Hot Bath (18+)
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On the men's side of the Phoenix-class bathhouse, there were pieces of clothes littered on the ground. It wasn't just one set of clothes, nor were they of the same sex, but it was clear that it was leading to the water.

Earlier, when Xiao Fang stepped into the hot bath, he immediately felt the effects of the abundant natural qi in the bath. The rumors were true, it made him want to start cultivating, but the kind of cultivating he was thinking of didn't involve meditation.




Behind a large rock at the center of the bath, light moans could be heard coming from an extremely horny middle-aged woman. Her name was Su Lingxi, and the man that had his face buried between her bountiful tits was none other than Xiao Fang.

The water was crystal clear and sparkling from the sun. Half their bodies were submerged under water, but it didn't hide what they were doing.

"Hah~ hah~ ahha~" she moaned.

"Lingxi, it's so hot. I want to cum inside you."

"Hah~ don't stop. Cum inside me. Ahh~ cum inside me~"

She tried to be quiet, but she felt too good from Xiao Fang's long girthy dick rubbing deep inside of her tight hole. Her legs wrapped around his waist, while his hands were clenching her ass. He kept squeezing them every time he thrusted.

Feeling the way he squeezed and fucked her made her feel like she was losing her mind, but she didn't want it to end.

"Hah~ aha~ right there~ right there~"

"Yes~ yes~ yes~"

"Ahhhaa~ I'm going to cum~ make me cum on your big fat cock, Long Wang."

Xiao Fang thrusted vigorously into her tight pussy, making her want to scream with every thrust. She wasn't some goddess level beauty, but Xiao Fang was really getting weak from how good her pussy was making him feel


He couldn't control his waist. Her hot pussy was so tight it was gripping his penis as he rubbed it quickly inside of her. It felt so good he felt like he was going to cum.

He knew she didn't want the other girls to hear her moans, so he didn't use any dual cultivation techniques, but he didn't think he could last for long.

Her pussy and legs squeezed every time his dick pressed against her womb. it was as if she wanted him to push through it.

Xiao Fang gave her a kiss then started picking up the pace. His hands were on her plump ass, her smooth skin rubbed against his body, her tight pussy stroked his penis, and now her sexy tongue was dancing inside of his mouth. She was obsessed with him, and he couldn't get enough of her.

"Mymm~ mymm~ myhmm~"

He kissed her lewd lips and she stuck her slimy tongue in his mouth as her eyes rolled back. She thought with her mouth closed she would be quieter, but she was feeling even hornier and her moans were getting louder.

'Someone's going to hear us!' She panicked, but the thought of it was making her hornier.


She quickly stopped kissing him and covered her mouth. Knowing what she was worried about, Xiao Fang helped her out and started choking her.

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]

Her legs and pussy squeezed as her lower body convulsed.

'Agh! Her womb is gripping around my dick. Fuck, this feels too good!' Xiao Fang thought.

The head of his penis was partially in her womb while her pussy was strangling his throbbing meat.

Xiao Fang couldn't hold it in. He slightly pulled away then thrusted one more time, this time it was even deeper than before. His mushroom had completely penetrated her womb.

[ 1st Thrust ]


'Such a sexy moan,' he thought as he squeezed her fat ass cheeks.

Her legs shook as her back arched. She was at her limit. Xiao Fang finally shot his cum directly into her womb. Her eyes widened when she felt his thick love-milk. Even though she felt it before, it was still an incredible experience.

"Nnnh~ nhhh~ nnnm~"

Their bodies pressed tightly together as they both jerked from their climax. With each jerk, Xiao Fang released another load of cum into her tight hot pussy.

"Long Wang~ that was better than the first time."

Feeling all the cum inside her, she kissed Xiao Fang lovingly. She didn't realize what she was doing, she did it in the heat of the moment. However, feeling his gentle embrace, she didn't want to stop kissing him.

She no longer saw him as a student. Xiao Fang became her lover.




Meanwhile on the other side:

"Did you girls hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"I think I heard it coming from the other side."

"What did it sound like?"

"I don't know. It kind of sounded like humming."

Suddenly another girl interjected, saying, "Hey, everybody knows the new guy is over there. If you want to go take a sneak peak at him bathing, you don't have to make excuses, we all know you're a pervert."

"Are you trying to start a fight with me? Do you think I won't shove shit down your throat?"

"Ha, the mouth on this one. Didn't you just make it out of the Tiger class? I've been in the Phoenix class for over 5 years, maybe I need to put you in your place."

"Put me in my place!?" Suddenly the girl's qi started to bubble out of her making the qi in the pool fluctuate.

"Come and put me in my place then, you stupid bitch!"

"You, first years, are all the same. Let me show you the disparity between classes, and how to treat your seniors," she said as her aura began to change as well.

In the next moment the two girls began executing their strongest techniques against each other, and it attracted the gaze of all of the other girls.

Spirit qi could be heard exploding like fireworks. It seemed like a war had just begun.