Chapter 19
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Month 5th, Day 19, year XXXX

In her deepest and darkest part of her memories, for she went deep in her slumber. The dreams that surface are images from the past, however images of memories were sealed completely, only leaving the voices to surface.

‘Where am I?’ She wondered.

Steph couldn’t comprehend the unknown phenomenon that is happening before her. Not even once had happened like this in her life, so it pinned her curiosity and interest at this unknown knowledge.

The darkness spread that the room had or it seems to be. There was no edges can be seen at the horizon, it was as if a pure space of darkness. It was also filled with dense mana that could easily make an average person to become bits. But in her case, she could barely make movements with her body. Everything was heavy and compressed. 

“Lead me” “Someone take her!” “KILL!” “What are you doing to me?” “Stop!” “Don’t worry, it’s just a little modifier! It won’t hurt at all! KUHAHA!” 

The voices which belong the dark invade her ears, and at the same time a heavy gravity pulled her downwards without consent. Slowly, her body was harassed by sharp blades. Her body was sliced into halves, and the pain was supposed to be nullified by her pain tolerance from Bloodcraft, but seems it wasn’t the case.

“AHHHH!!! STOPP!!!” She let out a scream because of the undeniable pain.

Her body would heal immediately and be cut once more. Not only that in this dark, an iron with a reddish point appeared before her. The iron took form of a human head as it burnt itself, it slowly touch her body.

The smell of burnt skin harass her nose. She grit her teeth in pain, but she couldn’t help but to leak out a shriek. Her emotionless face let out a natural tear. The pain invade her body, again and again.

“Stop” Her voice became weak, she knew it was hopeless to ask. “Please, I beg of you to stop”

“Someone help me”

The pain continued as voice from the dark grew louder. Her resistance to resist went away and didn’t mind the pain attacking her.

“Are going to attach the prototype?” “Yes” “Are you sure? Is it really finish?” “Don’t worry, even if this prototype fails she could just regenerate herself” “Right…. Everyone in the facility, we will now conduct operation Trinity. All level 4 and under personnel are not…”

These voices didn’t made Steph to become insane, however sorting those voices and their speeches. Steph immediately knew that she was having a dream. A dream from her past. 

With just the thought of it, she began to be afraid of them. The trauma from the past overwhelmed the present. No matter how strong she becomes, the trauma will always linger. Thousands of years getting modified, getting torture, getting all suffer in order to become strong, but in the end they all controlled her.

“STOP!!!” She screamed atop her lungs that it move the darkness away from her.

Then, without any warning the darkness in front of Steph’s crack open. The light from the from the open crack entered the pure darkness and the screeching sound of a broken glass rapture Steph’s ear but soon to regenerate due to her ring. 

In the broken light, a pair of deep red points that seem to be a pair of red eyes appeared in front of her. It blinks and moves forward. Looking at it made Steph’s whole body to shudder in fear while being attack with a lingering cold.

As it came closer to Steph, the pair of deep red eyes cast its body. Her form was similar to her past self and itself was so alluring, void-like colored hair that cascaded under her breast with a contrast of deep red pupils. Skin that is paler than snow itself and her naked body showed perfect curves that any lady would want. Her past self runs her fingers at Steph’s cheeks as she said.

“Take my anger with you…”

With a sudden burst of emotions, Steph rose up in her bed as she gasped for air, the sweat that she accumulated swells down all over her body as it made her whole bed to wet and  moist.

A second passed, almost all her dreams had faded and couldn’t be remembered. She looked around and saw that she was in her room, but it was still dark enough to say it was the dead of the night. She had also assumed she had fallen asleep.

Over the windows, the curtains were fluttered by the cold breeze entering her room, Steph stared in front of her or perhaps at an empty space and said.

“Can you stop looking at me?” To whom, it was no one “it’s disturbing to me, you know”

In a monotone voice that somehow sounded like a question, Grim ask “What do you mean?”

