[Vol. 1 pt. 29] Forming Bonds
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My construct’s foot cracked from the explosion underneath it, but it seemed fine other than that. Or rather, it seemed fine until it tried walking and lost more and more of its foot with each step that it took.

My poor construct really wasn’t having a good time lately. First, it lost its arm. Then, it started losing its foot.

But that didn’t change that we needed to kill the creatures as they were coming into the territory. What it did mean was that none of my monsters relying on their bodies could safely engage the creatures. This meant that my snake, construct, and golem were out of the question unless they decided to start using weapons.

And that was only physically possible for one of them.

Though, we did experiment with my ooze.

It stuck out one tentacle and then tried to absorb one of the smaller creatures whole, dissolving it in its body all at once, and that seemed to work.


That meant there was no corpse for me to convert into dungeon points and aether. Therefore, even my ooze was not allowed to fight with its body.

This meant that it was my aurbold’s time to shine. And my ooze’s still since it also knew how to fight with weapons thanks to its sparring with her.

It helped that my aurbold had a spear and that my ooze had those spear-like legs from the centipede. They were both able to stab the invading creatures as they came in from a safe distance, killing them, and then letting them explode at a safe distance.

Watching the creatures explode, not underneath the foot of my construct, allowed us to see the spores that came free from their bodies as a result.

They were essentially serving as mobile versions of those mushrooms except with explosions.

Because who doesn’t love explosions?

But, it seemed like there might have been something more to them just exploding on death.

One of the creatures’ deaths was much more gentle than the others since my aurbold only gets a glancing stab on its head, but it’s still enough to kill it.

It didn’t explode.

Was stabbing them only in their heads the key to killing them without exploding them?

As it would turn out, no. It was part of it but that was not the primary reason.

What did end up being the primary reason was killing them without much force. After some experimenting, we discovered that they wouldn’t explode if they were killed with little force. Slowly sliding a spear or the sharp tip of a centipede leg into their bodies effectively killed them without detonating them each time.

That made me curious enough to perform more science.

I ordered my ooze to stab one of the dead creatures with more force. Surely enough, it exploded.

Then I ordered it to smack one of the centipede legs down against the slimy trail left by the creatures when they move.

The trail instantly exploded and destroyed the centipede’s leg.

That confirmed it. That slime produced by the creatures was what caused the explosions, and it only detonated when hit with enough force from what we could tell.

With that knowledge, killing the creatures as they slithered toward my monsters became an easy and safe-ish task.

Anyways, it was finally time to start converting them. Even the ones that exploded earlier still had some chunks left around to convert.

Slain Enemy: Infected Volcanic Slug
Would you like to convert this corpse into Dungeon Points and Aether?
[Yes] [No]

Something told me that the “infected” part there wasn’t normal.

But I didn’t care enough to not convert it into dungeon points and aether.

Infected Volcanic Slug Corpse Converted
+.5 Aether
+2 Dungeon Points

They barely gave me anything, but that was alright. We already killed ten of the overeager slugs anyway.

And there were many more.

We just had to kill more of them if we wanted to solve our aether problem. Even better, more of the slugs were coming out from the two tunnels to the north as if drawn to the explosions they heard earlier.

There was an endless supply of them. Or at least, it seemed like there was an endless supply of them.

I gave my aurbold and ooze the order to stand on guard at the northern tunnel to continue killing any and all slugs that came into our territory.

Meanwhile, there was something else I had to deal with instead of watching them slaughter slugs.

I could tell that something was wrong.

As for what was wrong, the feeling came from my construct.

It left to go and sit by itself after it had its foot almost destroyed.

So, I ordered my snake to coil around me and drag me to where my construct was.

That feeling coming from my construct… it was one of disappointment, of uselessness, and of sadness. Its arm was immediately destroyed in the fight against the humans, it only got the killing blow on the man because we allowed it to, and then—right after trying to kill a slug—it took severe damage to its foot. Even now, its foot was still cracked and crumbling.

I didn’t know what else to do at the time. There was next to nothing that I could do in the first place.

So, I did the only three things that I could do.

First, I ordered my snake to set me down next to my construct before leaving us alone.

Then, I ordered my construct to continue living for me. Not only that, but I ordered it to continue fighting for me. It might have felt that it was becoming useless thanks to recent damage, but I didn’t feel that way. It wanted to continue being useful to me – it wanted to continue fighting for me, so I ordered it to continue doing exactly that.

And finally, I spent a few hours alone with my construct after it picked me up and held me against it.

My construct was my first monster. It was there for me since the beginning, and without it, I have no idea what might have happened to me.

My faith in my construct was immeasurable.

No matter how damaged it became, I believed in it.

And nothing was going to change that.

To express my belief in the only way that I could, I ordered my construct to survive over, and over, and over again.

That was the only way I could express that I not only believed in it, but that I wanted it to survive – to stay with me and the others within my dungeon.

I was held closer to its chest with each subsequent order.

And then…