Vol. 2 VSS 5 – Finally The Time Has Come
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It does not behoove the simple craftsman to apply his own limited standards to the well-thought-out orders of his superior and to presume a judgment on them in conceited arrogance.
Prussian Crafts Regulation, 1871





In an unrevealed location, at an unknown time, of a very old association.



"Gunlir has reported a Broken Golden Eggs situation in Orlormen and Mitoran."


"Is that confirmed?"


"The circumstances of a summoning and the sudden appearance of upheaval innovations in the area have been reported. Beyond that, we have no further information."


"Get everything ready for muskets to be sold nearby. If we have a builder/crafter in front of us we'll take advantage of that as cover. Have Gunlir look into the possibility of seizing the builder/crafter. If we can get hold of him, we must not hesitate."


"I will reply to Gunlir immediately. These message towers make things easy."


"Are the message towers also an innovation of the builder/crafter?"


"It would seem so."


"We need him. Gunlir shall find ways and means! The time has finally come."