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"Protect the Egg!"

"The egg shall be protected!"

"The egg's survival is a must!"

"Be careful! Don't break the egg!"

He never thought that the first order he must commit is to deal with protecting an egg. What egg? How will his family know? Lang Yuan was suddenly transferred without notice and while in daze on what the hell is happening to him he was pushed towards the chaos of people. Everyone is trampling, trying to form a human barrier while surrounding a glass casket. Inside the glass casket is an egg in the size of an ostrich, has a yellowish color with red blots, and wrapped in what seem to be the finest silk and perfume.

To why does it seem that these people are worshipping this single egg, Lang Yuan has no idea. His little knowledge about human religion and what-not only valued a cent, but this does not mean that he's stupid.

Actually, humans tend to make a religion out of a human being or a figure that brought salvation to a lot of people, or at least made some enlightening that can be proudly written as part of the human history. While some animals are also accounted, especially in the world's creation or the pseudo-spiritual convention. He had heard about Egyptians worshiping cats, or some of the Asian countries treating cattles as some savior.

But he never heard of an egg religion, the egg worshippers.

Though, when he thought about it, maybe there's something inside the egg? Like a heir or a god-like creature that can be a descendant of some funny cracking god who likes to watch people's life as if treating it as a soap opera. And by dropping a bomb to this realm will cause some scene or a change of its ever boring job of watching people.

If that's the case, then, Lang Yuan could only curse his bad luck. Who would ever thought that after dying an unspeakable death, he will be sacrificing his life again to protect an egg? And whatever egg it is, what is the previous owner's relevance towards it?

Lang Yuan wasn't given time to contemplate and arrived in the middle of the war. No matter how he want to just walk away and forget everything about this ' egg protecting ' scheme, he will either be pulled by those people inside the formation, or to be pushed by the incoming reinforcements. Our family's poor little jade could only do nothing but follow the flow!

After being dragged by the flow of the tides, Lang Yuan somehow managed to land at the side of the glass casket. He was actually pushed towards the casket, his face funny, flattened unto the surface looking like a pressed pig. His nose was crushed in between sobs, and Lang Yuan is actually kissing the glass ah!

You, you... Stop pushing! Can't you see that he's becoming a pancake? ( •̀ㅁ•́;)

But who will listen to him anyway? And can even our little brother who has a severe case of anxiety and dyslexia mutter such strong words to stop people? He isn't a dragon to begin with, and only learn how to bark at people but will never bite them.

So the family's jade could only do nothing but to push himself from the glass to at least keep some space to breath and to not completely destroy his face by completely flattening it through the glass.

The people keep on coming in when suddenly a loud bang vibrated the whole place. The ground shook and a thousand steps can be heard coming towards them. The human barrier started to yell and hasten the creation of their formation. This time, Lang Yuan can no longer find his strength and was pushed towards the glass.

The surprising thing is that the glass didn't break, not even a crack can be seen. But Lang Yuan managed to be pushed inside, through the glass, as if he somehow passed a square barrier!

Lang Yuan : "..."

The people are busy protecting the egg that they didn't notice a young man appearing inside the glass casket. Lang Yuan also didn't much have the reaction, he is too stunned by the sudden entrance only to find out that he can't go out now that he's inside. He tried banging the glass but no sound came out and people will never mind his business.

Lang Yuan: Are they not afraid that I will steal their egg?

It was only afterwards when one of the people on the side of the casket found Lang Yuan banging into the glass while calling a soundless voice. This person was shocked and hurriedly pulled the person beside him to look at the object he's pointing. This second person also has the same reaction and pinched a few comrades to look at the glass casket.

The crowd suddenly became silent looking at the young petite boy inside the casket. The egg is still on the middle most part, safely tucked in. The chaos that seem to have no end fell in a deadly quietness. Lang Yuan stopped the banging and lowered his head, wanted to dig a hole and hide himself.

In the middle of the petrified crowd, one man forced his way towards the glass casket. The men who noticed his arrival made a way for him, and this so-called Minister Jiang XeXun arrived at the front of Lang Yuan.

From the imposing aura, and the jade crest on its chest clothing, Lang Yuan only needed to look once to know that this person is of that a high rising official. The man unsheathed his sword and pointed it towards him.

"The Egg belongs to Mistress Ying Mei! Little brother, I order you to go out and receive your punishment!"

