Chapter 61
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"And the rest is history." (I2)


That was a bit much at once.
Someone just uploaded a book's worth of information into my head.
Like an e-book diary written in the way of "dear diary, today I consumed whole landscapes".
While I have apparently unnatural processing abilities it's still hard on me, as I don't make use of them because I try to avoid anything that changes my way of thinking.
However, I was right now forced to do so due to the intake.
I've gathered two things from that.

The first thing, if that story wasn't tampered with, I can be rather assured that my twin isn't going to do something terrific to me
As great as her sentiments towards me are, she really sees herself as a part of mine, wants to come back, and not hurt me.
Also, she clearly isn't one to mess with.

The second information, and far more worrisome, is that she wasn't idle here.
My twin did here something like a demonic-consumption contest.
Who can devour these worlds faster?

Worried I look again at the planet above me, kinda wishing that it will disprove my idea.
However, I see something there.
Between the red are slight orange dots.


"You know, the necklace is arranged in a color scheme. We're still quite far away from red." (I 2)

"You, you can't be serious!" (I)

"Oh I totally am. And you know that." (I2)


The terrible truth about the planet above me is that it's completely, over and over covered in some kind of tumorous growth.
The same flesh substance this whole building consists of.
While my dark clone was alone here she swallowed whole planets!

And now that I'm connected to this hive, via my foot, I more and more realize that it doesn't just include this structure.
It reaches with countless strands to the other planet.
Farther and farther the feeling spreads.

My mind travels to another tower, climbs it up with my inner eyes.
And I realize, there's another planet that as well got completely covered.
And the one I stand on is the next.

Panicked I stop reaching further with my senses and look at her.
I don't want to see any more of this.
I'm afraid to discover how much space she already got covered.
And her smirk tells me she's more than content with the result.


"Why?" (I)

"I already told ya. With this split body, I had barely any powers. Devour, convert, shape, spread. That's all. So my plan until now was to spread around the whole necklace, becoming more powerful this way, and ultimately create a giant portal in the middle. Would've taken quite long but at least it was something I could actively work on. However, what I already had here was enough to send signals through the veil and when you actually started to listen I could contact you." (I2)

"You send the message, right?" (I)

"Sure, that was me. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to get a strong enough signal out. I had to let everything reverberate here. And as soon I get a connection you cut the line. You have no idea how frustrating that was. However, in the end, you came here, so it's fine. I guess this outcome is for both of us more favorable than me releasing something on earth while I cross." (I2)


I really don't want to think about that.


"So there was never another outer god?" (I)

"Oh no, that one is definitely here. You noticed how the monster groups became larger and more frequent? I haven't met it yet, but after I've got to the third planet there was suddenly resistance on the whole scale and I've got constantly attacked from all sides. I just got lucky that my opponent apparently never played any RTS so that I could outsmart it until now. However, I've got the feeling, that it was only a matter of time till it's going to simply swarm me down. Might have been able to counter that, but who knows. So I'm rather glad that you're here so I can finally leave." (I2)

"Leave?" (I)

"Which part of "merging" did you not understand? It's not like you have the choice to leave me a second time here. Or do you want to establish our new residence in this realm? With our full force, we'd be done in an instant with converting this plane into our domain." (I2)

"Absolutely not! I'd be glad if I never again have to see this place in my entire life." (I)


She chuckles at this remark.


"Huh, that means something, coming from an immortal." (I2)


Urgh, damn.
I forgot about that part.
I really didn't want to think about this.

Also, it doesn't seem as if I have a choice regarding taking her with me.
And this with all the worrying implications this entails.


"You're damn right about this." (I2)


Sigh, mindreading.


"If I take you with me, what about... all of this?" (I)


I gesture at the hive, monsters, even the planet.
Honestly, she really set something up here.


"I have a standing order to maintain our realm. Fight, convert, grow. However, it's quite likely that it will soon get overrun, considering the resources of our rival. Yet we don't have to feel responsible here. It's not like anything changed in comparison to before. We could take it with us, but there would be no real benefit. If we don't have a day or two to spend it will prove rather difficult to suck everything into our dream as much I spread already. And I know us well enough to be sure that that's nothing we'd want to do. My recommendation is to leave everything be and hope it will distract our opponent from us." (I2)


Is this really the right way?
I mean, I wouldn't want to suck in all this creepy flesh mass and wouldn't know what to do with it.
Regarding the creatures, they fit much better into this world than anywhere else.

And if I simply absorb everything this would just kill the servant creatures all the same.
In the first place, I don't have so much time to make this happen and might get into conflict with this other god.
So leaving it here sounds actually reasonable.
Especially considering all the problems this can just cause for me back on earth, aside from the fact that I really don't want to do this.
The only one I cannot simply abandon is the one who's linked to me.
And her expression reminds me once again that she knows what I'm thinking.


"This... merging. Will it hurt? Will I change?" (I)

"Oh dear. I told you. It already happened." (I2)


At this moment my twin cramps.
She winds herself in visible agony, then shrivels up and mummifies in front of my eyes as if something leeches her very lifeforce out of her.
Her essence.
A moment later all that remains is a corpse which slowly turns into dust and becomes one with the ground.

I'm absolutely horrified.
Seeing my very self in front of me combusting is simply terrifying.
Looking around I cannot see any trace of her left.


"Hello?" (I)


No answer.
All that remains are the gazes I receive from the creatures around me.
And I don't plan to release them on earth.


"Uh, sorry? I, I don't know what happened. G-good work everyone. Ehm, if you'd excuse me now..." (I)


Before anyone can say something I teleport back home.
Away from all this terror.






"Oh, and it just got fun. What am I doing now with this field? Maybe I should put the game on hold, so we can continue when she comes back." (?)