[Vol. 1 pt. 30] Forming Bonds
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Seeing as how there is no possible way that my legends could be restricted to only one book, I should try to end one of the books with, “And then…”

That’s just such a good way to end a book, isn’t it? The masses would be eager to immediately read on and find out what happens next, only to realize that that is it! They – you, if you’re reading this, would surely love me for ending a book like that! Don’t you think that the anticipation would be great? It would make you only more excited to wait for the next book, and then you would read the next book when available without any hesitation!

I’m sure that he would be proud of me right now. He always told me that one of the most important things is to leave everybody wanting more, so that is exactly what I’ll continue doing!

I have a correction to make.

I went to talk to him about my grand idea and he told me that ending a book on such a massive—as he called it—“cliffhanger,” would be horrible. He also told me that I would probably get the opposite result of what I was looking for. Instead of make people excited and full of anticipation, they would give up out of frustration and potentially send assassins my way.


That’s a shame. I was sure that I thought of something incredible. But, I know that I’m not the smartest when it comes to such matters, so I will listen to his judgement.

He also told me to either black out or apologize for any previous instances of me ending a section of the story with ellipses.

I am sorry.

Now then! Enjoy that apology, for you will likely never get another one from me!

It’s not because I’m ashamed of apologizing or anything. I just almost never have anything to apologize for in the first place. Every man should be willing to apologize when needed, but every man should also avoid getting into situations that require apologies in the first place!

Now, I am sure you are interested in reading about the continuation of, “And then…”

While my construct was holding me against its chest, I felt something change within it.

The feelings of disappointment, of uselessness, and of sadness were replaced by something far stronger.

Something that such negative feelings could never compare to.

Now, I am well aware that this might sound “cheesy” to some, but there is nothing “cheesy” about one of the most powerful emotions that one might ever get to experience.


Whether it is familial love, romantic love, or any other type of genuine love, there are few things stronger than it.

One might even argue that there is nothing stronger than it.

While I wouldn’t have known to call my emotions at the time anything such as that, I did know that I felt a desire to protect all of my monsters. I felt a desire to see them grow strong, to see them live, and to spend more time in our simple dungeon together. Even if I was just a glorified rock at the time that could only be carried around and give orders, I had already developed a familial love for my monsters.

That was why I acted so rashly when I saw my construct hurt.

My construct was more than just my property even if I hadn’t realized it. My construct – my monsters, were my family.

We might not have been related by blood, we might not have shared the water of a womb, and we might have only known each other for a short time.


We were all that we knew. We looked out for each other. We felt enraged when one of us was hurt. We shared the same home.

It was only natural for such a union of monsters to become a family.

And finally, my construct realized that.

The cold emotions within my construct were replaced by warmth.

My construct realized my feelings toward it, and it made a promise to itself to return those feelings.

No longer would it be just my servant – just my summoned monster.

And so, a window appeared in front of my vision.

Dungeon Monster Evolution: Basalt Construct -> Basalt Gnome
As this monster has been summoned for your dungeon, you may choose whether it evolves or not.
Evolution Effects
Daily Aether Cost: 3 -> 7
Basalt Construct:
  Develop a deep bond with its master.
  Exposure to a powerful source of Aether for an extended time.
Convert at least five Aether-rich items into Dungeon Points and Aether.
Convert at least one humanoid species into Dungeon Points and Aether.
Reach 300 total Dungeon Points
40 Aether

The window was stupid to even give me the option to accept.

There was no way that I wasn’t going to accept, aether costs be damned.

My construct was my first monster, did the most work out of them all, and suffered the most, too.

It deserved the evolution.

And so, I ordered my construct to set me down in front of it.

I wanted to watch its evolution to see how much greater it would become.

Therefore, I chose to accept its evolution.

My aurbold was about to feel even more rivaled than before, for my construct evolved into something powerful – something that every single man needs in his life.

An incredibly cute girl.