Chapter 16
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Ren met up with Anna when he went to get dinner in the cafeteria, and was about to tell Anna what he heard from Harley. But Anna signaled Ren not to talk and Ren immediately understood and ate his meal as he decided to strike up a conversation not related to that.

"So what did you do today?"

Anna looked at Ren before smiling and replied to his question.

"Just a test on how many of the same object can I synthesize before exhausting myself. You?"

"Testing how far I can control the plants in my surroundings and they also extracted my blood for a blood test."

Anna smiled towards Ren seemingly understanding something.


After dinner they went towards their room. Once in their room, Ren told Anna about what Harley told Ren.

"... So ultimately, they want us to help each other to improve ourselves."

Ren thought of a clever way to use his idiosyncrasy, but he doesn't know if it will work or not.

"I want to test something out."

"What is it?"

"I want to try whether I can create a seed from my body."

"What do you mean?" Anna looked confused as she asked her question.

Anna knows that Ren's idiosyncrasy is to control nature, but she can't see how that idiosyncrasy connect to Ren being able to use it and cast magic towards his body.

Ren closed his eyes and casted magic towards one of his closed hand. Green lights appeared and flickered in the air signaling that magic was used under the green attribute.

Ren opened his eyes and his enclosed fist and in there is a sunflower seed.

Anna widened her eyes in surprise at this unfathomable situation, then she thought about a little further and formed two answers that is plausible that could explain the situation.

So she went ahead and asked Ren her two hypotheses that she want to confirm.

"It's either your idiosyncrasy, the material imbued in your body made you enable to use your magic towards your body or your body mutated from awakening your idiosyncrasy and turned into something else that is still similar to that of a human."

"To be honest, I don't know. It might be both of them, but I guess I'll find it soon enough once Doctor Harley checked the blood that he extracted from me."

"Well it's either of those two or both of them."


Ren looked at the seed in his hands that he created then looked towards Anna who's writing something in her book that was suddenly in or desks.

Does this mean that Ren's request for something to write was approved and given to all subjects?

Ren looked alternatively between Anna and the seed, then thought of an idea. But first he wanted to test it before he could actually do it. Since he doesn't want Anna to get injured due to him because he didn't experiment about it beforehand.

It's okay for him to cast magic towards himself, sense he won't feel regret over being caught in an unexpected incident due to his experiments. But if someone else is involve, Ren would hesitate and would prefer to test it to someone else and confirm that it's safe before doing it to others.


The next day.

After eating breakfast together with Anna, they went their own ways.

Ren was not called for anything so he assume that he is free for today. So he decided to do that experiment he wanted to do yesterday.

He went to the garden and walked further in until he find a suitable spot to do his experiment.

Ren wanted to see whether he would able to sense the plant that was created from his body when it's seperated from him or from the ground and carried by someone.

First he decided to do the method that he assume would hurt.

He grew a flower in his right hand and pulled it off him. When Ren pulled the flower off his hand, he screamed in pain.

"It... Hurts...!"

Ren expected to experience pain from doing so, but he didn't expect that it would be this bad.

The trees and the grass beneath his feet even winced in pain when they saw what Ren did.

Red liquid started dripping into the floor. Blood flowed from his injured right hand and from the roots of the flower in his other hand.

The trees and the grass expressed their worries by gently swaying towards Ren.

Ren, who obtained the power to control nature, can also feel the feelings and hear the words of the nature around him.

The trees asked Ren to go to the river nearby and treat his injuries there before proceeding doing anything else.

Ren agreed with their sentiment, so he walked towards the direction where the river is as he endure the burning pain that he is experiencing in his right hand.

Blood drips to the ground as Ren walks, leaving a trail of blood.

After arriving in the river, Ren soaked his hand in the river and felt even greater pain from doing so.

Ren is losing a lot of blood, so he decided to close his wound. He doesn't know any plant that could help him bandage his wound, instead he decided to try and see whether he can manipulate his body to close the wound.

As faint green lights flicker in the air, slowly and steadily, the wounds in Ren's hand slowly closes as the blood flows downstream.