Chapter 19.3
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I sat at the very back of the canopy type carriage as I let my feet cascade over the edge. Both Nervae and Arthur are happily conversing with each other at the front of the coach, and Rachael on the other  hand, was tidying our things inside. 

I am quite excited on acquiring the elder dragon!! So that I can perform a bunch of experimentation on him, I can also add him into a summoning spell book, so I can summon him anything as I like.

The other one is stealing Artermia’s research, if she has one that is. I will not [knowledge learner] but written books and scrolls works as well. I just hope that it is not something that I have learned yet, so that it won’t waste my precious time coming to them.

But before acquiring them, I have a problem that needs to be solved… I can’t maximize my mana capacity anymore, it has hit a limit to what this vessel can achieve. I know that I have measurable mana and can regenerate itself to full in a blink of an eye. Though I am not contented with that.

I don’t want to talk about my past, but it was way more than this. It can probably close to infinity if I say so myself. Well, achieving the mana close to infinite will be convenient, but nothing will change.

Oh, and by the way. I still eat those stones made from alchemist craft infused with magus craft, so everyday my mana increases efficiently. 

There are two methods that I choose to increase this vessel’s mana limit. The first one is transferring to another vessel which had a higher limit than mine, and the other is, fuse the other beings into this vessel.

The transferring method, which I hate the most, it only transfers me to another vessel and it does not carry my current mana. I don’t want to reset my mana, so I won’t use that method. 

I’ll go for the fusion one. I’ll just to make sure that they will be forever unconscious and be stronger than it, so that it’ll proceed smoothly. And now that I think about it, I can just have Artermia’s pet, the elder dragon Ygay-rith then. I think it has 10 times mana limit than mine.

I also want the demon lord too, because I think it has the same mana limit as the Ygay-rith, and if possible I will maybe fuse the hero as well? I won’t fuse my father, so don’t worry. When the new hero is about to kill the demon lord, I’ll just snagged it from him and fuse the hero. Killing two birds with one stone.

So for now, I will have my mana limit increase from the elder dragon. I think I could duplicate the elder dragon and fuse them as well. Well, now that is been decided, I guess it’s the waiting game huh?

Wait a moment! Isn’t the Spirit queen has large amount of mana? I have been feeding her with my mana when I was still a child, so I assume that my mana is stored in her and wasn’t used until few days ago. It should be enormous right?

I want her… Not in a weird way, but I want her as my tool for my mana limit breaker. Wait, that is a weird way. Well, either way. I still want her. 

In any case, I focus on my mana zones. It seems that the princess Cristabel had just arrived at the Cardin town and I think she will set off tomorrow. The other one is Cardinal, it seems that he has a long way before he can reach the Holy land.

Focusing on my mana zone of our manor, everything was pretty usual. My father is doing paperwork, Daniel is going to the town, Merry is practicing her magic, and Freya is still in my room, reflecting.

Since, there was nothing for my to do other than lazing around. I watch them doing their usual stuff until they suddenly changes their behaviour.

Merry came to my library and it seems search something that has to do with me. Freya got up and collecting books, and lastly, father chatted with the other soldiers.

This is getting interesting. 

When Merry killed the Spirit Queen’s fake vessel, I immediately cast a spell to capture her spiritual form. I don’t want her to run away after all. 

Hmm, I think it would be interesting if I put this. I created a room that has a doll that can hold the spiritual form of the Spirit Queen, so she won’t escape after breaking the spell. And all I have to do is to sit back and enjoy the show.

Wait, I already am seating.




The Angel  and the adorable child of the Reign, Freya Reign.
Month 5th, Day 20, year XXX. Morning
Stephany’s room 

Does Steph hates me? That thought only leads me to tremble with great fear. What should I do? What do I do? I’m so confused… Did I make a mistake somewhere? I didn’t steal Steph’s things, I just thought that doll was Steph, I didn’t have any bad intentions! I’m only concerned of her! That’s right... 

But, why? Why did she left me? Was it because I’m completely bad to her? Why? Why? I only act out-of-kindness, you know!

There’s something missing. The pain in my heart hurts, it aches and throbbing so loudly. I don’t know what this is. Am I getting karma for what I have done? Will I die? Do I have an illness or some sort? It hurts, I can’t breathe.

“I apologize. I’m sorry. I’m sorry” I said bitterly.

When Steph left me, I can feel her anger. I only wanted to be with her... 

Just how many minutes has it been? How many hours since she had left? I don’t know anymore, but there is one thing I must do. I want to make up with her and be her precious sister. I want to be cared.

Even if everyone hates me, as long as Steph cares for me. I don’t care anymore.

I steeled my resolve and stood up. I don’t want to be a nuisance to Steph, I don’t want to be an annoyance to Steph. Even if Steph say to be a slave for her, I will do it! I will do everything to be with her always.

Is this love? I don’t know. I just want to be with her.

I heard it from father that to make up with the people you made sad, all you need to do is five something that they like.

Steph likes book doesn’t she? But I don’t know what kind of books that she likes. I look around and seek the books that were scattered on the floor. I’ll buy a library even if I have to. 

Coming to a corner to get the final book, my eyes were caught by a mysterious door. I didn’t see this one before, was it new? Father probably built this new room for her. It might be for Steph’s personal library!

I opened the door and came inside.