Chapter 7
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“Hey Are we near there yet?”

『Not yet.』

“Seriously?? It's been five whole days” 

Saying so I stopped walking and sat down under a tree

Isn't this whole conquest already near impossible

Become king my ass 

『Stop complaining, You always say all that yet you are praying everyday』

“That's because I have no choice” 

I was taken against my will to be a goddess' slave

Why does it have to be me? I have a fulfilling life back there

*peko peko* (lmao ‌when i search hungry onomatopoeia on google this showed up) 

“And now I'm hungry” 

Having rested enough, I stand up and continue walking with a hungry stomach


After a while I saw a bunch of slime jumping around 

“I don't want to eat slime goo anymore...”

Complaining, I started to kill them one by one

It tastes terrible but I'm able to survive thanks to this


I slayed tons of them that it doesn't even show a skull anymore

“Hey goddess can you help me a little?? I've been praying to you everyday Isn't that enough?!” 


No reply huh

Staring at the slime goo on my hands I started gulping them directly, without tasting them

“Ugh... it still taste so bad my tears are coming out on its own” 

“Oyy kid what are you doing?!” 

I can even became delusional and hear some people because of this goo

“Oyy can you hear me!” 

Wait what? Slime goo has no such effects

“That's dangerous!” 

Before I knew it my hand was grabbed by someone 


Eyy at last this author has continued the series woohoo