Prologue 1
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Well, here is the combined chapter i promised. Poll results can be found at the bottom of this episode.

Prologue 1

My Death

That went horribly. Why did I think that was a good idea again? Inviting your boss to a stripper bar is never a good move. Not to mention that she is an old time christian woman. What was I thinking? It doesn't matter anymore, I just lost my job.

I really can't keep messing up. I am only 25 years old, but this is my fourth time I lost a good job because of my loose mouth. I should really look out what I say.

Goddammit! Now the job hunt begins again. 

"If only i could get out of my boring ordinary life."






The Goddess of Light

"Hello heroes!"


"All of you have been summoned by me, the Goddess of light!"

Where is my body.


"What happened?"

"My leg! My leg!"

"Cheeses f*cking Christ!"

I look around and see multiple screaming blobs of light. I look down and see that I also am a blob of light. Somehow I continue turning down and make a front flip.


As the others continue screaming, i see the face of the giant shining white woman twisting. She has a crown and what appears to be a halo that just screams 'I am holy'.


They stop screaming.

"I called you here for a great task.

My world is in danger and I need the help of heroes to defeat the demon king.



"Oh, sorry I lost myself."


The people are in pai-"

"Where is my body, what happened to me, how could Roger stab me, why are we here-"


This should be that kind of story.

"THE PEOple are in pain and it is your duty as the souls I summoned to help my followers. You will be given divine blessings which will help you complete your task. Any questions?"

I died and now I am in the process of being summoned to a world as a hero.

"Did we die? Is this hell? Why didn't I go to heaven! I went to church every Sunday, I helped the poor, I did everything..."

"You BITCH, YOU KILLED US. How dare you demand something from us. Come over here so I can stick up my arm so far up..."

"Roger why why why why why roger why did you stab me, I loved you it hurts so much..."

"Hahahaha! Awesome, I knew that I am a chosen one. Suck on that, dad. I didn't waste my time..."

Hopefully she can help me with my wish. But I hope the other souls tone it down a bit, because I can see her eyebrows twitching.

" Stop making a ruckus and SHUT UP!"

I doubt it, but I can try.



The Divine blessing

"There are five blessings."

She waves her arm and suddenly five lights appear.

They are blinding us.

"Ah, my eyes! My eyes."

"F*uck! F*uck! F*uck! Roger!"

"Bitch! Can you stop!"

"If i wake up and this is just a dream,I swear to god!"

"It's like the sun, but a hundred times worse. Turn it off!"

"F*cking... Can't even deal... dirty..."

I think i heard a whisper. Was that the goddess?

From one moment to another the light faded. In front of us were five globes of light looking nearly identical to us.

She opened her arms.

"Glorious heroes, these are the different blessings."

She points to the first blob. It is pure white and gives off a holy feeling.

"This is the blessing of The Holy Saint."

She moves her finger to the second light. Its colour is a dark grey and it seems to fade in and out of existence.

"This is the blessing of The Phantom Thief."

The third blessing changes colour constantly.

"This is the blessing of The Elemental Sage."

The fourth blessing is green and weirdly, when I look at, i can smell an apple tree.

"This is the blessing of The Nature Archer."

The last light gives of a noble, inspiring feeling. It looks like mercury, but it is gold.

"This is the last blessing. The blessing of The Hero.

Now heroes!

Chose your destiny!"



Choosing the blessings

As soon as she finished speaking I rush to the blessings. In the corner of my eye (view) I see the other souls floating parallel to me to the blessings.

"I want the blessing of the hero. You can't have it."

"No, it's mine!"

I see, everybody wants to be The Hero. Instead of going for the first choice, I will compete for my second choice 'The Elemental Sage'.


Although the distance isn't large it did take me some minutes to reach the colourful light. So, what am I supposed to do? Pushing against it doesn't help, neither does me willing myself to enter. I turn around and see one soul in front of the Phantom Thief blessing. It looks like it also doesn't know what to do. The other three souls are fighting for the Hero blessing, if you could call that fighting. They are pushing and ramming against each other. It looks hilarious. The Goddess is sneering in our direction...

