human village where we met Kalia-nee and Lily-nee. The shaman said that I will know when I see her but I don't even know how that works.]

Strea said with her head down after cutting into Taki's explanation.

[Well, I guess this is more or less everything I know.]

Taki said, ending his explanation.

The only thing that is on my mind now is since when did DHO have such a cliche setting? Dark dragon lord, Chronium? The hero? Dragon priestess? This is basically a story about a hero's party summoned into the world to slay the demon lord. The mainstream nowadays. Since Lily did not read many novels and mangas, she looks super excited about the cliche setting while Jun looks like he has a lot of questions in mind as he is frowning with his hand on his chin. On the other hand, Seria has this blank look on her face like she has no idea what just happened.



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