14 – 「Building a New Future」
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It would take about a week for the new house to be built for our Lagosian guests.  During that time, Kimbunny had helped me with some cooking so we could keep the carpenters, Danna-sama, and a couple of Scalebreakers full while they all built the house together.

Rabichard had gone with Danna-sama and Usabella into town two days after the fire, and when they came back later on, Rabichard was the proud owner of a new shield that was almost as tall as he was!

Was that whole 「Guardian」 thing I mentioned something he was really taking seriously?  I guess so, because early in the morning, Danna-sama and Rabichard would go running around the house to build up his stamina, and then there would be some minor swordplay.

Rabichard was by no means strong, after all he was still a child.  Yet, he put in the right amount of effort and by the end of the week, he was able to move while holding the shield, and began to be able to parry and block Danna-sama’s much reserved swordplay. 

At night, the Lagosian family stayed in our room and slept in our bed, and Reyna and I slept in the living room.  I slowly became acquainted with her more and more, and had begun to look forward to our time for reserved intimacy.

Reyna was not shy about desiring me.  I was constantly showered with her kisses and touch.  I eased into my new identity with her help, but I still preferred to call her my husband, even though she was my wife.  Calling her that was something that I wanted to do.  You see, I wanted to be the wife in our relationship.  Not that I’m saying Danna-sama isn’t my wife too, because she is, but…

Now that she broke through my shell, her reservation in not touching me with an unwelcome hand is all but gone, and I am only too happy to follow where she leads me now!

Even though Reyna is a woman, she is one who is rough around the edges at times, and that’s something quite attractive to me.  Yet her strong and toned body is also equally attractive and as much as I enjoy being pulled into her comforting embrace, she also enjoys being spoiled by my soft and much more womanly frame.  She’s also lewd and never lets go of my breasts!  I even have hickeys there because of her!

…not that I’m complaining…

A few days into the construction of the house, Minerva came by to visit after breakfast, and to do a final check on the Hero’s wounds.  I was going to leave them alone in the bedroom since I felt that over the last few days I could trust and believe in Reyna-san, and that it was simply and truly just a medical check-up.

“Where are you going, Kiyome?” Danna-sama asked me while I was heading out of the bedroom.

“Just giving Minerva and you some privacy like usual?” I replied.

“Stay with me.” She said, and extended her hand to me.

How could I refuse?

“You two seem to be getting along quite well.” Minerva said while blushing.

“Of course we are,  Kiyome is my beautiful bride!” Danna-sama answered with a sly grin.

Reyna-san didn’t need any help to remove her clothes, and since it was just us ladies present, there shouldn’t have been any discomfort in her doing so with present company… Yet a small part of me didn’t want to share her bare loveliness with Minerva.

Was I jealous?

Maybe just a little.

I’m a newlywed bride!  I-I-It’s normal!  Reyna-san is mine!

I tried to temper my possessiveness.

Minerva looked over my husband’s shoulder and traced a finger along the white scars that looked like the dashed lines you’d see around something like a coupon.

“It healed well.”  She said positively, before pulling out a small corked bottle from her robe. “I brought a salve to help make the scarring fade a bit.  They won’t be completely gone, but it should help.”

I saw Danna-sama’s face tighten up as she passed a glance my way.



“Is… that something you would like?”


“You said this wound was your treasure, didn’t you?”

She remembered?

“That’s true, I did say that…”  I replied, and moved next to her.  Without even thinking my finger traced them and then my lips moved to kiss each scar.

“I’m fine with whatever you want.  It’s only something I said selfishly before learning Minerva even had something like a restorative to help…”

“But I’m asking you, since this body is the one you will be looking at from now on.  If you want to be selfish still, I don’t really mind.”

I didn’t even care that Minerva was there in the room with us.  I just sat in my lovely partner’s lap and kissed her shoulder all the more as my hands wrapped around her back.

“Minnie, as you can see, I may not be needing it after all…”

“Mm.  No delicacy at all with this one, is there?” Minerva retorted.  Reyna-san just laughed in response.

“So, have you two newlyweds been making good progress?”

“Aah.  Plenty.”

“I’m glad.  You definitely look like you are at peace, Rey.”

“Maybe I am.  I know that there’s nowhere else I’d rather be, at least.”