Huh, wait, what did I see? I look back at her face, but she is smiling at us. Did I see wrong?

"Heros, there is no need to fight. In the future, you will fight together against monsters and demons. There remain three blessings, please choose?"

"""No, I want to be The Hero!"""

I see the corner of her mouth twitch.

"Fine have it your way!"

She picks up a soul.

"Between the Archer and the Saint, which do you rather have?"

"I want The Hero blessing. Can't you make more blessing, so the three of us can all have the same blessing. I mean you didn't even explain anyt-"

"I could, but I won't! Archer or Saint?"

"Why? You kidnappe-

"Archer or Saint"

"Neither. Can w-"



"I pick the Archer. Roger always had me play a healer but he f*cking killed me. I don't want to remember him anymore. He betra-"

"Well, too bad!"

The Goddess chucks the soul into the white light. It fell right through the wall that stopped me and disappeared in the light.

"Wait, that is the wrong light."

"And, do you have a problem with that? I think you want to be a magician, but being an archer is also not bad."

Did she just threaten me? I look at her and see her staring at me with a thin, fake smile. Her eyes seem really cold. I stay quiet as she picks up another soul.

"I will take your silence as no.


Now, heroes, you made your choice and picked your destiny. Let my blessing fuse with you, improve you, empower you."

She waves her hand and I begin to feel a soft power pushing me through the wall. My vision fades and the last I see is her sneering at us.




The System


Initializing System...

There exists a system. F*ck yeah!

Detecting sapience

Oh, thank y-

ID#035678922104 Attributes (locked)
[Age] Skills (locked)
[Race] Traits (locked)
[Gender] Titles (locked)
[Class] Blessings



First of all, I see only this menu and nothing else. Secondly, I hope those are supposed to be locked or missing. If not, then this menu has multiple problems. Let's see!

Status... Status... Status... Status... Status... Status...

Health 1/1
Mana 1/1
Stamina 1/1


I hope that is correct. Maybe I should try with something different.

...Race... Race... Race... Race... Ra-

Because you are a soul, you do not posses a race.

And the others are most likely the same.

Because you are a soul, you do not have an age.


Because you are a soul, you do not posses a gender.


Because you are a soul, you do not posses a class.


And I have an ID and not my actual name because...

ID#035678922104 [Name]
Because you are a soul, an ID has been attached to identify you.


I see...

I bet my skills, traits and titles are also locked because I only have a soul now.

Attributes (locked)
Your Attributes are locked because you are in a divine realm and a soul.


Skills (locked)
Your Skills are locked because you are in a divine realm and a soul.


Traits (locked)
Your Traits are locked because you are in a divine realm and a soul.


Titles (locked)
Your Titles are locked because you are in a divine realm and a soul.


I was nearly correct. Well, this wasn't very exciting. Let's try the last option.

Blessings are the bestowal of the gods and other similar beings.
Divine Blessing of the Goddess of Light


Interesting! Even if it does not tell me anything useful. I have a feeling, if I concentrate on the divine blessing something exciting will happen.

Divine Blessing of The Elemental Sage (7) Godess of Light
1. S-Rank talent in the water magic branch 2. S-Rank talent in the wind magic branch
3. S-Rank talent in the fire magic branch 4. S-Rank talent in the earth magic branch
5. SS-Rank talent in the neutral magic branch 6. Unique skill: Elemental fusion
7. ???  


I'm a magician. I always wanted to be a magician. The six effects are amazing and I am glad I chose this instead of something different. Now, I wonder what ??? means. Is it a hid-

7th Effect
Make a wish



My wish

A wish, huh...


I am a virgin. But it's not because I chose to be one or because I couldn't get a girlfriend. I just thought the sexual act between a man and a woman is disgusting. It's not as if I am impotent. No, I get my morning wood like every other teenager. I also watched porn but just lesbian porn. Gay and heterosexual porn just didn't do it for me.