Lang Yuan: "..." (・_・;)

Wha-what? Why does he need to receive a punishment? It wasn't his fault that he's inside the casket. Why is he being persecuted? Shouldn't this man ask him first why he is inside the casket than suddenly accusing him?

But unknown to Lang Yuan is the origin of the egg. What seem to be a glass casket is an impenetrable barrier erected by the egg itself. Nobody can touch and harm the egg, not even the highest cultivators, unless the egg will do so. To have Lang Yuan enter the barrier means that the egg somehow favors him.

"I will only say it twice, remove yourself from the egg and receive the punishment!"

"I-I can't! The glass is too thick. Help me break it," Lang Yuan said.

Minister Jiang XeXun only looked at him, his brows creasing. It seems that Lang Yuan can hear them from the outside but the barrier is stopping them to hear what he (LY) is saying. Lang Yuan is looking like a fish, bobbing his mouth open and close with no volume, a mute towards their ears.

Lang Yuan noticed their expressions. He has been telling everyone that he didn't force his way inside but instead sucked in when he was pushed too much by the men. He also told them to help him break the glass, will even leave the egg to them if they really wanted it. Lang Yuan dedicated the last part of his hope asking for forgiveness but instead received no reaction from the crowd. His face paled. He's totally oblivious that nobody can hear his words.

Minister Jiang XeXun is not a patient man. He doesn't like stalling time and would rather actually act than to wait for later. He also hated people who didn't know their places. Like Lang Yuan, for example. He warned him twice but the young man didn't heed. Now he will bring his punishment.

The sword of Minister Jiang XeXun is a Celestial sword. It is said as one of the few swords that has a god-like spiritual value. The sword has consciousness and will chose its master instead, irregardless to whatever level their master have. To own a Celestial sword is like a mortal being granted to become a god by the heavens.

It is true that no one can easily penetrate the barrier of the egg. But if the status is of a higher realm then breaking it would be an easy job. And as how this egg is still on its premature state, the off-spring that will be born from it is still weaker by leagues from the adult one. A minister who is considered as one of the strongest from the five empires can still break the barrier, especially that he's using a Celestial blade that is stronger than the cute little egg.

Lang Yuan was surprised when Minister Jiang XeXun leaped unto his front like a flicker, so fast that all he can see is the after image. The minister raised his sword and perform a slash, wounding Lang Yuan's arm when he was still leaning to the glass. He (LY) quickly took a step back, stumbled from the cloth around the egg, and fell down beside it.

His wounded arm landed towards the egg using it as a support. Lang Yuan knows that even though eggs are fragile, this one that is larger than his head must be sturdier than the smaller eggs. So leaning on it for support will not break the shell.

Lang Yuan cried from the pain. For a 21st century kid, violence is something that is somehow controlled on his world. Nobody will hurt you and the police will always be keeping everyone safe. Maybe there are brawls happening under the table but those are done in secret and both parties agreed with it. To be slashed by a heavenly sword isn't really common on his world...

The young man didn't notice it but the egg that was smeared by blood emitted a soft glow. Slowly, it sucked in the blood from the shell as if feeding itself some food. Everyone is too busy watching Lang Yuan and was too late to realize that the sleeping creature inside the egg has woken up.

After slashing the barrier only did Minister Jiang XeXun realized his mistake. Even though breaking the barrier is easy for the level of his sword, the barrier won't be called 'impenetrable' if it can break easily. Its restoring capability is faster than a flicker, so when the blade of the sword broke it, another array emerged from nowhere and quickly sealed it before anyone can enter.

Not only that. It seems that his hasty action caused the creature to wake up from receiving its first blood.

The minister is now more eager to kill this unknown young man. Lang Yuan is wearing their sect's uniform, it means that he's part of the minority. The minister has no way to know everyone in his sect, except if they are of the higher class or have the talent to be noticed. This little brother must be a new recruit with only a faint talent of cultivation.

Tsk. Their sect is not this scarce of people that they even accepted a low level disciple.

He (JXX) wanted to pursue Lang Yuan when the egg glowed more evidently. The ground suddenly shook, losing everyone's balance. Lang Yuan quickly extracted his bleeding arm away from the egg. He stood up but was pulled down again when the ground shook with a higher intensity.

Nobody knows what caused it to happen but the glass casket suddenly flew up in the sky. The object catapulted itself from the ground, taking its 'mother' away from these violent people, and to look for a perfect place where it can properly hatch.

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