The Girl Who was Out of My Reach(?)
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Opening my eyes, I found myself in an unknown dark room. Completely tied up in a chair with my mouth completely sealed. 

“Where am...I? And why am I tied up!?”

I am completely confused as to how I got myself into this situation. Panicking, I started struggling from the chair I was tied to, making me fall down on my side. That fall made a loud sound and left my arm hurt as I fell down hard.

“Oh? You’re finally awake.” a voice reached my ear, looking at it’s direction I saw a person who was standing beside a now opened door. That person was…

“Hey that’s bad you know? You could really hurt yourself from doing that.” As if to speak worriedly, the person...rather she was now helping get up from my position making me go face to face with her.

...She was...the person whom I’ve always yearned for, Kate Ramirez. But why am I in this kind of situation with her right now? I honestly have no idea.

“Ahhh♡, Ken♡...I finally have you♡♡.”

Bewildered, I was perplexed by what she had suddenly said. As if understanding my thoughts, she untied the cloth that was sealing my mouth. *Gasp* I exhaled as she unsealed my mouth. The first thing I could do was…

“W-Why...are you doing t-this…?” I asked her curiously as I was baffled by this current occurrence. 

“Hmmm...If I had to say, it’s because I am in love♡ with you♡, Ken♡♡.” She replied almost looking merrily.

“U-Uhm...I see, but w-why am I tied up?” 

Her eyes started going dark when I said those words. It made me shivered up seeing how dark and emotionless her eyes became.

“...It’s because you might run away…”

“Me?...Run away…? From what...rather who?” 

“You...Ken was always looking at me. It made me happy from always being looked at by Ken!! It made me happy seeing how you had always yearned for me!!...but stopped looking at stopped looking my way. It made me lonely. You started to look somewhere else not even looking my way anymore...It...It hurts me that Ken won’t even look at me anymore…” 

Kate started crying as she said those words. It surprised me hearing that she knew that I had yearned for her.

“...I couldn’t take it...I want you to look at me, only at me!! I want you to only be thinking about me, no one else!! I don’t want you looking at somewhere else! I want Ken all to myself!! No one else can’t have you!! I love you so much that I could die without you!! Anyone who tries to take you away from me...I will kill them!!!

Her teary, dark, and dead eyes came back as she said those words. 

“This could be...bad…”

“Ken is mine...only I can be the one for you, Ken. Don’t ever look away from me again.”

“This girl...Kate is…”

“I love♡ you, Ken♡. You’re mine♡, don’t look away from me ever again, okay? I’ll lose it if you do it again.”

“...she’s dangerous.