“Well, since this was the purpose of my visit, there’s not much else for me to do now, is there?  I’ll just let you two get to it, then…”

I felt a little guilty when Minerva said that, but only a little.  I let go of my lover and climbed off her lap.

“You don’t have to leave right away.  If you haven’t eaten yet, I can make something.  Besides, it’s about time for everyone to show up, and I have to prepare lunch for them anyway.”

“I did notice the construction.  Are you building a stable or something?”

Considering it was housing for the Lagomorphian family, I wonder if that was an accurate or prejudiced statement.

“No.  Usabella’s house caught on fire some days ago, and she and the little ones have been staying here with us.  Kiyome proposed building a house for them, and along with Tally, Myself and some carpenters, we should actually be finished with it by the end of the day.”

“Oh, I heard about the fire, but I didn’t know the guild clerk was affected.  We could have sheltered them at the temple if it was going to cause you problems…”

“It hasn’t been a problem at all!” I answered.  “The children are well behaved, and even helpful around the house.”

Minerva just crossed her arms and looked at us.

“So, you two haven’t had any real privacy since then?”

“We’ll have our privacy tonight… but sleeping on the floor does make me think I need to have some kind of cushioning should something like this happen in the future, or for when we have overnight guests.  Not for me, of course.  I’m plenty comfortable with Kiyome lying next to me.”

Reyna-san has no trouble at all saying the most embarrassing things about me.  While I would have enjoyed a proper futon as well, I didn’t at all mind being her body pillow either!

“Alright then, I’ll stick around and keep Kiyome company while you are hard at work.”

“Thanks, Minnie.”

Usabella was already at the guild, and the little ones were outside playing in the yard.  There was plenty of space for those cute little bunnies to run around and have fun.  I had thought a small playground set would be a perfect distraction, but when I brought it up to Danna-sama, she had no idea what I was talking about.

So, I had been trying to draft some plans for the future when it might be possible to build one, or have one made.  I’m all for safety first, but it’s okay if it’s something simple like a see-saw and a swing set or slide, right?

Hmm… Maybe not a slide, they don’t have plastic, and metal would get really hot in the afternoons.

Reyna-san redressed herself, and maybe some part of me wouldn’t have minded so much if we could just have a little fun with each other in the morning before having to get started with our day.

Plenty of time for that from tomorrow onwards though!

Tally arrived with the carpenters, and Danna-sama went to join them.  I had taken a number of ingredients out of the pantry to begin cooking.  My big helper, Kimbunny also came in around this time to be my fluffiest assistant.

“Oh!” She squeaked in surprise and bowed towards Minerva. “ Aren’t you the「Saintess」-pipyo?”

“I am indeed.  How are you faring today, little one?”

“I’ve been good!” She said proudly, “Auntie Kiyome is training me to be a Sentou Meido!”

Ah… It’s not chuunibyou if you’re a six-year old.  It’s just preciousness!

“Sentou Meido?  What’s that?”

“Auntie says it’s the strongest support class in the world!  I’m going to support my Onii-chan who is gong to be a 「Guardian」!!”

“A 「Guardian」 you say?” Minerva had a bemused smile on her face, one that reminded me of…

I grabbed my head for a moment when I felt dizzy suddenly, and my free hand held on to the counter space by the stove.

“Are you alright, Kiyome?” Minerva called out to me.

“Huh… ah, yeah… I’m fine.  Just felt dizzy for a second.”

Was this… because of Fairyluna sealing my memories?

The dizzy spell only lasted a moment, so I didn’t need to take a seat or anything.  I had my two daggers resting on the counter and quickly got to work to distract myself from that memory and any future incidents.

Minerva helped herself to some of the ale we had, and sat at the kitchen table while observing me and my hippity-hop helper got to work.

The one thing that everyone seemed to find agreeable to eat were sandwiches, so I had used my culinary ability to make a handheld meat slicer so that I could make thin strips of meat, and then after sanitizing the dagger when I transformed it into a cleaver, my fluffy assistant helped with tearing off pieces of the lettuce-like vegetable while I thinly sliced what were essentially pickles and tomatoes.

It came time to briefly grill the meat, just so there was no trace of harmful bacteria, and then Kimbunny took care of the bread and vegetable assembly while I draped the freshly heated meat over the empty slice of bread.

All the while, Minerva was holding a conversation with me, mainly about The Hero, but also about how I really was adjusting to my life here.

