Becoming Her Property
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“...So uhm...what do you intend to do to me?” I ask in hesitation, as I was unsure what she could do to me knowing the fact that I’m tied up tightly on a chair.

“Oh♡, nothing much. I’m just making you mine *permanently*. I’ll make sure you never look away from me again♡. Do you get it, Ken? You’re mine♡! Nobody else’s.” Her face looked as if she was in a trance, as she said those words.

“I feel like I know what this is...A Yandere? Yeah, definitely a Yandere. A weeb friend of mine is into this kinda thing, so I guess I know what this is partly. Kate is most definitely what you call a Yandere.” A thought went through my mind as I remember this kind of thing from a friend. He was into a lot of weird things in all honesty.

“Can I at least be untied? I swear I won’t run away…” I try to ask, promising her that I won’t run away.

“Nope! I won’t be untying you. If I did, it’s possible that you would really try to run away.” I got refused flatly.

“Can you at least loosen it up a little? The ropes are tied too tightly, it hurts you know?” I tried to ask again, pleading to her to loosen some ropes a little as it really hurt being tied up too tightly.

“...Fine, but only a little.” She replied, sounding reluctantly.

“Thank you very much.” I said gratefully as she loosen up some of the ropes that were tied up to me.

“Now where were we? Oh, right! Becoming your property. I don’t really know like...becoming yours, but...can I at least go home...y-you don’t really need to confine me here and all. I still have my own family to go to. I bet my own Mom is starting to get worried now that I’m not at home…” I said pathetically as I tried to reason my way out of Kate’s Yandere-like behaviors.

Her eyes started to become more dark as she looked at me saying those words. She is looking at me as if trying to know if I am being honest with my words or not.


I despaired inside my heart hearing her say that.

“...I’ll only accept if you listen to my conditions.”

Light began coming back to my eyes as I heard something that I could have hope on. Without any waste of time I asked her…

“What conditions are there if I may ask?”

“My conditions are easy to follow, first I want the both of us to go to school together every day and also going back home together. Second, I want your phone to be open for me 24/7. You are to answer my calls every time I dial your phone, same goes for when I’m messaging you. You can follow around that much condition right?”

“24/7? That’s too much, can’t I at least get time to sleep? You know, like around 9:00 PM until 6:00 AM…Sleep is important too…” I said as I try to compromise with one of her conditions.

She looks at me with her darkened eyes again, ascertaining something in her mind before finally speaking, “Fine then, 9:00 PM until 3:00 AM”. It was another unreasonable demand for me.

“Hey! Isn’t that too early!? At least make it 4:00 AM…”

“3:30 AM, no lesser than that.”

“Ugh fine, 3:30 is okay.” I said as I agreed with her demands.

“Great, please take care of me from now, boyfriend♡.”

“Now can you let me go? I really need to go home now…” I said to her, as I was getting impatient to get out of the place.

“Okay♡♡, You can go home now. Oh! Before I forget, I’ll be picking you up from your home tomorrow, okay? Remember it’s one of my conditions to go to school together. If I don’t see you there, you know what happens, right?” Her last sentence turned low and cold, trying to remind me of what I can’t escape from.

“Yes, yes I know. I’ll be sure to wait for you.” I replied to agree to her conditions relentlessly.

“Good♡. Ah! Wait before you go, here♡!!” As I was about to leave through the door, she stopped me by grabbing my arms before closing in her face to mine. She kissed me very deeply, not letting me escape from her grasp. Forcing herself to me very intensely.

“A goodbye kiss♡♡.”

My head blanked the moment she did that to me. I can feel my face reddening from the kiss she forcefully gave to me. Not saying another word, I went out of her place and ran as fast as I could to get back to my own home.