A Sudden Date
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After getting out of school seeing that situation. I was left dumbfounded at how Kate’s friends can handle the most troublesome delinquent of the school.

“So uhh, what’s going to happen to that guy?” Not being able to suppress my curiosity out, I find myself asking Kate that question.

“Nothing much, my friends will just make it so that he doesn’t try to do anything stupid anymore.” Kate casually replies. Not giving a care about Mark.

“...Are they going to do something violent to him?” 

“Hmm? No, they would do something more appropriate. Something he won’t be able to take control of.” Kate said, her eyes starting to look dark.

“Humiliation. He would die, socially.” She continued, her words sounding cold.

“Scary! Women are scary!!” I thought to myself, shivering from feeling fear as I looked at Kate’s dark eyes.

“Fufufu You’re shivering, how cute♡.” Her eyes went back to normal as she said that. All her expression shows now is that of a girl looking at a prey that amuses her.

“Well shall we go now? I wanna have a lovey dovey date with you♡~~. Fufu” She said to me, her expression showing a sweet affection.

“O-Okay...but where should we go…?” I asked hesitantly.

“I know just the place♡.” She replied as she pulled my hand, prompting me to follow her lead.






When we reached the place she was leading me to, I was surprised by how small and how it was hidden from the popular street areas. It was a small cafe.

Kate pushed me inside, forcing me to go in with her.

“Come on, let’s go in.”

When we got in, a middle-aged looking lady greeted us...well greeted Kate.

“Oh? Is that you, Kate? Welcome, what can I get you?” The lady started asking Kate what she wanted. It seems she is a Regular from this store.

“I’ll have the usual Mrs. Cruz. And please add a cheesecake too.” Kate replied, telling the lady her order.

“Got it and you, young man? What will you have?” The lady asks as she looks at me.

“U-Uh I’ll have a Latte...also Cassava cake too.” 

“Alright, got it. Hmm? Is this young man...your boyfriend, Kate?” Curiously, the lady asked Kate about our relationship.

“I see, he seems like a good kid. Take care of Kate now will you, young man.” The lady gently tells me.

“Y-Yes.” Nervously I replied, before looking at her again. Her expression shows a gentle expression, one would show to children.






Getting our orders, both Kate and I took a seat on the far back of the cafe.

I sat beside the glass window while Kate casually sat beside me, sitting too close in fact. She hugged into my arms as if it was natural. Resting her head on my shoulders.

“I could get used to this♡.” She said as her face shaded in pink color. 

“It’s now or never.” I thought to myself as I started to take my arms off her hug and used my hand to hug her closer to me.

“You will be and it won’t stop just like that, I want to spoil you too.” I told her as I patted her head with my arms that was hugging her.

“Now you’re suddenly assertive. I like it though♡~~ Spoil me more from now on♡~~” Kate said, her face tinged red from the sudden assertiveness I did.

“Roger that, Princess.” I replied to her, her expression changing to a maiden that is full of affection.