I wasn’t sure if I should have opened up to her like I did, but I basically told her about what happened that night, and my complicated feelings.

“I know Rey probably wouldn’t want to hear me say this, but Fairyluna, while being the Goddess of the Oath, is also a champion of love.  There’s nothing to feel ashamed about, you know?  You’ve definitely brought happiness to Rey, and not just her!  Candice and Taleen are both still talking about how they got to participate in a special ceremony with the Hero of Light, her bride, and the Goddess looking on!”

I nodded, but part of me wondered if things would be vastly different if I had all of my memories intact.  Would I have been so open to a relationship with Reyna-san if I wasn’t brought here and essentially made to be her bride?

I keep being told that I’m the one who put the ring on her finger to save her life, so, I mean… did I have my memories at that time or were they sealed later on when I was asleep?

“Besides, seeing you two acting that way…”

Her sigh was tinted with some melancholy, but her lips became dampened by a second and then third cup of ale.

After the food had cooled down and Rabichard came in saying it was break time, we brought the sandwiches out after I took a moment to make some thinly sliced and salted chips to go with it as a bonus for everyone working extra hard for the Lagosian’s sake.

I had fetched a blanket from the scorched chest by the bedroom door, and used it as something of a picnic blanket.  Danna-sama, Taleen, Minerva and I all sat down and enjoyed a light lunch.

“Kiyome, you gotta teach Candy how to make this!  This is delicious!” Tally said with her mouth full.

“I’d be happy to, anytime.”

I had the pleasure of being able to act lovey-dovey and feed Danna-sama, while Tally was going on about Candy and their newlywed life, and Minerva just sort of stayed quiet and listened.

After lunch, Minerva returned to town, and I had done some housekeeping in the interim.  It was sooner than I expected, but the house was done a few hours later when Danna-sama came in to let me know.

I wasn’t sure of all the details, but it seems like Reyna-san had already taken care of the cost of the new building.  I wasn’t aware of our exact household finances, so that was going to be something I paid attention to in the future.

I’m not a gold digger, but even with the reward money from the Wyvern, I’m not sure if that was sufficient enough of a payment for a house.  Maybe the Japanese housing market has skewed my sensibilities?

It didn’t matter.  I and the two children went inside and saw how spacious it seemed.  There were even two small rooms, so Usabella could have some privacy of her own at times it seems.

Rabichard went straight to the room he’d be sharing with his sister and saw a small rack where he could happily hang his shield up.

It seems there were also two beds made.  It was too much to expect a bunk bed, but the little ones would be fine sharing a single bed for now.  They still needed mattresses however.

There was a supply of firewood on the side, so Kimbunny could take over the kitchen duties of her household with the nice stove that was attached in a similar fashion to the one in our home.

I didn’t have any more 「Barca」 or I would have made more chocolates as a housewarming gift.  Usabella arrived later on with Candice and collected Taleen, but not before seeing the inside of the new house.

With a promise to teach Candy some recipes for food at a later date, Usabella was adamant about not spending another night in our home.

“We’ve overstayed our welcome and already received so much from you both.  Please let us sleep in our own home tonight, so you can spend some precious time together with each other-pyon.”

No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t convince her to stay the last night.  Even Rabichard and Kimbunny were on their mother’s side in this matter.  So, after bringing some food from our pantry over to theirs, we finally had our place all to ourselves tonight.  However, as much as I like the scent of Danna-sama’s sweat… She really needed a bath!

Kiyome’s Otherworld Observation Log:

While there is a food culture here, I’m not entirely aware of all the nuances behind it. Spices tend to be added in brines and meats and vegetables are soaked in them.  Adding them directly during cooking and even afterward is not a common practice here, though Reyna-san can’t get enough of my cooking at times.  How she can eat all of it and not look like she’s gained a single gram of weight is a mystery wrapped in jealousy to me.

Also, mattresses are more costly than bedframes, which is about right.  I know quality mattresses in Japan would go for tens of thousands of yen.  Here, the cost is tens of silvers, and mainly use feathers from specific types of birds, and there are many varying grades to them.  Sometimes, rather than fabric, pelts from large hunted animals are stitched together and then stuffed. The Lagosian family had to wait a couple of days to get theirs, but from what I understand, the quality of the ones they have now are something Usabella would not normally be able to afford.