I did have a girlfriend for a time. She was quite open, so we tried different fetishes. In the end, I did find out much about myself, but having sex with only toys, my hands and the occasional third partner (female) didn't help the relationship. After being together for three years, she left me for her lesbian friend. Even if we broke up on good terms, it still hurt my heart to let her go. But, damn, did she like my hands!

Anyway, when I was alone again, I thought about my sexuality, my life, my goal, everything. In the beginning I couldn't decide whether I would prefer a male or female body. After asking myself over and over again, I realised that I would enjoy having a woman's body. Sure, some things would suck, like having that time of the month or standing while peeing wouldn't work or having to make myself presentable every day. But the good would beat the bad. More erogenous zones on my body, multiple orgasms back to back, no beard, long hair, actually having sex, not just watching or using toys and my hands, but using my body, and many more.

I also realised that I am a little bit sadistic and dominant. I also made a list of all the fetishe I liked.

My goal after the breakup was me working hard to get money for a sex change, but this opportunity my death brought is delightful. With this wish, I can change my life.

"I want to be a woman who is surrounded by other women"



Different wishes

Wish received
Searching for compatible effect
Please wait...


I am quite nervous. If I understand correctly, this will decide my future. I hope there are some good 'effects' which suit my needs.




Query complete  
Please select your wish  
Charming womæn You are charming, a woman and charming women.
Puss in boots You are an adorable kitten who ladies love.
Beautiful flower You are a beautiful flower which attracts the bees.
Amazone A female-only warrior race, which can only mate with other females.
Witch A female-only race, which can only mate with other females.


After waiting for about half an hour I get some good options. 'Amazone' is out because it doesn't mix well with my build. 'Puss in boots' and 'Beautiful flower' have me worried because I don't know whether I turn into an actual cat or flower. Can I get some more detail please?

Charming womæn
You are charming, a woman and charming women.
Effect: Tranforms you into a woman
Your Aura attracts women
+7 charm against women (does not apply to stealth)
Compatibility: 72%


Puss in boots
You are an adorable kitten who ladies love.
Effect: Tranforms you into a woman
You behave more like a cat
+10 charm against naive women (no combat)
Compatibility: 49%


Beautiful flower
You are a beautiful flower which attracts the bees.
Effect: Tranforms you into a woman
You emit a beautiful fragrance which attracts partners of choice (female, male, other) but across multiple species
+7 charm in sunlight against your preferred partner (female, male, other)
-3 charm at nightgainst your preferred partner (female, male, other)
Compatibility: 43%
A female-only race which can only mate with other females.
Effect: Transforms you into a woman
Transforms you into a witch
Reshuffle your race traits
Reshuffle your talents
Reshuffle your attribute gains
Increase your lifespan
+2 charm against women
-5 charm against men
Compatibility: 11%




I want to be a woman

Okay, the 'Witch' -option is out. While it would be cool to be a different race, but I don't want to play with my life. However the effects are interesting. 'Race traits', 'talents' and 'attribute gains'! Well, that is not important now. I really want to choose something and be done with it, but this is gonna stick with me for the rest of my life. I have to be careful.

'Beautiful flower' is also out. I really don't want to attract 'every' female in my region. Maybe it doesn't attract every insect, animal, bird or other creature, but I can't take any chances.

Now between 'Puss in boots' and 'Charming Womæn'. Both of their effects are quite good. I especially like the 'cat behavior' effect. But I believe I should take the 'Charming Womæn' wish. For the first a in Aura to be written in capital letter must mean something. That the charm effect works against all women and the high compatibility helps too.

Yes, I have decided.

"My wish is the 'Charming Womæn' wish!"

Wish received
Checking requirements...


Soulstate Yes
Compatibility Great
Energy requirement Met
Resource requirement Met
Divine requirement Not met
Do you wish to continue?
WARNING: Continuing has terrible consequences.





