My Classmates’ Jealousy
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On the way to school, I’m being stared at weirdly. Almost every guy we pass on through the way are giving me a look as if their eyes would explode from rage. It was expected as one of the most popular girls in school is walking with me with our hands holding together. 

Kate was grinning and was flushed red in the face as I looked at her from the side. “Her expression is too cute to look at...I can die happy with just this.” I said in my mind, immersing myself from the cute expression Kate rarely shows to anyone.

As I mentioned, Kate is one of the popular girls in school. Many guys have already confessed to her, but she rejected all of them. She shattered the hopes of the many brave souls who had tried to get close to her. Well I think I know the reason for that.

It took us no time to get to our classroom, the moment we got inside almost every one of my male classmates were looking at me with contempt. Their eyes had the question in them “Is Kate seriously dating Kenneth now?”. Their stares with rising with a really obvious rage in them, as if trying to hurt me with their peaking jealousy. 

“Uhh...Kate if I may ask...are you and Kenneth dating now?” Someone said, asking Kate the question everyone had as they looked at the both of us.

“That’s right♡! I am in love with Ken, so I asked him out♡ (forcefully).” Kate replied, enthusiastically. Her face was blushing as she said it, but the way she looked at me when she said the last words to her answer made my back run down with cold sweat. While it is true that she asked me out, she actually did it forcefully. I may go as far as to call it blackmailing me to go out with her.

“...Why would you even go out with someone like Kenneth?” Someone asked, his tone of voice sounding as if disappointed.

“Huh? Why would you ask the obvious? I love Ken and that’s all the more reason why I would go out with him. And to begin with, what’s with you? Your tone when you ask me that question sounded as if you’re some kinda guy I’m close with.” Kate replied harshly, reprimanding and speaking rudely back to the guy who asked her the question.

“Geh!” The guy could only look away from Kate, knowing he got to her bad side.

“...Now that I look closely, why the hell are you guys looking at us weirdly here? Especially you all boys, why are you looking as if you’re filled with rage at Ken? What are your problems with us here?” Kate continued, sending a barrage of questions back to our classmates.

“N-No, we weren’t really…” Someone muttered but the end of his words were quiet so it wasn’t heard loudly.

“If you guys have objections to me going out with Ken, I don’t care. I have my rights to choose who I want to be with, not you. If you only have complaints with my decisions then don’t you ever talk to me.” Kate said angrily as she looked at the whole class. She conveyed her desires openly, not wanting any nuisances to her selfish decision of wanting to be with me.

The whole class turned silent, all guys who wanted to argue looked all gloomy as Kate had destroyed their chance to say their complaints.

I can only say that she was a different sense.