Getting confronted by the School’s most Troublesome Delinquent
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After eating the lunch Kate had provided to me, I felt satisfaction from eating my favorite meal that was cooked by her. It was the best ever food I've ever had, even made by the person I have always admired (well she was my girlfriend now though). 

The rest of the class period went by as I was reminiscing the aftertaste of the Beefsteak that Kate made for me. 

*Ding* *Dong*

Sounded the bell as it told the end of classes. Just as I was packing my stuff to get ready and go home with Kate. Someone suddenly called out from the door of the classroom,

“Is there a guy named Kenneth here?”

A very troublesome guy appeared, he was Mark Santos. The most troublesome delinquent in the school. Just seeing him and already calling out for me makes me scared of what he could want from me. This guy is rumored to beat anyone he targets.

“And what is it that you want from my boyfriend?” As I was fearing and contemplating in place, Kate started to open her mouth and speak in a tone as if to provoke the guy.

“Heya Kate, I just heard you got a boyfriend named Kenneth and hearing your statement I guess it’s true. And to answer your question, there’s nothing much I need. I’m just here to beat up the guy who dares to lay his hands on my woman.” He replied to her, semi-flirtingly as he said the last lines.

“Yep, he’s really up to no good now. And he’s targeting me now too!!” 

“Huh!? Who the hell is your woman now? Stop daydreaming, asshole.” Kate said, swearing at Mark.

“For the love of God, please don’t provoke him further Kate!? I, myself, don't even want to deal with someone like him. I barely know how to fight.” I thought to myself as I wallow in despair seeing my own girlfriend, the one provoking the troublesome thing I don’t wanna face head-on.

“Come on now, it’s you Kate. I won’t forgive any man who tries to take what’s mine.” Mark replied.

“Hah! As if I belong to someone like you, dumbass.” Kate provokingly says, “The only guy I belong to is Ken over here. You seriously think a loser like you even has any worth in my eyes? Dream on.” Kate continued as she stood right beside me, hugging my arms.

“Uhh Kate, I think it’s not a good idea to provoke him. Look, his face is already getting red from anger over there.” I hesitantly said to Kate, looking at her she only had an expression towards the guy as if he was trash that was in the way.

“What the fuck!? You seriously think I would just idly stand by when you insult me like that?! Get over here you bitch!!” Mark screamed out, rushing towards us.

Fearing what he would do to Kate, I stepped forward and guarded her. Facing Mark head on.

“Haha! You seriously think you can protect her? Alright then, I’ll beat you up first!?” Mark says to me as he raises his hand, preparing to punch me in the face.

Knowing I won’t be able to do anything about the incoming fist, I clenched my teeth and waited for the inevitable impact that was going to happen...but before it even really happened…

“AGH!! What the fuck are you cunts doing!?” Kate’s female friends grabbed Mark and forced him to lie on the ground.

“Ken, you tried to protect me~~ I’m so happy♡!!” Kate spoke, not even trying to mind the guy that was about to attack her too.

She started hugging me tightly. Her cheeks blushing pink and adorably clinging onto me.

“Right, girls♡ you know what to do.” Giving a glance at her friends she lightly tells them.

“We got it, you just go and have your date with Kenneth. Have fun, girl. Hope you have a good time.” One of her friends replied, before they towed Mark away.

“Thanks♡~” With that, both Kate and I went on our way.