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I realized that I have not drawn my “Personal Overview” in a while. You see, the reason for this… is because I lost track of the aether and other statistics that make the overview up. I need to go back through the previous chapters to make sure that all of the numbers add up because, as I have been informed, readers may potentially be disappointed if I provide an overview that holds inaccurate information.

But… if I tell you beforehand that it may have inaccurate information, does that not fix the problem? So long as you are aware that the information presented can not be depended on to be exact, what is the problem?

Furthermore, it is not as if the numbers are exactly what they actually were when this all happened. I –

Have I brought up my hatred for geese yet?

No, I will not go into a rant about the most evil of all animals. That can be saved for when you read about my first encounter with them.

More importantly, I will show you the information I have written in a notepad for my personal overview, and then I will move on to building the force that would protect Deta and his followers!

Personal Overview
Name: CORE
Achievements: 18
Race: Volcano Emperor
Monuments: 1
Core Rank: Fortified
Traits: 33
Aether Pool: 108 / 278
Total Constructions: 13
Aether Generation: -28 ( 139 - 167 ) / day
Total Monsters: 13
Dungeon Points: 1330
Total Dungeon Points: 4130

Now that we have that out of the way, as outdated as it is, I may move on to what I am sure you are interested in.

After all, I was told that I may have been getting too “rambly” lately. Supposedly, readers wish to read about what actually happened rather than only whatever I feel like talking about.

So, under the advice of my wives, I shall try to focus on the “plot” for a short time before I give you another “ramble.”

Yet… there is an overwhelming temptation to discuss the war I waged with a goose earlier.

No! I must resist. I am better than this. Only a goose would interrupt a chapter to talk about a goose.

And I am no goose.

I am CORE!

Now, I needed to prepare a defensive force to support Deta and his followers. Because there was no way that I would be able to expand my territory to where Deta’s territory was, I would need to make use of the External Explorers trait in order to send my monsters to it. If you have forgotten, any monsters of mine that leave my territory have their daily aether costs doubled and they do not benefit from the various other traits that boost their capabilities while within my territory.

This meant that any monsters I wished to send out of my territory were going to be costly on my aether and weaker. Therefore, if I wanted to send a sizable force to assist my new allies, I needed to summon monsters that were both strong enough on their own that they could last without my traits supporting them and cheap.

There was only one suitable option.

Basalt golems.

Obsidian golems were more powerful overall but also more expensive in regard to aether. For the cost of two obsidian golems, I could have three basalt golems instead, and the obsidian golems were not stronger enough to justify a lower amount of them.

Three basalt golems would cost me six aether to summon and six aether a day if they were to spend all of their time outside of my territory. While I had no idea what our enemy was like, I knew that only a massive pyre emperor was able to do any harm to any of those I had summoned before.

I had faith in the golems at least being able to bolster Deta’s defenses.

At the cost of doubling how much aether I was losing per day, I summoned an additional twelve basalt golems.

I still had no idea what large scale conflict was like, mind you. All of the battles I fought, with the exception of the battle against the pyre emperor, were relatively small scale.

Twelve basalt golems was a considerable amount to me.

Furthermore, I intended to send my basalt constructs with them. The five basalt constructs could assist in defense while also bringing back any corpses to me for me to convert into dungeon points and aether.

The total defensive force was set to be twelve basalt golems and five basalt constructs. I did think about sending South Guardian and Pit Twin as well, but they each cost ten and a half aether per day as it was. Sending even one of them to stay outside of my territory would cost the same as sending the twelve golems.

Now, with twelve golems in front of me, there was a certain monster of mine who seemed interested in them.

“Ah,” Ahti ah’ed before leaving me to look them over. Her eyes featured a slight amount of excitement in them as she looked the golems over.

It was not the first time she saw basalt golems since becoming a basalt gnome, but she did not seem to have any interest the last time. This time, however, she was all over them. She touched them, poked them, gave them gentle punches to test out how sturdy they were – she was almost like a mother making sure that her children would be able to survive without her!

Well, that might not be a good comparison, but it is the first thing that came to mind.

“Ahti, would you like to train them in fighting until they have to leave?” I asked.

Ahti nodded her head. “Ahti will teach them.”

