Train part 1
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/Luke's Pov/

Looking back at my departure from home I realized how much of a lonely person I am, except the working staff, just gran father and teacher El (who came back when she discovered I would be out of country <- that's what the world thinks.), Max on the other hand still refuse to see me, I wanted to talk to him, I hope when I come back he is better, at least enough for us to resolve all of this, I don't think our relationship will be like in the past ever again tough.

I got on the station pretty early; my family is too conspicuous to come with me so I have to go alone, as I wanted a great margin of time for any problem, it was decided that I would go as soon as possible.

I believe I'm saying this a lot, but magic is really amazing, passing a wall and getting in another platform, I believe that was some sort of teleportation, or something similar, aah they use something like this as if it's nothing, how amazing it would be if the magical society never separated from the muggle one, both of them would really help each other, no, maybe not, maybe society would turn stale, the muggles wouldn't progress the technology the same way, there wouldn't be much incentive.

I enter the train while pondering the feasibility of merging the two societies again. I was one of the firsts to embark, so I just chose a random cabinet, stow my luggage and started reading a book, Hogwarts: A history. This one was the last one in my priority list, so I leaved it for reading on the way to school.

/Scene Break/

/A certain bush haired girl Pov/

I hugged my parents as I need to enter the train, I make a deep breath and assure myself that everything will be okay, I revised all the books already, I wish magic won't be too hard, at least not as hard as making friends, never had one, hey hey hey, stop thinking negatively Hermione, now it's a new beginning for you, you will make hundreds of friends… or at least one or two… 'Yes let's go', I say to myself as I push my baggage onto the train.

As I embarked a little late to be with my parents a bit more it looks like all the cabinets have someone already, so it seems I will have to sit with someone, breath Hermione, you can do it, I open the one I am most close "Hello, can I sit here with you? All the other cabinets are being used, my name is Hermione Gran--." I froze a bit seeing the face of the person inside, I don't even know if I can call him a person as I never saw someone like that in real life, his posture, his face, air and demeanor, everything looks perfect, his medium sized hair while being black have a white strip that oddly enough complement his looks even more, the wish to have a hair as good as his leaves my mind quickly as he looked at me with his sapphire like blue eyes. I have a feeling that I saw him before but I don't know from where, I'm certain I would remember him if I had met him before..

He smiled, put a marker in his book and offered "Ah hello, of course you can, here let me help you with your luggage." He tucked everything for me, and it took me a while to get back to reality. The fact that I saw the book he was reading was my favorite 'Hogwarts: a history' helped a lot I admit.

"Come, you can sit, no need to keep standing it's not like I bite, Mrs. Gran." He chuckled a bit and continued,"My name is Luke Pendragon, but you can call me Luke." At that moment realization came to me and I started panic a little, He is THE prince Luke Pendragon! They say he is a genius and would be out of the country for his studies, but that answer why I found him familiar, I stuttered a little but could continue the conversation.

"I- Its Granger, not Gran, and it's really not a problem calling your name like that? I mean you're a prince and all." He frowned for a bit, but rapidly replied "No problem, as we are fellow new students I don't want status to be between of us." I calmed down a lot after that "You can call me Hermione then! I see you are reading 'Hogwarts: A history' great read I must say, I read all the books necessary for the year already, you can never be too prepared, even more so when you only discovered that you're living with half of the world hiding from you." As I start the conversation again the train starts moving.

/Luke's Pov/

Well, I didn't finished my book, but I guess it would be rude to continue reading it after I got company, and I guess I should be more social, the person that entered my cabinet is a bushy haired, and I couldn't not observe that she have an slightly bigger front teeth than normal, in the beginning she was a bit shy, after she realized who am I, even more so, but very quickly I must add, she started feeling better, started talking about how much she is studied and everything, and I swear that every moment that passes she is getting a bit more bossy in her tone of voice, I guess that's how she really is, like people say, an 'know it all', I think I would be like that if I didn't have my oratory training, and if my guess is correct she acts like that in instinct, a protection of sorts, I guess she is a bit like me on the fact she didn't have a lot of friends, or had friends at all, so I have a bit of sympathy for her, but man this bossy tone is a bit irritating. So I will try to change the theme.

"So Hermione, do you think you know which House you will be entering? I find all of them fascinating and already have an idea, but what about you?" she thinks a little and started to say "Well, I have one that I really want to enter, but I don't know if I will it's ---" she was interrupted when a fat boy our age open the door to ask us something.

"Did you see my toad Trevor? I lost him." He was a bit red faced, but I could see he was using all the courage he could muster to ask us that.

"No we didn't" I responded, seeing the disappointment in his face I added, "But I can help you if you want." Hermione instantly said she would help too.

I get up of my seat and put my hand on his shoulders, he looked like he would cry at anytime, but he didn't,"Now tell us your name and where you last saw your frog, you can call me Luke by the way." "And me Hermione." Our bush haired cabinet friend added.

The boy gulped and added, "Longbotton, my name is Neville Longbotton, please call me Neville, and thank you, the two of you."