Ch30 – Facing reality
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Ch30 - Facing reality 


Ugh… I groaned as dizziness strikes me when waking up. After looking around, I noticed that I am on the bed in an unfamiliar room. I can see that it is already morning from the sunlight shining in through the window. My entire body feels sluggish and I don't feel like waking up at all. However much I adjust myself on the bed, I can't seem to get myself into a comfortable position. Especially, when there is a wet feeling around my crotch. Did I wet the bed?!

In a state of panic, I flip up my blanket. Weird… I don't see any wet spot but I can still feel the wet feeling around my crotch. Curious as to what is causing that feeling, I took off my pants.




>Lily's POV<

I ran as fast as I could into Onee-chan's room right after I heard her shout and when I entered the room, I can see a teary faced Onee-chan sitting on the bed.

[Lily!… Am I dying?]

Onee-chan said while sniffing. 

The way she is acting now is really cute but what she said shocked me. What exactly happened to her to make her think that she is dying? I quickly ran over to her and hugged her, with one hand stroking her head.

[It's alright, onee-chan. I am here now. It's alright.]

I said while trying to calm her down.

[What happened? What makes you think that you are dying?]

I asked her, worried that there is something that might actually be bothering her.

[I am bleeding! A lot!]

She said as she pointed at her crotch. Ohhh… So that's what this is about. She must have not realised that she is having her period now. Yes, period, and probably her first. When she fainted yesterday, everyone went into a state of panic. And when we found out that it was just her period, we became more relieved. Onee-chan had always been bad at dealing with pain so she must have had fainted because of the pain from the cramp. We already dealt with the aftermath of yesterday's scene and I personally put on a padding on for onee-chan myself. However, seeing her being so serious with teary eyes made me unable to laugh at her for not knowing something so simple.

[Onee-chan, don't worry. You are not dying.]

After I said that, she seems to have calmed down a bit.

[It's just your period.]

I said to her with a smile.


She replied. After processing for a while, her face suddenly lost its colour. It looks like she had lost all hope in life…

Wait… Did she just faint while sitting up?!



>Back to MC POV<

Ugh… When I am trying to sit up, the sudden pain around my stomach prevented me from doing so. My lower abdomen to be exact. The pain reminded me about what Lily told me and I must have had fainted due to the shock. I gave up trying to get up and just lied down on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. A while later, I can feel my eyes getting wet and tears started dripping down from my face. I then quickly lift up my right arm to cover my eyes, trying to hide my tears away.

What am I supposed to do now? I feel like I am becoming more and more like a real girl. If I lose even my last bit of manliness, how will I ever return to being a man again? And now, with this happening, it's like reality trying to slap me in the face, forcing me to be aware that I am a girl now.

Never have I thought that wanting to make and see a cute girl in a game will lead to me becoming the girl herself. Thinking about all this is making me feel even more depressed. 




Three different voices called out to me from the direction of the door. I shifted my head to the side to take a peek at who it is at the entrance. As expected, it is Lily, Strea and Seria. After confirming who it is, I shifted my head back and ignored them. The pain of my cramp is so unbearable that I can't be bothered about anything else right now.

[Onee-chan, how are you feeling?]

Lily asked me in a worried tone.

[In pain…]

I replied without looking at Lily. Saying anything more will make my cramp worse.

Without saying a word, Lily came over to sit down on the bed and started stroking my head. The warmth of her hand did make me feel a bit better but it didn't make the pain go away. A moment later, she stopped stroking my head, moved her hand over and started rubbing my lower abdomen in a circular motion. 

[Does this feel better?]

To my surprise, my cramp actually feels better when Lily does that. I slowly put down my arm and managed to show a weak smile to Lily. From beside her, I can see Strea looking more relieved with both her hands balled up around her chest level.

[Let's get you washed up when you are feeling better. I already prepared a hot bath for you, it will help with your cramps.]

Seria said while walking to the other side of my bed, looking at me with a smile on her face. 


I nodded weakly in response. I really am blessed by kind people around me. They really do care about me and will seriously get worried for me. It makes me feel at ease when they are around, like I can overcome any hardships with them around me.

Afterwards, Lily, Strea and Seria started talking all about period and told me everything I need to know to deal with them. Since I am a girl now, I had no choice but to slowly process everything into my head. It will be bad if I do not know what to do when my period starts and they are not around me at the time. Learning about all this is really giving me a headache. They taught me things like, how I need to keep track of my menstrual cycle, how I need to prepare and use a sanitary pad or tampon, how to deal with cramps and stuff. 

The most dreaded information is that the second period will come in about twenty-one to forty days after my first period ends and it may be heavier than the first. This made me really not look forward to having my next period. Hopefully, I can return to being a man by then. For now, I will have to deal with this stupid cramp for about another five days.

[Onee-chan, you can get pregnant now so please don't do anything that you will regret.]

[I won't!! Owowowow…]

My cramp worsened the moment I shouted...



[Anyways, where is Jun?]

I asked them after they are done with their health education lesson. Usually, other than Lily, Jun will be the first one to run over when something happens to me, but this time, I don't see him around. It actually made me feel a little sad and lonely.

[Jun-niisan? He is right outside you know?]

[Yea, we stopped him from coming in as this is more of a girl's problem you see.]

Lily said, followed by Seria.

So Jun is outside… Now that I look towards the door, I can see half a face popping out from one side of the door. I can only smile wryly at him when he noticed me looking at him.

Has he been there the whole time? What about work? (a.n. you should care more about him listening into your health lesson…)



Author's note: 

(It's good for Jun-niisan/Milguard to listen in so that he can help onee-chan/Kalia in the future when she needs him.) < is what Lily and Seria are thinking when teaching Kalia about periods.

Kalia: "That will never happen!!"



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