“Good. I am sure they will be far stronger after even minimal training with you.”

Ahti smiled and placed her hands on her hips, standing before the group of summoned golems.

The golems were not able to move as much as a gnome could. Even constructs considerably lacked flexibility and power in comparison to a gnome. However, they could still at least slightly move their arms and legs, and that was enough for Ahti to teach them some techniques.

Ahti was even smart enough to take their inferior maneuverability into consideration. The very first technique that she taught the golems was her favorite technique from her time as a golem.

She picked up a rock to demonstrate, placed it in front of her, and put her arms down to her sides.

And then she fell forward.

Her forehead crashed into the rock and shattered it while leaving a tiny crack in her.

I was instantly reminded of the various monsters that she killed via falling on them and the amusing, squishy noise that accompanied this “technique.”

However… I was not sure that it would be a valid technique against our new enemies. This required the enemy to either be on the ground below the golems or to be smaller than the golems in general.

But before I could raise this as an issue, each of the twelve golems fell forward onto their faces.

 Ahti looked proud of her training as she nodded her head, her hands back on her hips. “Good job. Do it again.”

And so, the golems stood back up only to fall right back onto their faces over, and over, and over again.

“Watching this reminds me of the old days,” Crim said, still staying by my side to regulate the blood flow in my wounded thigh.

Corra only watched how closely we remained to each other in jealousy. She knew that I needed Crim by my side, so she did not dare to interrupt that, but she wanted attention of her own.

Ahti was training the golems, Crim helped keep me alive, South Guardian and Pit Twin were getting checked out by Lucia as she seemed to have developed a fascination with them, and the rest of my monsters were either resting or on guard duty at my territory’s entrances.

Corra was the only one left out.

And I was not so cruel that I did not notice how she felt.

“Corra, come here,” I ordered.

She lifted her head and her expression immediately brightened as she approached me. “Yes, my lord? Is there something that you would like me to do? I – I will do anything for you, my lord!”

I nodded and placed a hand on the top of her head to pet her.

“M-my lord?” Corra asked, trying not to smile too much as she was still confused.

“My hand needs a head to rub,” I explained. “I order you to stay with me so that I may rub your head.”

I could not think of anything else to give her to do, so I tried my best to think of what would make her the happiest to soften her jealous eyes.

Corra’s pale cheeks turned a bright shade of red. “A-are you sure, my lord? I – I do not mean to sound ungrateful, but… e-everybody else is… I – I mean! I love this and wish for my body to never separate from yours, but…”

“It is not enough.”

“Th-then… what else may I do for you, my lord?”


Corra stared up at me with widened eyes, parted lips, and her hands over her heart. “My – my lord… I – you spoil me so much. How am I to resist you when you treat me so well?”

You, my reader, may have assumed that her lips were parted because of surprise. Perhaps adoration.

That would be a wrong.

Her lips were parted because of excitement.


Her eyes, almost unblinking, were fixated on me as her hands came to rest on my chest. That was not all, either. Even her tail came from behind her to wrap around my ankle, whether she noticed it or not.

Her breathing was replaced by heavy panting as she stepped closer, pressing herself against me.

“My – my lord, my lord—”

As it would turn out, I said the most perfect thing that I could say to her at the most perfect time. It was simply too much for her and it overwhelmed all of thinking.

My Corra did not even try to resist her lust.

Before I could realize what was going on, she lifted one of her legs and wrapped it around my good leg, bringing her crotch against my thigh as she clutched onto my shoulders with her hands.

“My lord, please, I





Alright. Somehow, a certain wife of mine could tell that I was writing about one of her most embarrassing moments. I have been told that if I wish to detail our “proper” sexual encounters, then I am permitted to so long as I do them justice. However, she does not want me to discuss the time where she was so lost in lust that she grinded against my thigh while surrounded by the rest of my monsters.

I did not want to exclude this from the chapter, but I have been offered… favors in exchange for my silence.

With as strong as I am, I did not expect her to put up such a fight for my pen.

Now, since I must skip over that, I will move on to the next day as nothing of note happened for the rest of that day aside from Ahti continuing her training.

Also, I will say this. While I might not have understood Corra’s intentions for my thigh, Deiti explained them during the process. I was happy to be of use in relieving my Corra’s pent-up desires! Even today, she may use my thigh whenever she

Apparently, the pleasure that my thigh may provide is a topic that I am not permitted to describe.

