[Vol. 2 pt. 1]
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Hello once again, my reader!

It has been a while, hasn’t it?

It has been far too long if you ask me.

But there is a reason for that!

I was on another hunting trip.

What can I say? No matter how many years pass, I will always love going on hunts. Some interests never die and that is one of them. After all, it became such an important part of my life in the dungeon so many years ago.

Hunting was important for food. Hunting was important for aether and dungeon points. Hunting was important for our safety.

And hunting was important for entertainment.

Of course, I do not hunt anymore with my body. There is no challenge in hunting great beasts if I do not hold myself back! Instead, I hunt as tribal hunters tend to.

With spears and bows.

But there is still a problem with that.

I cannot use just any spear. If the spear is large enough, I could easily throw it with enough force to tear a beast in half from a distance.

Then there is the problem regarding bows. I tend to break multiple bowstrings each trip because of my strength. If they were strong enough to support being pulled on by my strength then they, too, would be too powerful and capable of tearing a beast in half with their arrows.

But even if I do have to hold myself back and keep many spares on me during my hunting trips, I still enjoy them.

I should take some of the little ones with me next time. I wanted to this last time, but the man – or should I say, the king who I went hunting with had no intention of being around children.

To think that a man with only one wife has even more heirs than I!

Well, given their age and his wife, I suppose that it is not too surprising after all.

I feel challenged now that I am writing about it.

I will have to have another all-night session with my wives after this.

I am the emperor of everything. Therefore, I cannot allow another to beat me at having more heirs!

Unfortunately, it will still be some time before we get to the point in this series of me having heirs.

But at least the process of making heirs is coming this volume.

It will not be the only thing that is coming.


I am the emperor of humor as well!

Now then, I suppose that it is time for me to resume writing about my time in the dungeon.

But there is one thing I wish to decide first.

If the first volume of my series was titled “The Volcanic Dungeon,” then what will this volume be titled?


What would be fitting…

This is difficult.

I will think of it later instead! For now, let us return to a time long since passed.

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