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There's four of them. The first one that walks into the room is dressed up as a knight, clad in heavy gray-colored armor. He's average height and build, and is holding a weathered axe in his right hand and a wooden round shield in his left. The second one to enter is dressed much like the first, but is about half as tall, and I initially thought he was a child at first glance, but the long brown beard and wrinkly face says otherwise. The third one to come through the door is a little skinnier than the first, and is not wearing any armor, instead wearing a bunch of robes and holding a large staff with a shiny green crystal affixed to the end. Lastly, an archer enters the room, wearing leather armor, and holding a bow in one hand and the other holding the end of an arrow that's only slightly sharper looking than her ears.

The last angel especially grabs my eye, with her golden hair and a young face so full of life I almost forget I've been living in a room full of the dead.

As they all enter the room, I expected them to start talking to us, telling us the next steps we must take with our after-life, but instead they showed me that their weapons are not for decoration, as the angels and my dead brothers entered into a large one-sided battle, with the angels completely slaughtering every last one of us.

An unarmed skeleton rushes the first knight, but with a single swing of his axe, he gets cut in half, with his legs and hips falling to the ground and his torso and skull crashing into the knight's armored shins and feet, making the same sounds you might hear at a bowling alley after someone would get a strike.