Chapter 22
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"Hm? I just noticed but you're not wearing the collar."

Anna pointed out as Ren and Anna walk back to their room after they have finished their dinner.

"Ah... Yeah... Apparently, the person in charge of me, Doctor Harley, got annoyed with my constant use of magic. So he removed my collar, so he would no longer be constantly annoyed by it."

"He's quite fickle isn't he?"


"You rarely were able to use your Idiosyncrasy under supervision for this past week, right?"

"Yeah, we only did it for about 2 to 3 times this past week with an average of of 2 hours of doing it."

"Short... I'm quite envious that you have too much freedom."

"Although I don't what to do with this spare time aside from being able to use my idiosyncrasy better."

"I guess so. There's barely anything interesting here."

"Oh yeah!"

Ren reached his hand towards his hair and pulled a strand of his hair.

"Here you go."


"I want to know what changed with my cells. Apparently, my cells were modified."

"Alright then. It would make an interesting side project."

"Are you able to do it? Even with supervision?"

"Yeah, I've been given freewill in terms of choosing what to do with my idiosyncrasy. But they will give me instructions on what to do from time to time."

"Like making you create something impossible?"

"Yeah, something similar to that."

They went inside their room and continued their conversation inside.

"Are you able to use your idiosyncrasy against a person?"

Anna thought about it for a second before responding—

"Probably. Why?"

"Because I am able to and I feel like idiosyncrasies are more powerful than bloodlines."

"That's true. Idiosyncrasies are more powerful and varied than bloodlines. How well do you know about bloodlines?"

"I only know about how expensive they are and that only a few people are able to awaken their bloodline. And also that only the inhabitants of Blesslineage were able to awoken one. Other continents don't have bloodlines."

"Aside from that?"

"Nothing else."

"Although the magic that can be used depending on the bloodline is varied, secretly, there is way you can classify the varied bloodlines."


"Yeah, it made it to the point that there is a theory that the reason why only a few people are able to awoken their bloodline is due to them accidentally fulfilling certain conditions that allow them to awaken or these bloodlines are just easy to awoken. People are more inclined to the latter in these case, because the people who have awoken their bloodline's occasionally have a similar bloodline to a lot of people."

"Then the saying that there are no ways to classify them is not the whole truth then, since they don't know whether there are other different bloodlines than the common ones. Meaning there are at least cases where one person has a different and incredibly unique bloodline than the rest."

"Right! I have seen people who awoken their bloodline's before and when I compare them to the people in the facility, they are pathetically weaker than us."

"You have seen them before."

Anna made a wierd face for a second when she heard Ren asked that question before returning back to normal.

"Yeah once."

"So what are the bloodlines that are quite common?"

"Fire, water, earth, and wind."

"Hm? You mean like the wizards in the books?"



"You seem to have no interest in escaping this place or are you just that good in hiding that?"

"What brought this on?"

Ren asked while eating his lunch. It's been a month since that conversation they had about bloodlines.

"Well, your the only one without a collar meaning you have no intention of defying them or planning on escaping here."

"Is this what that means?"

"We've been hearing loud noises during the night frequently. Those loud noises came from those who were attempting their escape."

"So that's the reason of the loud noises. But I only heard those loud noises once, and that was around a few days after we got here."

"... You're quite a heavy sleeper aren't you and you really have no plans on escaping if you can sleep so peacefully."

Anna looked at Ren with an exasperated look as she took a bite of her food.

"There's no use in trying to escape for now."

"For now... Huh..."

Anna took note of the last two words that Ren said.

"Well, you have a point."

Anna gave in and agreed with Ren's view.

"I haven't said anything."

Anna can make multiple reasons on why Ren has no plan on escaping which some of them are plausible while the others are just absurd reasons.

"Does that mean you've tried to escape from this place?"

"Nope, but I'm not a good actor so they probably can tell. Unlike you who really has no plans on doing so."

"You don't have to keep repeating it..."

I feel like fantasy is way too hard of a genre for the current me... I may have to put this in hiatus until I can improve... But it's not yet decided. I have began writing something light hearted like slice of life and see how it goes. I've just watched K-on recently so I may be inspired by it. That and I'm watching Love Live next.