Grim was in his book form, it laid down in Steph’s bed.

Steph shook her head sideways and said.

“It’s nothing”


“Milady Stephany! I apologize for my rude behavior yesterday!” Said Rachael while prostrating in all fours “To think that I fainted during work!”

Currently, Steph explained what happened yesterday and of course, everything she said was a lie. She said to Rachael that she fainted after she escorted Steph to her room… She also explained that she had a discussion from the master Alusu but she doesn’t know what the details about it and the fact about her short travel to Cardin town.

It was easy to manipulate Rachael because she has no memories from when she fainted, and all Steph needs to do is fill up the questioned gap.

“This discussion held no meaning, thus it shall never be brought again and to anyone. I’ll forgive you for now, however the consequence of your next mistake will be, me no longer will use my eyes for your pleasure” Steph stated.

She decided not to give Rachael a punishment, but be strict towards her. 

“Thank you for forging this pathetic slave! I will not do such disgraceful and rude behavior in the future!” Rachael said with a burst of mixed emotions. Pleasure from violent words and pressure, and extreme fear to be lost.

After placing the lid (lie) on top of her lies, she immediately ordered Rachael while changing the topic in a smooth way.

“With that case being settled, where is my tea?” She questioned her while gazing down on the empty cup at the table.

Rachael stood up, “I shall replace it at once!” as her response while refilling the empty cup with tea.

While she was doing so, Steph strayed her eyes down to the garden. She was at the balcony, which was connected in her room. It was meant to kill time while also avoiding her sister – Freya, Steph knew that Freya was there at the incident yesterday, but Steph doesn’t know if Freya was afraid of her or not.

The sun had just started to peak from the horizon as it illuminates everything before it. Rachael’s presence starts to become thin in the background after serving tea for Steph. 

‘Just a little bit more’ Steph thought, ‘Then I will obtain my eternal peace’

Although, it didn’t matter if Rachael’s presence became thin or she was trying to become one of them, because Steph’s mana zone provided from the ring is constantly active. She only needs to focus in order to know everything in her mana zone.

And since, it has been quite a while since she focus on her mana zone, she tried focusing it once more in order to know whether Arthur and Nervae arrive or not. But then, she senses an individual walking at the corridor and onwards to Steph’s room.

Steph immediately knew it was Freya, she was amazed of Freya’s resistance to fear or it might be because she truly loves her little sister. Steph wanted to try how much effect of [Fright] or [horror] might do to her.

She wanted to try it on her, but she restrained herself. No, it was more like planning for abducting her sister. Steph could try create a spell from Numerology craft to clone Freya. 

In any case, when Freya arrive in front of Steph’s room. She knock at the door with slightly feeling hesitant. It was useless to decline her knock, furthermore Steph wants to know the results after conducting [fear] at her sister.

“Steph? May I come in?” Freya’s voice came next after her knock “It’s me Freya, there is something I would like you to know about”

As if it was instantaneous response, Steph said “Come in”

Freya came inside of Steph’s room while having attack by fear. Casting down her gaze, Freya’s eyes were filled with worry. Her body was trembling in fear as she finally arrived in front of Steph.

“U-um!” Letting out the courage to tell her as she squeezes the hem of her full skirt. She bowed down 90 degrees and said, “I apologize for stealing your doll! I thought it was you in the first place!”

When Freya said it. Steph, as if by impulse, almost killed her sister by simply casting [wind slashing] attribute. It was weak but it was enough to kill a human being. Her hobby of killing undisciplined maids almost killed her sister.

Well, in the first place. Steph doesn’t want personal servants that acts on their own and not following their master. Rachael is a special case, because she obediently follows her master.

Anyways, Steph calmed herself while trying to get away from her. She said and stood up from her chair.

“It doesn’t matter to me”

While she was doing so, she was slightly disappointed because she didn’t get to see real results, Freya was ‘guilty’ not fearing her sister. She also noticed that Arthur and Nervae has arrived at the gates.