Why would the divine requirement not check out? I don't know what it means, but it should check out because the Goddess gave me this blessing. F*ck, this doesn't make sense.

Well, I can't do anything about this. I really don't want to know what 'terrible consequence' indicates to.

Come on, second choice 'Puss in boots' you can make it. Make me proud!

Divine requirement Not met
Do you wish to continue?
WARNING: Continuing has terrible consequences.


God damn it!

Am I going to get stuck in the character creation screen before the adventure even begins. Calm down, I still have three chances.

"Beautiful flower"

Divine requirement Not met
Do you wish to continue?
WARNING: Continuing has terrible consequences.


Next one,


Divine requirement Not met
Do you wish to continue?
WARNING: Continuing has terrible consequences.


I feel like a gambler who lost his house, car and is now gambling with his life.

Last choice


Resource requirement Not met
Procedure aborted  



Damn it. At least this one is new. The last window actually helped. The 'procedure' is aborted when I don't have enough 'resources'. This means that it is necessary for the completion. The energy requirement should be similar. The compatibility should indicate whether there would be any mistakes or errors during the procedure. The divine requirement shouldn't kill me and I can't change my wish anymore. I won't change my wish. I don't want to be a man. I want to be a woman.

"Charming womeæn"

Divine requirement Not met
Do you wish to continue?
WARNING: Continuing has terrible consequences.


"Yes, I want to continue."



Broken blessing

Continuing procedure
Divine law broken
Wish complete
Blessing complete
Bestoment complete
Returning consciousness to body
Body not found
Creating spirit body around soul using the rest of the energy and resources
Returning consciousness to spirit


When I open my eyes, I feel like I just woke up. I am tired and on the ground. I sit up and look around. In front of me is the goddess who is talking to a boy with green hair. That should be the archer. I look around and notice three things. First the other three blessings are gone. Secondly, I am no longer in space with the others and the goddess, but in what looks like a too expensive temple. It is decorated with gold and gems and looks terrible. The third thing is, I have a body.

I look down and see my boobs. I cup them in my hands, judge myself to be beyond saving grace and that I have to live with a flat board. I look further down and thankfully my junior is gone and doesn't look back. My arms seem to be drenched in milk while my long hair shimmers with various colours. I think I am a little smaller than the boy over there, so under 1,4m. I look at one of the pillars encased in gold and my reflection stares back. My eyes have all the colours and my mouth and nose are just small enough to be called cute. I am beautiful.

I stop inspecting myself because the boy goes to what appears to be a portal. I look at the window which is bugging me and blanch. What is the Divine law and how did I break it? I am, I mean, was a pretty ordinary guy. I just changed gender. As I panick, I see the boy passing through the portal.

The goddess looks at me and her face changes from her fake smile to a puzzling look.

"Hero, come over here!"

I don't know what to do.

I hesitate for a while, but in the end, I walk up to her. After a few seconds of silence in front of her. Her face changes.


You broke a divine law and got caught.
From now on, your blessing will be broken and you will be hunted by the church whose law you broke.






"I didn't mean to b-"


"Well, it popped up for every type of wish..."

"Then why didn't you change it. I had enough of you heroes. You cursed me, interrupt-"

"EXCUSE ME! Those were normal reactions. You kidnapped us, didn't explain anything to us, called us dirty, didn't help with our requests and you think we should help you. If you request something from someone you should have a smile on your face and be polite, not threaten them. I bet, you are the reason why the demon king even exists!"

Ask I interrupted and spoke my mind her face gets darker and darker. Now, she has a furious scowl on her face and I realise I did it again. God damn it, my loose mouth will get me killed.

" I am the great Goddess of Light, why should I plead for help from lesser life forms like. You should be thankful and praise me for my help. But it doesn't matter anymore, because you will disappear. "

Shit, this is bad. I turn to the portal and sprint with my tiny legs as hard as I can. Before I can even begin running the bitch picks me up and holds me in a fist. Ah, pain, don't squeeze me!

