Spoiling the Princess
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Obeying her words, I kept on hugging her close to me. Saying genuine sweet words to her, telling her how adorable she was.

“Your adorableness is just off the charts. You make my heart melt more than you can imagine. Geez Kate, why are you so cute?” I told her as I held tight in my embrace.

“Awawawa, stahp♡ this ish sho embarrassing...Uuu” Kate said in a low voice as she couldn’t handle the words I gave her. However, not letting her get the chance to protest from my spoiling. I held her tight and kept saying the words I’ve always wanted to tell her in the past when I was admiring her.

“Ever since I met you, everything is just so bright and lively. I always look forward to seeing you everyday. I really love seeing your smile, you’re the person I’ve always wanted to cherish.” 

“Hau, stahp it already. Geez, I get it you love me...Uuu” Kate muttered, so low you could barely hear it. Her face started to get a tinge of deep red. Seeing her meek behaviour, I couldn’t stop myself and just boldly whispered into her ear.

“Yeah, I love you...very much so.” Her eyes opened wide as she heard my whisper.

“G-Geez you!!” Not being able to take with the way I’m spoiling her. She started to lightly hit me with her left arm.

“O-Ow hey, come on. You’re the one who told me to spoil you.” I lightly said to her. Hearing this, she pouted while her face was still red. Seeing that cute reaction just awakened something inside me.

“Mou!! You idiot, you did it too much!!”

I couldn’t help but tease Kate seeing her cute and meek behaviour. The way her face is so red from embarrassment, fills me with an unbearably amount of warmth. It satisfies me that such a woman loves me just like how much I love her too. Though she can somewhat over the line at some points. Nonetheless, Kate is the girl I have always wanted to hold dearly. I don’t want to ever let her go.

With how much she is glaring at me with her face currently pouting and is in deep color of red, I didn’t let go of her and just kept on having my arm around her, hugging her tightly by my side. I whispered again in her ears.

“You’re so cute when you’re angry~.” I told her so, with a lot of affection.

“You’re really aggressive, you know that?” Kate said, hiding her face with both of her hands.


Not noticing it, Mrs. Cruz was already in front of us. Bringing the tray with our orders. She coughs as if to remind us of her presence.

Panicking, I shift to the side separating from Kate. 

“Please keep in mind where you guys are and do the flirting in moderation, okay?” Mrs. Cruz said, reminding us of our current behaviours.

“Y-Yes, we will keep that in mind.” Still panicking a bit from before, I replied to her.