Train part 2
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/Luke's Pov/

As Neville seems to calm down we continue to talk a little before we start to search seriously, he said he got his toad as a present from his aunt, but he keeps losing him, that little bastard use every chance he gets to jump away, the fact that Neville is a bit clumsy doest help either, but anyway he lost the frog in the train so we have a limited space to look around, which is great, Hermione decided to go look from where we are to the end of the train and Neville will go to the beginning, and doing so they will cover a greater area in less time. But I had another Idea.

"Ok, you two do what you planed, I think if I ask one of the prefects, it would be easy, you know, they can use magic and all, but as there is a chance for it not working." As I said that Neville nodded frankly and Hermione seems disappointed as she grumbled "How I didn't think that?" Each of us walking away into our quest to find Trevor. Let's see who will find him first, it's not a competition but it's funnier that way.

It wasn't hard to find the prefects` wagon, as I walked in the people there looked at me inquiring with their eyes the motive a kid like me is in their wagon. I walk toward a nice looking blond girl with blue colors on her robes, Ravenclaw I presume, and ask for help. "Ms. Prefect, could you assist me with your time? I'm a first year and a friend of mine lost his toad, and I believed it would be easier to find him with the help of magic, so would it be possible for you to help me and my friend?" She smile softly and replied, "Of course, it will be really simple, but one question, do you know the name of the toad? It would be necessary in this case."

After I told the name she made the incantation "Accio 'Trevor the toad`". And not much time after that I can see a flying toad coming directly into her hands, she gave him to me "Just tell your friend to be more careful now, would you?" I readily agreed and thanked her, now retroacting my path to find Neville and Hermione.

This experience gave me a mix of disappointment and excitement, I was disappointed for how easy it was to find the toad, and excitement to see that spell, with just a bit of specification, the prefect could not only find but bring Trevor to her, and with that I muttered my apparent new favorite phrase "Magic is truly magical eh."

As I was getting closer to Neville, a blond boy passed through me, and after a glance to the toad in my hand, he just snorted and walks away. I guess someone looks down on toads, not my problem anyway. I tapped his back.

"Trevor!!" he yelled as soon as he turned around, he thanked me a lot for the help, and after saying that I will go find Hermione he told me to change for my school uniform first since its almost time for our last stop. I thanked him and did as he said, after that it didn't took too long to find her, well she is pretty easy to spot with all that hair I chuckle to myself.

"Oh are you doing magic? Let's see then." I approach and see that she is even bossier here that she was with me, I too am curious about this magic she is talking about.

"Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow turn the stupid rat yellow." I get by her side at the moment a red head did the 'spell', it just harmed the poor rat that was happily eating… something, their cabinet was full of candy and food, all of which I never saw before, Magic food, I will have to try that later.

"It's not very good is it?" Hermione said making the red head uncomfortable. Looks like now is my turn. "Hermione, we found the toad, looks like asking for a prefect was really useful, and so we can relax until the last stop. And Neville asked me to say thank you." She looked startled, as it seems she didn't even realize I was behind her.

I also looked into the two kids that were sitting there, one was the red head, he was already eating chocolate again, but he was stuffing himself, quite frankly that was the worse table manners I saw in my whole life, I didn't even know you could eat like that, the other was a black haired scrawny kid, he was using clothes several times bigger than his size, and had a broken glasses, he was obviously wearing hands down clothes, the red head too, so how could they afford all this candy? None of my business and I don't care enough.

"You two better change into robes, I expect we are arriving soon." I said and started walking back to my own cabinet, I heard Hermione saying to the red head that he got dirt on his nose, and she trotted until she was near me again.

"Your idea of going to the prefects were a really good one, I should have gone too, I wanted to see some real magic instead of you know." She pointed her head on the opposite way we were walking. I agreed with her, and after I told her about how the girl did it, she was impressed.

Curious enough Neville was in our cabinet, he said he was guarding it isn't a good idea to leave our things into somewhere empty, after he said that I realized that's true, I always took it for granted since I'm almost always at the palace and I never had to preoccupy myself with that.

I really liked this kid, he is shy and clumsy, but he have a good heart, so I asked him to go with us, agrees, and we talk a bit about ourselves. Hermione is muggleborn like me, her parents are dentists and she has no brothers or sisters; Neville on the other hand is from a noble house in the magical world, he said he lives with his gran and also is a single child. Now I like him even more, nobody that calls his grandma as 'gran' is a bad person. I can see in his face that there are some circumstances that he doesn't want to talk so I change the talk to me.

"Well, like Hermione here, I'm also muggleborn, but like Neville, I'm also from a noble house, and different from both of you, I have a brother, funny isn't it?" Neville was quite shocked after knowing that I was a literal prince. We talked a bit more until the train stopped; we finally got at our destination, Hogwarts.

We got out of the train and I can see it, the castle, it looks amazing, excitement boils inside me again as I walk toward the boats we will use to get there, I was also surprised seeing that our guide was a man more that is 2.5m. He has a big beard, and there is a few kids a bit scared of him, but with just a look in his eyes I can see he is a good man.

I got on a boat with Neville, Hermione and a blond girl that didn't talk to us, but she keeps glancing at me when she thinks I'm not seeing it. When I tried to say hi, she just snorted and acted like we didn't exist. Another weird one I guess.