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So, uh. The rewrite of the modern magician is progressing well. However, there are some changes that I wanted to write down, but not sure if I will make it as an official. I have done so many test runs to where a certain scene would disrupt the other scene and the plot.
Urgh~ so many things to do in IRL, but I will do my best!

Just to make you relief of how the story is going, here's a link of the world-building in the Modern Magician, [does not contain any spoiler unless you're a new reader]:

It's still incomplete, but if you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know~. I will now publish the rewrite versions by the end of October or early November (Hoping that I can finish the world-building though).

Now for the main question, would I publish the rewrite versions on this series and slowly delete the old ones? Or would I publish it on the new series? Titling it as "Modern Magician", and this old series will be named "Modern Magician in another world [Old Version]




What should I do?
  • Publish the rewrite versions on the same series and slowly delete the old ones Votes: 13 16.9%
  • Publish the rewrite version on the new series. Votes: 29 37.7%
  • Do whatever you want~ T.T Votes: 35 45.5%
Total voters: 77