Onto the next day!


Almost a full day after Deta departed my dungeon, he returned with his followers and the one who was meant to heal me.

With a leather collar around her neck so that she could be pulled by a leash, the norbold girl was brought before me.

She was the same size as an aurbold, so shorter than an adult human, and her skin was covered in short, black hair rather than crimson scales. Atop her head was long hair in an uneven mess that looked as if somebody tried to cut it while wearing a blindfold. Her arms and legs were frail, and her ribcage could be seen bulging against her chest.

There was one more thing that she had on in addition to the collar and leash, but it was not by choice.

A muzzle.

It secured hid more than half of her face, and its oversized nature even partially obstructed her vision.

Though, it was clear that she did not have much use for her vision. She refused to look anywhere aside from at the ground. Even when one of Deta’s followers pulled on her chain to bring her closer to me, the norbold girl refused to look at any of us.

It was an expression more pained any I had seen before, but it did remind me of one of my monsters.


Corra often looked jealous and sad whenever I was giving others attention, but… the look in the norbold girl’s eyes was far more extreme.

She almost looked as if she was dead.

There was no life, no happiness, no joy nor excitement – her eyes were deprived of any positive emotion.

The only emotions that were present were fear, pain, despair – suffering.

“Be careful, my lord,” Deta warned. “Do not forget that this pest is dangerous and untrustworthy. She will try to kill you as soon as she has an opportunity to try. I feel ashamed for even bringing this foul creature before you.”

The girl lowered her head even more as if she were trying to retreat into herself.

Looking her over more closely, I noticed that the nails of her fingers and toes were cut jagged and far shorter than they should have been. Dried blood took the place of where her nails should have been, but it was hard to notice among her black fur.

“This is… disgusting,” Deiti said.

At first, I assumed that she was talking about the norbold herself, but I was wrong.

“I know that you have no interest in obeying me, but if you are to ever obey a single order of mine, let it be this one. Break the collar around her neck and have Lucia check on her.”

I understood that something was wrong just from looking at the norbold, but I could not truly comprehend just what I was looking at.

“Please. Repay me for giving you life with this one request. I acknowledge that I have taken captives myself, but I always strove to treat them well. I would never think of forcing another to suffer like this. Even the humans who are responsible for defeating me – I do not truly wish for them to suffer. I would see them dead, but I would not see them kept alive to suffer.”

“Is something wrong, my lord?” Deta asked. “C-could it be that you do not wish to suffer the sight of this pest? We can take her away immediately if you would like us to.”

“What’s made her like this?” I asked Deiti.

“The bastard in front of you,” Deiti answered. “I have no doubt about it. Something bothered me from the way that he talked about her kind yesterday, but it was not too uncharacteristic for how the world views them. But this… this is nothing but unashamed cruelty. Not even those who wish to see us dead deserve to suffer like this.”

I still struggled to understand, but that was because it was my first time experiencing cruelty at all.

I had no idea what was done to the norbold girl to make her the way that she looked, but it was clear to me that something was beyond wrong. Deiti’s plea for me to help the norbold confirmed that.

If one of the most powerful dragons to ever exist was pleading for me to help somebody, especially when that dragon was the one responsible for bringing life to me, I was going to listen.

I grabbed the norbold’s shoulder with one hand and tore the collar off with my other.

“M-my lord!” Deta shouted. “What – what are you doing?! She—”

I looked – no, I glared into Deta’s eyes.

The emotions in my eyes were a combination of knowing that something was wrong and Deiti’s fury toward the norbold’s mistreatment.

Deta was smart enough to kneel to me with his head lowered in response.

“Please, please, tell the poor girl that she is safe now. Please, CORE,” Deiti requested.

I do not even think that the norbold realized what I had done. She was too busy shaking underneath my hand, facing away from where I was holding her shoulder.

“You’re safe now,” I said and tossed the collar aside.

It was only when she opened her eyes to see the ripped collar on the ground before her that she realized what I just said.

She slowly lifted her head for the first time to look at me.

Her eyes were a beautiful shade of violet, and they were also quick to grow full of tears.

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