She passed Freya to get Grim, which was laying down at Steph’s bed. She also picked up the jet-black robe and wore it around her. While Freya on the other hand felt guilty and couldn’t withstand it, her knees become weak and fell down.  

“Rachael take care of my things” She said while glancing at the bed, there was a shoulder bag made out of leather laying down in front of her bed. “I shall now state my leave and return after a week before my debut. See you later my sister” She said and left the room. 


It took quite a lot of time walking to the front of the manor, Steph couldn’t use [Blink] because it only transport the user, although it can be used to the other party if it was under the mana zone territory, so she can use [blink] to Rachael. However Steph decided not to user [blink] in order to enjoy the remaining time.

Before she arrived in front of the manor, Steph stole the perspective.


I stood before the entrance of the door as I gazed underneath me, since the ground to where I stood was elevated to a certain height. I could clearly see the front yard.

What waited in front of me was a fine carriage that any viscount or earls can have, which was perfect to me who is trying not to stand out as much as possible. However it was all destroyed because of the crest made from gold and silver pasted at the door – It was the Family Reign’s Crest.

Even though it doesn’t have the crest of the hero. Alusu is the head and the hero of the family Reign, so it doesn’t need to have a crest to be recognized by other people. As I stare at it with my emotionless defeat, Rachael stealthily came at the back of the carriage to place our luggage and returned to me.

“I have secured our luggage! Milady Stephany!” Said Rachael with a serious tone and saluted.

I gave a weak nod as a response. Every time I look at Rachael, the sense of missing something always came to me, I’m forgetting something so important and I pondered hard on it. However, across the fountain where a road that stretch further in the distance was built, and a carriage that had the same appearance as yesterday was currently coming towards us.

When Rachael noticed their presence, she turned around with a hostile aura.

“The people inside the carriage. Are they your guests?” Ask Rachael.

“Yes, they are.” I replied.

Oh… I just remembered it, I forgot to ask father to let me read his paperwork. Well, I can certainly use [Knowledge learner] on the paperwork while concealing myself and that way I can immediately know the information I need without asking my father, nor waste my time reading. However I find reading more enjoyable. Not to mention, there is danger using the [knowledge learner]

Looking around the entrance, it seems that father isn’t here to send me off despite wanting himself to be recognized as my father. I used my [mana zone] to locate my father’s whereabouts. Since he has a powerful and profound presence, I found him so easily.

He was at his office and was accompanied by a servant. I assume that he was forced to do his paperwork. Well, it can’t be helped, I postponed my request for now and focus on Artermia

In any case, their carriages stop before mine even though there is still enough space for three carriages to fit in terms in width size. They got off from their carriage, their appearances have noticeably changed; they were wearing their hunting attires. They came to us with haste.

“We apologize for making you wait and are unsightly appearances as well” Said Nervae.

She wore a slim dark red jacket and a tight brown pants. Her vitals points are hidden underneath the leather armor, and extra weapons such as daggers are kept inside the pockets.

“I don’t mind, shall we now go?” I suggested.

“Sure” Said Nervae with enthusiasm as she pumped her fist in the sky.

Arthur responded a nod. He wore a white a long sleeves under his dark blue robe and paired with a tightly white pants. He looks like a soldier from a navy army.

I look at Rachael with my emotionless face, she shivered for some reason.

“Rachael, take our luggage because will be joining Arthur’s carriage” I said as I started to move towards theirs, in order for them to not make an argument with me.

She let out a confused voice “Eh?”

Because of me always avoiding the troublesome matters and arguments. Rachael let loose her shoulders, and didn’t speak further. I have a feeling that Rachael have gotten used of my behavior.

Also, you. You have seen some parts of my memories didn’t you? I detest people who always ignores one’s privacy. Well, it’s not like I care about it. I only care if the sealed memories would surface.