Ollivanders and Luna
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/Lukes Pov/

Even after I exchanged the money, and got more galleons than really necessary for an first year student, I was still thinking about the parcel that I got, It was a surprise to be sure, but now I have something to focus on the long term, and I’m happy for that, all my life I had something to look forward, and after the training and completing my task I was feeling kind of empty, so I decided that I will do this, not because I want the sword or the vault, but because I can, and think with me, it’s also a good path to walk, I believe I can do a lot of things in this world, things that I don’t even know is possible, but with King Arthur legacy with me? I think there would be nothing stopping me afterwards; I just need to know what to do after this, for what I would need it, meh, this is a thought for another time, I just began walking in this path, I don’t even know anything, and now I have to change this.

“Prof. McGonagall, where are we going now? We already got the funds, and I want to buy some books, and the rest of the school materials.” She looked at me and said with her best teacher tone of voice, which I guess is her normal tone, that the first thing we would get is an wand, after that we will get the rest you need, and if you want, a pet owl and some extra books.” Seeing the glint in my eyes when she said the magical worlds ‘extra books’ she just sighed saying in a low voice “These Ravenclaws…”

We walked into a shop called Ollivanders, inside of the store was a bit chaotic, it had a lot, and I mean A LOT of boxes, easily surpassing the thousands, and it wasn’t organized, at least not for me, but just seeing the face of the what I believe Is the owner I guess it’s an organized mess, only him can find something here, like our most personal mess in our rooms, sometimes when I get too much into something my room gets like that, I like to think that it’s the insanity of a genius, and with that I know I’m in the presence of someone great in his own field of research.

“Greetings, welcome to Ollivanders, Ah Minerva McGonagall I remember your wand an 9½", Fir wand with a dragon heartstring as a core, wonderful wand, elegant and refined just like you, and Who we have here? A new student I suppose? Come here boy, my name is Garrick Ollivander and we will find the perfect wand for you, just remember, the wand chose the wizard.”  I can see the passion in his eyes; he really is a great man.

“Hello Mr. Ollivander, my name is Luke Pendragon, nice to meet you.” I gave him a sight bow and he asked me what’s my main hand, well that’s a trick question, I don’t have a main hand and I don’t favor neither too. “I don’t have one, I can use both, and I don’t favor either hand, so I don’t really know what to answer.” He mused a little and told me I was already a tricky customer, apparently being ambidextrous is something very rare for wizards.

After the fifth wand he passed me turned out to be not the right one, his face shot up like he had a revelation, it took a bit of time but he got back and passed me an black wand, and as soon as I touched it, the wand started to shine, and I believe I saw a bit of sparks too.

“Yes, this wand chose you Mr. Pendragon, it’s an 10” ebony wand with an Thunderbird feather, I generally don’t work with cores other than unicorn tail hair, dragon heartstring or in the rare occasion phoenix feather, but this one I made in a bout of inspiration, one of the best I made in my entire life, its especially suited to transfiguration magic, and as long you hold in your beliefs this wand will be the best partner you will have in your life, keep an eye on him McGonagall, maybe he will be the one who takes your title of master.” He chuckled to an amused faced Minerva.

As we are getting out of the store she starts talking to me. “Sigh, it’s a shame I believe you won’t be one of my cubs, the house needs someone like you there, but anyway were already a little behind our schedule so let’s continue, do you have the list with you?” after I nodded we went into a shopping spree, it was a shame that I couldn’t get a broomstick, there was a Nimbus 2000 in a case and I found it pretty neat..

“Anyway Mr. Pendragon, now we have a bit of time do you want to find yourself an owl or do you want to buy some extras books?” and for her surprise I chose the first option. “Hm, even if there is no problem, can I hear why would you choose the owl? I really thought you would choose the latter.” I smirk a little and said “I already got the address of the bookstore and I know that you can make orders with an owl, so it’s better to get an owl as it means more books as well.” She looked impressed “Yes, you’re right, I see you are already adapting to the wizard world, so come with me, I know a very good pet store.”

/scene break/

I just put my feet on the store and my eyes landed in a beautiful white owl, it was just a look, but I decided that was the one I would buy, after an uneventful trade I look at my new companion, we stared at each other’s eyes and she hooted to me, that moment I knew I made the right choice.

“You need a name little one, your feather is beautiful like snow, but I think it’s even more comparable with the moonlight with that shiny silver gloss that you have, yes let’s call you Luna, do you like the name Luna?” She hooted to me again and got on my shoulders, this will be a great relationship I can feel it.

In the way back to the muggle world, I see a book in the bookstore stand, ‘Hogwarts, a history’ ”Prof. McGonagall, can I buy just one more thing? It’s a book about Hogwarts; it would be nice to read it before going to the school.” She nodded and told me to be quick, and that I was, if I wasn’t I would loose myself in the bookstore again, she didn’t liked when I did that the first time buying my essentials.

With a wand in the pocket, a book in hand and an owl on my shoulders, I got out of the Dyagon Alley, already feeling like I lost something I get in the car awaiting for me, just one day there and I can feel it, this is the beginning of my life, this is where it all starts.