"I put so much work into your blessings, yet you guys are so ungrateful. Well, I can't really destroy your soul, but I have cut my losses."

You stand in judgment before the god whose law you broke.
Removal of blessing in process





Procedure complete
Effect 1-5: completely removed
Effect 6: partly removed; effect broken
Effect 7: removal not possible
Broken divine blessing of the Goddess of Light changed to Broken blessing


It hurts so much. The phantom pain rocks my body. I can't think straight. I don't want to die. Have to apologise.

"F*ck you..."

Brain, fuck you too.

"Hahahaha, great, GREAT! I thought you would apologise or beg me to stop, but to think you would curse me. Great! Then I will curse you too!"

She puts her other hand above my head and it begins to glow.

I feel something disgusting mixing with me making me a bit dazed.

You have been cursed by the Goddess of Light
All magic talent set to E
All weapon talent lowered


"You seem to really like magic, so I set your magic talent so low that you can barely use it. And I can't let you get strong in your next life so I will lower your weapon talent. Ahhh, this is so refreshing! Well then, goodbye!"

She pulls her arm back and chucks me out of an open window in her temple. I see her temple getting smaller until it disappears and now I am back in space.



Empty Space

I don't know how long I was floating around, but I am no longer dazed. Now let me check myself.


Well, I have good and bad news. Firstly, whatever I am floating in is destroying my body. My fingers are almost gone, while my toes no longer exist. But it seems this process only starts from my feet and hands. I also don't need to breath, which is also good because I don't want to breath this stuff in. Also, my hair lost its colour and I presume my eyes are the same. This brings to the second point.

Broken blessing (2)  
Sometimes when a blessing is broken, something remains.  
1. Skill: $/@$ fusion 2. Charming womæn


The first effect is worrying, but I am thankful that the second remains. Next would be my curse. That one sucks.

Curse (2) Goddess of Light
1. Set all magic talent to E 2. Lower all weapon talents


It would have been awesome to use magic. I guess E magic talent means I could barely use it in my day to day life. The second curse also sucks, but it is not as bad. Maybe I will become a crafter. Well, that has to wait for later. The worst point is that I am floating down. I am in a dark space and there seems to be multiple stars in the sky. I believe that is where the gods live because one of them gives me the same gaudy feeling as the temple of that bitch. And it is the only one giving off a pure white light. Why am I thinking about this again? Yes, it is because of the dark whirlpool, that is darker than black, which I am heading towards. It looks like vantablack. When I woke up I was really close to it. I really don't want to fall into it. Because of this reason I am trying to swim (more like float) towards the lights. I have a moderate amount of success. But I'm getting better at it.


It has been about an hour and I think I am getting closer. My floating got better and I also have a goal in mind. I am aiming for three points of lights which have different shades of blue. I am heading there because I like blue and currently I only see other pairs or single stars. 3 stars= 3 gods, hopefully. I should hurry because I only have half of my palms left and my feet are gone.


It has been some hours. I'm really close now. The lights are pale blue, deep blue and really dark blue. I also think I see different objects around the lights. It should be a forest? There also seems to be something above the forest (?). Everything under my elbows and knees is gone, so my speed dropped a little bit. My hair is also starting to disappear. I'm a little bit tired. I hope I can make it.


I don't know how long it has been. My hair, arms and legs are gone. My speed dropped sharply and some time ago, my body started hurting. Thankfully, I am nearly there. The 'ligths' disappeared and now I see three forests and one moon above each forest. Those should be similar to the temple. I think the pain will worsen, but I won't give up.


I am there. I can't feel my body only a dull pain. I'm willing myself forward and, thank the heavens, it works. The dark forest is about five bodyspans in front of me. It has different colours (more than black and blue) but still looks ominous. I can't choose the others because they are too far away. Well, here goes nothing, let's touch it.


Ah, my head feels like it's splitting.


I feel pressure all over me, increasing my pain.


I lose my consciousness and blackout.




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