Ch 72: Promotions
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*Asura's POV*

"So how many demons did you kill?" Inosuke asked jumping excitedly.

"Huh don't really remember the exact number," I replied smiling.

We still had a bit of time before reaching the mansion, we were traveling on the road with a good breeze blowing through and eating some rice cakes.

"You're saying that just because you did less than me. Bwahahahaha." Inosuke laughed as I handed him another rice cake.

"Isn't our tattoo supposed to tell us our rank?" Tanjiro said eating modest bites out of the rice cake.

"But we never got it changed even once so how's it supposed to show the correct rank?" I asked confused.

"I do not know," Tanjiro said frowning.

"Hey, Gompachiro you talking about this?" Inosuke said flexing his muscles to show off the wisteria mix tattoo we had.

"Hey bro look it's changing! The letters are squiggling." Inosuke said freaking out.

" Hold your horse let me look at it at least," I said holding Inosuke down.

The letters rearranged themselves to form Kanoto which was 2 ranks above the starting rank of Mizunoto.

"Wow you're promoted Inosuke," I said patting him on the back.

"Is that a good thing?" Inosuke asked tilting his head.

"Yeah, it is. It means you'll get more money." I replied.

"What am I gonna do with paper..... Oh yeah, even more stuff to eat." Inosuke said happily.

" Yes, even more stuff to eat," I said laughing.

" Hey, Tanjiro you do it too," I said and Tanjiro stopped to get his arm out of his clothes before waiting for a few moments as the letters rearranged themselves.

"Hey, you're a Mizunoe now. That's 1 rank above the starting rank. Good job Tanjiro." I said and Tanjiro looked at his arm and then back at me.

"Monjiro got the promo thingy too! Good work Monjiro! But I'm still better!" Inosuke said devouring more rice cakes happily.

'Well, I'm changing things already.' I thought as ponderously.

It was more than likely a good thing that Tanjiro and Inosuke were higher ranked than what they should've been at this point. The mission orders might change so that was a problem but the gains outweighed the losses.

"Hey, Nii-San you do the muscle thing too!" Inosuke chirped in.

"Huh, sure," I said shrugging. I would be lying if I wasn't excited about my own rank.

"Hey, Ryuichi can you grab the wolf pelt," I said and Ryuichi nodded as I handed the pelt to him and he buried his face in it. Pretty soft pelt.

'Be something good, Be something good, be fucking good.' I thought as I watched the tattoo change from Mizunoto.

After what felt like an eternity the Tattoo changed into letters and I could finally read the Wisteria Flower Engraving tattoo.

"I'm a Tsuchinoto. So 2 ranks above Inosuke and 3 ranks above you Tanjiro." I said as I put my wolf pelt back on.

This meant better pay, maybe I could finally buy good shoes and even more experimental weapons.

" Hey, no fair! Why're you above me!" Inosuke asked frustrated.

" I probably fought a lot of low trash demons rather than the powerful ones that you fought Inosuke. It's the system's fault, not mine." I said trying to calm him down.

" I'm not that stupid you know. I'm gonna be above you in 2 no just 1 week. You'll see." Inosuke said letting out a plume of hot air.

" Oh, baby it's on," I replied. If that's how it was gonna be then that's how it will be.

" Why don't we just celebrate-" Tanjiro tried cutting in.

" We'll celebrate after this mission is over," I replied.

" Yeah what bro said Monjiro," Inosuke added in.

" Hey, Ryuichi get on top of Fenris. Fenris get big but not too big Kay. Just a big wolf size should be fine. Yes perfect. Now follow us okay." I said patting Fenris as Ryuichi held his fur.

Without any further warning, I took off running.

" Last guy to reach the mission location is a chicken!" I shouted running off.

"Hey, that's cheating! Get back here, bastard!" Inosuke said getting into a sprint.

" I guess I'll follow them," Tanjiro said sighing.


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