My Normal Day Turned Horribly Wrong
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You might be wondering why I got here in the first place. Well, let’s go back in time just to see how I got in this situation.

{queue Flashback SFX}

I start my day with a boring but needed morning routine. Wake up from the sound of my alarm, hop on the bath and clean every nook and cranny of my body, get dressed, eat breakfast, and brush my teeth before leaving my home.

My way to school is just as it goes, I walk to the waiting shed, ride the bus, and hop out on my stop then walk about another 8-10 minutes of walk until I see the schoolgates. I enter the school like any normal students would.

I hate getting late so I always wake up early to get ready and get to my school with time to spare to read some novels on my phone.

But that wasn’t also the thing I’m into when coming to school early. There was always that person who would come to school the same time as I am, Kate Ramirez. 

I had a big infatuation on her, she was the person I have always yearned for. She was popular to both boys and girls alike. She gets a lot of confessions, but she just rejects them all the time it happens, last I heard. 

I had always looked at her from afar, though I stopped myself from doing it, as I know that such hopeful feelings could never be answered. It was such a hopeless one-sided love, that I started just looking away. I didn’t want to bother her from confessing, much less even talk to her as I am just someone who is not even close to her.

My daily school days changed as I started to lose my infatuation on Kate. I became more uninterested in things as I lost the only thing that makes me happy going to school, and that was seeing Kate.

Now that I’m losing my infatuation, I can’t even do anything that makes me interested in going to such boring school and daily lessons. The only thing that makes me have fun are only novels and manga.




My normal school days continued, it was honestly getting me depressed at how it was more dreadful as I felt that school was turning like hell to me. I had lost my reason to be happy going to school.

All those kept happening until she called out to me…

“...uhm K-Ken, would it be possible if I can talk to you?”

“...Huh?” I was surprised, seeing how Kate suddenly started talking to me.

“Uh you know, I want to talk with you privately. Would it be okay if we can talk later after school?” She added, almost sounding nervously.

“O-Oh I see...that’s fine with me.” I replied but my voice sounded awkward as I was feeling anxious from talking with Kate for the first time.

“Great! I’ll see you later then.” Her face started beaming as she smiled brightly saying those words.

“Though what could she want from me, I wonder?” I thought in my mind as I didn’t really know what Kate wanted to talk with me about.

“Tsk, Kate was talking to Kenneth.”

“What would Kate even call out to someone like Ken, though?”

Murmurs filled the class as my classmates started talking about what just had happened. I can feel an awfully dangerous stares behind my back. These guys might start targeting me in the near future, gotta be careful.




Dismissal came and it was time to go home. I waited for Kate as I had promised to meet her after school.

“Oh there you are, Ken.”

A voice called out to me, looking behind me I saw Kate running getting closer to me. 

“Sorry but can we move somewhere else? I’d like to talk somewhere private if possible.” She says as she got to where I was, out of breath from running a while ago.

“Oh, sure that’s fine.” I replied to her, agreeing to her request.

She started leading me in some sort of park that was near the school, out of nowhere some guys came out holding something. Restless, I started to get suspicious of these estranged men. I called out to Kate, as I was getting anxious from the sudden situation.

“...U-Uhm, Kate...these guys…” My words stopped as I saw something that perturbed me. Kate’s expression was looking dark, almost lacking in emotion.

“...I’m sorry, Ken.”

“...H-Huh? You’re sorry? About wh-- ACK!!!” As I was asking Kate, one guy started to attack me with what looked like a taser. I lost my consciousness completely after seeing Kate’s face the last time...

{Flashback SFX goes out}

Aaand that’s how I ended up here. 

This girl seriously just kidnapped me. I’m happy that our feelings are mutual though. However suddenly kidnapping me out of nowhere was kind of stepping over the line there.

Yep...I have to negotiate with her somehow. I don’t wanna end up being confined here.